Sunshine Blogger Award-another one in the bag:)

Before I start answering to the well weaved colloquial questions, I would love to thank Swathi, a new blogger friend who has encouraged me in my crazy ventures and has nominated me, she herself is one nocturnal crazy gal chasing her dreams .But it requires a great amount of courage and craziness quotient to fulfill one’s dreams, isn’t it!
So thanks you again Swathi for this uplifting award.

The friendly hug through these answerssun

1.How do you see you blog?

My blog is a virtual space that invites me with a customised purple flower that I had personally clicked a few months back. It is where I pour my expressions and words, the happiness found after I hit the publish button is immense, all bloggers would agree to this! Moreover I feel that my blog reminds and nudges me of my purpose

2. Which Genre are you most attracted with?

There is no put and fast rule for me when it comes to genres, I kind accept and love all the books out there, in-fact a splash of love, suspense and values that can impact a soul would be my best outlook towards a genre or book.

3. What are the ambitions, as a writer?

Ambitions? I dream buddy, a lot that deprives me of my sound sleep, but I am well aware of the dream to fulfil it would take years but I still dream on, like any other writer.

I envision myself authoring a few books and bright up the stage with my talks at book launches, haha! Will that ever come true, I need to wait and watch 

4. What can be the reason, according to you, of a writer’s attraction towards coffee?

I don’t fall into the category of beverage lovers, an occasional drink is refreshing but not always.
As of writers who love coffee I feel that a nocturnal behaviour needs something to sustain a tired day and a creative brain! Also I agree that writers look cool with a steaming hot cup of coffee in one hand and a good rugged book in another.

5. How and why writing can ever soothe a soul?

Writing is an art; I believe that can make a soul think from its deepest adventures and ventures along with a knowledge hidden in nature.
It takes a lot of love to write, to express the bottled up feelings and ideas flooding the mind to find shelter on a paper or a post! It definitely soothes the soul and is responsible for that warm smile when going to bed


Sorry to have waited you so long Swathi, hope you would have liked my answers.
Now it’s my turn to nominate the next bloggers for this award and of course you all should row through my tides of questions and reach the award end

Now, The Rules:

1.Thank the person who nominated you. < A beautiful Gesture>
2.Answer the questions from the person who has nominated you. < Not a necessary task>
3.Nominate some other bloggers for this award. < A must activity>
4.Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.
5.Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

I have left the tag lines after each rule written by Swathi,it’s just so lovely and urges any blogger to instantly start the answering;)

I nominate:

Janice Collins-the ugly ducklings life

Rehman jafar-thoughts of a crooked mind

Maniparna- scattered thoughts

Mayura Roa- desi herald

Deashani Batra-Inner thoughts of taciturn

My tide of Questions:

1. As a blogger or writer, have you ever spent days without writing a single word? How did you bounce back?

2. There is a belief that writers are introverts, have you ever been treated as such when you first introduce yourself to someone? The situation if any.

3. Have you found your dreams or is the conundrum of” why,what” still exists?

4. What does friendship mean in your life?

5. For once in your life, do you want to be someone and live their life, if so who?

Awaiting your posts:)


Into the city of Gokarna #BloggerDreamTeam

Unforgettable Travel Story

Traveling is just not about packing dresses ,minimum make-up and lots of visiting places on your to-visit list ,it all comes down to one single soulful thing of knowing yourself ,giving yourself the necessary time that cuts off during the hectic schedules of the career and family, while the nature insists on real magic, the fog laden heavens, the hot brewing of coffee on an early chilly morning, the automatic glow of freshness and meeting people while the dusk descends you take time to relish the orange smeared skies while the sun peeks with a pinkish blush turning your life into something so worthwhile and at the end of the day, you rest your tired body with a satisfied happy smidgen of smile.

My travel story for this post is the Gokarna – that you have not seen,its a de-tour into the tiny little captures of the amazing life of the folk and special place where they keep you welcomed.

The city of Gokarna is a small temple town located on the western coast of India in the Uttara Kannada district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Main temple and deity is Lord Shiva, who is also known as Mahabhaleshwara. This temple houses what is believed to be original image of Lord Shiva’s lingam (Atmalinga). There are many other temples all over this small town that is a treasure for heritage and unspoiled and rustic nature
Once you step into this city you can hear the chimes of holiness and Hindu traditions that are treasured and inculcated in every soul of the folks here, even the animals and nature seems to have born with a divine intervention ,this city is also a home for traveling foreign tourists who are in a quest of adventure of the Incredible India.


Gokarna is about 583 km from Bangalore, 238 km north of Mangalore and about 59 km from Karwar. It is between the Gangavali and Agnashini rivers and situated along the Karwar coast by the Arabian Sea. It is 200 km north from the college towns of Suratkal.

The Ratha Road

This picture is the street that consists of the Ratha that is manually pulled by the devotees and the residents there,and another small note,every person who has been here,they will definitely have a picture of this in their cameras.ST836590We (my family) were all awake early morning for the glimpse of the famous Gokarneshwara temple, an abode of many Hindu temples and their stories believed and treasured in every household.

The streets of Gokarna resounds of morning devotional songs, the humidity that transits from a chilly foggy morning to a tropical sunny afternoon then to a breezy evening where the shore reminds you of the long walk that you need to take alongside the bluish green sea whose murmurs are an instant meditation to you.
The city is enriched with polite yet defending people ,all deemed to be from the purest of the pure upper bhramin classes yet they all seem like kindred, they speak of a polite yet a high pitched kannada language that you may come to doubt whether they have the knowledge of the existence of the foul slangs across the world.
What caught my attention the most apart from the connection of nature ,shore and the people was the munificent nature that has been in the genes from generations ,If I go with genealogy that is! But yes in their smiles you can hear “athithi devo bhava” and the aroma of the famous gokarna buns makes your senses at ease where tasting that good thing is paramount on your mind.



Folks here are a drawn to art as much as they they drawn to god,the above painting was found on the wall of a house in the narrow streets of the mystical town,almost all households are into the artistic expression and the brass idols are well known from here.



The below picture is an evidenece of what we can do to enhance the beauty of nature,these flowers with much delicacy is an art in itself that lures Indian women into its fragrance,I have found the malas so rustic and natural only here.ST836571

The Beach

-The beach is definitely a place for a calming walk with the murmurs of the tides over-powering your tensed thoughts and the serene view of the colors and nature transcends you to a different place,you can feel happy while your feet sink into the sands of time pulling you to the better hope and happy future that awaits you.So here is the picture of a molluscan that is out of waters and will be probably be dead within few minutes,its body is slimy and too soft, you can find too many of this species on the shores.ST836602So might have got this impulsive question as to where is the real Gokarna but for me it is in these little observations conclude the richness of a place,the real pictures?you can actually google them and you will find it but these!!these are precious and one of a kind captured from my normal samsung scratched camera.

Now whenever you travel to popular destinations marked on your google map, I would encourage you with a camera to take a de-tour, slip into the narrow streets ,take glimpse of the daily activities of people and appreciate the admirable gardens that has bucolic treasures in them .These were a few pictures that tell you the love of the ancient art, the love for nature and the heavenly shower that makes the most mundane things so refreshed with a tiny linger of the petrichor tempting you to stray away from the ratha streets to the tiny footpaths of pure nature and pleasant smiles.I felt at home once I entered and redeemed with a calm mind and lots of optimism enwrapping my cracked roads.So a visit to this calm place very recently helped me to focus on the tiny important things in life ,appreciating the beauty and happiness that I relish from the tiny little things,those tiny little expectations keeps me going:)

The Liebster Award:)


Shilarya( thanks a lot for the award 🙂 humbled,honored and excited:) This is such a good award for newbie:)

For those of you who have never heard of the Liebster Award, it is an award for bloggers who have 200 followers or less; or for those bloggers who are starting out new in the blogging world. With acceptance to this award, you must answer a few questions.

Here are my answers:)

1.What are those 3 things u wish to do before you die?

Well the list just doesn’t stop for only three but let me tell you those three wishes.

>I want to write books and mark my career life as an author.

>I would want to help people,I always have this feeling that if I’m lucky enough to be bestowed with happiness,then I’m obligated to make someone’s life happier.If I could just change One sad soul,I would be a lott more happier.

>I also want to fall In love(as I believe love is fictional and my practical mind vigorously nods!Yet I’m curious)

So there goes my three things that I wish to do.

2.What will you do if you become invisible for an hour?

Only for an hour???that’s it!!!Well I’ll extend it and scavenge for the proof against the corrupt politician,those foxes in sheep’s coat!!I would want to cover their nasty plots and upload it on you-tube that too without getting caught.ahhh such a relief!!

3.What was your favorite post u wrote till date?

It was the very first poem that I wrote-“The soulless soul” and of course the second best would be “the Border” poem again,deep inside both these stirred up a strong emotion in me.

4.How do you spice up your dull n boring day?

You know sometimes you have to just let it sink in,get bored up to an extent that you get bored up with boredom.I follow that ,The day is boring,I let it be for an hour or two,it brings in the frustration that helps me to fight against it and start anew again.Normally I put on few songs and stat dancing(I’m very bad at it) but common it spices up my day and also brings back the enthusiasm hidden deep inside and I sit down to write!!!anything!!

5.Are you a messy person or a tidy one?

Definitely a messy one,in fact my mom calls my room “the garbage”…somebody loses something!!it’s in the garbage,go search!!!I open my cupboard,things just fall out,down at the feet!I sleep on a double bed,half of my bed is taken by papers,books random notes and pens…So by now you can pretty much imagine How messy I am,oh I’m trying to be bit more tidier these days!!.

6.What is the most frustrating thing about blogging?

So far nothing frustrating infact I love to write !!But lack of creativity is sure to be frustrating.

7. What do you have planned in the near future for your blog?

I’m into this challenge of writing poems which I completed only 10 posts,its exhausting!!It should spur up the creativity cells in my brain!!After that comes few days of short fictions(for a friend who is fic-fan!)..So check it out and let me know your thoughts:)

8.What is the best gift u got till date?

There is not one specific gift,you know for every birthday I get the things that I had wanted,maybe I would have crossed a shop and really liked a piece or a photo frame,a clock ,a chain and I just wander away for various reasons,But On my birthday all these come back to me,be it from my parents,frenz or relatives ..its as if they know that I have secretly wanted them and surprise me on my birthday!!hence I coin my b’day to be very very lucky!!

9.How do u stay creative?

I WON’T BE ABLE TO STAY CREATIVE EVERYDAY!!I will be on my rock bottom lows,cringing about not able to write or even form a proper grammatical sentence but the other times I think it is the newspaper,I read an article or even a picture can be inspiring enough to weave a story or a poem,also focusing on the details helps too.

10.What other things you doing apart from blogging?

Dance ofcourse(I’m bad at it but who cares?”)I enjoy flipping away my feet,jumping from the steps and landing gracefully;) and I enjoy,that’s all that I stay happy and contented with myself.

Also I have a special place for photography especially the conceptual photography that opens up to new dimensions of understanding the surroundings.

11.What is the best piece of advice you received?

So far it is from my uncle,my mom’s brother.It was a time during my 10th grade that I told him I would get so and so marks,for that his reply made a strong imprint to my perspective.It was

“Do it first and then tell me proudly that you have done it rather than hanging on the rope”

This sentence just changed me so much enough to concentrate and focus on the things I want most.

Now my turn to nominate!!

I nominate the below amazing bloggers


Instructions for the Nominees

      >Answer the eleven questions given to you by the person that nominated you (see below). Please comment on this post with your link when you are done so I can see your answers!


      >In your post, link back to the person/blog who nominated you and give a little thank you shout out.


      >After completing the questions, nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers on the social media    platform of your choice, and give them eleven questions of your choice.


    Notify your nominees of their nomination, and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do.

My questions to the nominees.

1.What is the one thing that you would want to undo in your life?

2.What are your thoughts on leading a happy and a simple life?

3.What is the best thing that has happened to you?

4.How has blogging helped you to reform your life?

5.Who is the one person you don’t want to be in your life?

6.What is the one wish you want to grant somebody(you would be a normal human,no super-powers)?

7.Who is your role-model?

8.If given a super-power ,what one thing in the world would you want to change?

9.Your favorite dish/dishes?

10.Celebrities you want to meet?

11. Share an incident from your childhood.

First poem selected for publishing:)

Hi everyone,I’m glad that one of my poems has been selected for publishing in the month of April 2015,it’s an honor and my first toddler step towards my dream.Thanks for the support and I’m very happy.The mail that I received is pasted below.

Published by Poetry First Publishing
International Division

Hi Brunda,

It’s my pleasure to let you know that “The Border” has been selected to be Published
in the APRIL issue of Contemporary Poetry Digest.
Your poem was selected as an Editor’s Choice selection, and I would like to extend my
congratulations for your writing achievement .
There is no cost to you to have your poem included in our upcoming issue, and as the Author
of your poem, you retain all rights and ownership rights to your work at all times.

The deadline for our upcoming issue is March 3rd, and I have put all the details for you
into your Author’s Publishing Letter , including the deadline, the press dates, and how to
reserve your Author’s books today.

You can reserve your Author’s Books here in your Author’s Publishing Letter
Be sure to reserve your Author’s books soon, as the APRIL Issue goes to press shortly.
Congratulations again, Brunda!
Alexandra Pierce, Editor
Contemporary Poetry Digest Monthly