Benefits of Milk and Horlicks Growth+ for Kids.

“Have your milk and go, Shabnam!” My aunt screams loud till the little girl is out of sight, jumping over the fence, hurriedly slipping into her shoes and excitedly plunging towards the road is my seven year old cousin Shabnum. She is unaware of the benefits of the milk!

To have her stranded and gulp the milk down is the toughest thing for my aunt. it’s not only her in the list where the mothers lose their temper at the active child who never abides to anything and Milk has always been one consistent drink that most kids hate drinking.

My aunt sighs as she puts up as to how her mother always used to cite the benefits of drinking milk.

Benefits of Milk

1.Milk provides the necessary calcium required for the bones.

The growing children has the streak of growth hormones and the proper measure of calcium is required for the strengthening of the fragile bones. You do know how kids are and how often they bruise themselves in a game

2. Milk provides the Vitamin D that provides that is required for the absorption of the calcium into the bones.

Now we do understand the importance of the morning sun rays and vitamin D, isn’t it? But the kids never seems to understand a word of wisdom that the parents speaks.

3.The proper consumption of milk helps in stronger bones and rapid proper growth in children.

4. They aid for the healthy teeth, rehydration to the body that is always active and improves the ability of the body for vitamin intake.

I heard her say quote the benefits of milk completely agreeing with every point that she put there.

“I’m going for the new Horlicks Growth+ for her!”

I eye her with a hazy look, I grew up drinking horlicks, my parents grew up drinking the healthy drink. It’s like a legacy carried on by generations and now Horlicks was in a new design and with better benefits.

I googled for the new brand Horlicks Growth+ on shelves.

Benefits of Horlicks Growth+

1.Naturally Enhances growth in kids

Horlicks growth+

Kids of today are more screen addicted rather than playground addicts! Somewhere the nourishment to the little naughty causes lag behind and a supplement is sought after.

The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other super molecules present in the Horlicks Growth+ has seen a visible growth in kids within six months. That’s a boon for all the worried mothers out there.

2.Healthy Weight Gain

Healthy weight gain for the kids that are fast food oriented is a proven step to have the proper weight for the kids without causing obesity in them.

The kids that have fallen back in weight, with continuous consumption are seen to have improved in a scale of six months making them healthier each passing day.

3. Healthy Protein

eighty percent of the protein that a kid consumes goes in for the growth and development of the body. And this is why proper protein protein intake is a must in kids who have fallen behind in proper growth.

protein, horlicks Growth+

The protein used in Horlicks Growth+ is whey protein!

With the yummy flavours and benefits sanctioned from it, milk and Horlicks Growth+ make an amazing combination for a healthy milk drink. Shabnam enjoys her drink every morning now and aunt is over the cloud.



11 thoughts on “Benefits of Milk and Horlicks Growth+ for Kids.

  1. bloggeray says:

    Horlicks? Some kind of promotion? No offence, I also loved it in my childhood but this is a very *hatke* post.


  2. Fatma Amin says:

    Hi . Great article . Valuable info . Good to learn more . Thanks for sharing . A reminder for mothers. Thanks again

    Liked by 1 person

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