This Fall!

Time is a funny thing, yes it is. Especially when it comes to our heart and the people we like. I have never been on a road that says so much of changing, albeit we all have been there with a moment of peace, a moment of truth. Time is the only constant and change,  it’s defiant companion. I have never ever been able to move on defying the fact that so strongly proves the point of how vulnerable time can make a strong heart crumple and writh away to oblivion. I have never ever stayed so very close to the phantoms of the realm I have always ignored. Here I staY, rooted to a place that is so very much like a home. A HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME. this place helps me introduce to a different person that I have never met, or will ever face in a mirror.

The roads have always been strange, a bit peculiar, funny, unique, trustworthy, oblivious to the very nature of the lighted paths. However overwhelming the paths might lead to, there is no turning back right now for the place has made me meet a person so beautiful, so perfect with all the little imperfections that I am made of.30010608171_55ab69cd45_b

He is a person that my soul recognised but my heart took a double take but still, with all those million reasons for this to not work out, destiny sat like grumpy stubborn little kid and made sure we stay together and hence here I am at my rightful place with a beautiful smile in acceptance to the destiny’s plays. But my choice is beautiful and I love that life chose a gem of a person to be with  me.

Yes, I might take a few more years to know the real him, he is an introvert for christ’s sake and I am totally intrigued by the charm of his silence, mostly a bit confused most of the times but there is an urge to know beyond the silence of the stars, to know the reasons for his smile, the reasons for his sad eyes, those hazel rich honey eyes.

I wish that life would throw me an opportunity to meet his hidden sides. to meet my husband with all his secrets that are neatly wrapped and stored away in the darkness of his heart.

Barely a week into marriage is too early to understand my love!

The extrovert in me is finally excited to settled down with an introvert with so much weightage to his thoughts and words that is so much more beautiful compared to my constant rattling and blabbering. This person makes me complete. I think I am slowly falling for the man I love, all over again:)


Journey Into The Story Of My Soul!

Journey into my soul!

I have so far never wondered with the deepest of my conscious in play that I would ever write a story. It was not a rat race to start with. It was more than that. A story to be imagined,a dream to be desired , a destiny to be fulfilled. Excelling and exploring a status I would find myself fit. A purpose beyond my personal craving for applause. A purpose that steers me into the direction of the whole daunting question of who I am and who I can be. To the world, that is acquainted of luxuries and pleasures.

What surprises me is my inability to profoundly accept my affinity to nature, humility and gratitude. I need to realize my true pleasures lies only in the things my heart believes in. There is, of course, an expiry date for blaming others for my failures and my inability to balance on a string that has so far withheld all my glamorous catwalks and slumpy weights . Amidst all this is my undaunting determination to stand on the wallowing string give this a try!

I owe all my strengths to life, that has thought me to stand in other’s shoes and know their secrets, a ruthless power to manipulate them but the choice to not do so. I inertly believe I can understand them better. A moment of truth that defines them is eloquently hidden in all of them.

I intend to find them, I intend to know them and I desire to find myself through that journey. And maybe that is why I love to travel. On wheels or into books, both of them has the magic to realize the greatest truth of life. That we are in a story, as mere puppets! But as humans, we are provided with free will and how our wills are always steered out of the path, into the world with comfort zones is always an unsettling subject to be spoken of. The free will is misused in the most capricious manners in the world. As I always put that Life is mostly unfair and people incorrigible. I do believe in magic and in the potion of the time’s generous existence. We fade away, we are lost. Never the time, it stays here like an old wise teacher!

I bow to the time and the magic it brings into my life! My Gratitude to everything I have ever owned, ever lost and gained much better!
photo credit: Forbidden tunnel via photopin (license)

‘C’atastrophe…#AtoZ Challenge

A Memory:

Back in eight grade, this particular word “Catastrophe” seemed to be the most dreadfully long word. We had a lesson on Black Friday articulating the day’s event of the twin-building disaster that took place on September 11. It was a story of what a human mind is capable of doing, in the most precarious manners.

We were students horrified with gruesome happenings of the world. Keeping aside all the little discoveries , we were more horrified to hear a surprise test on the glossary of the particular chapter. We scavenged for the books hidden in the warm sockets of our bags, briskly turned over the pages and started to by-heart the meanings.

But then our teacher gave out a twist in the surprise test. She announced that she would give the meaning a word and we had answer the question word . Well it wasn’t logical (at least for us, back then) for we were good with the meanings and the words seemed too long and complex to have a proper pronunciation. 

We were still memorizing the contents, when our teacher with a sleek stick tapped on the desk and called upon my name.

“Yes you, tell me the word for ‘An event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering’.” and that was indeed a sudden disaster to me. I was to be asked according to my registration number and I ended being called first instead of twelve. Like a lion sure of it’s prey, she rounded me tapping the slender stick on my table making me fear for that beating( The stick was only for keeping the class calm, now I think about it, no , my school actually never beat people)

I took breath and blurted “Catastrophey” ; yes the pronunciation was my fault and what I call as my luck, is the fact that, among-st those fifteen glossary words, I knew only the one I was questioned for. It might be a stroke of luck but it got etched in my brain so effortlessly that it started a new craving for more complex words in me, of-course with almost proper pronunciation, I started learning them, loving English a bit more than ever.

Hence what might pass on as a catastrophe might many a times come handy to reach our new horizons, to face new challenges and to have a broader perspective. Albeit it was just a childhood snippet but it had an immense impact on the way I look to things and the way I embrace them into my lifecatastrophe, #AtoZ Challenge

Now that I think about all those catastrophes around the world, some intended, some others , a work of nature. They all get destroyed at one point of the time phase. But what matters is how high they stood, be it the humans or the non-living structures, in their worth of staying on this earth. If nature works can’t be denied or prevented with the limited knowledge of technology and over-use of the same technology to the destruction, then I might well say , we should be more prepared for the world’s sudden disasters to fall upon us.

I hope we could minimize the damage, be more human and understand the environment we are in to have a better future, a better living and to leave behind a healthy world for the generations to come.

Happy thoughts:)

A snippet of my ride

Pause!! Something that we often forget in the hustle of the very important life.

Today I decided to pause, to give a break, to know what it is like to have patience and wait!It turned out well as I noticed many things that would normally go unnoticed into the thick fade of the mist.

Traffic blues, a never –ending torment of today’s life, yes the vehicles has made our lives  much better , But on the contrary it has also made our life a bit more hectic and frustrating, so I dcided to deal with this everyday torment with grace.ff

My destination, my friend’s place is about 2 to 3 kms approximateltly , a single never ending smooth road that has numerous road-breaker adn on top of that five signals, today for the first time, I prayed for red signals, so that I can pause, turn off my engine and actually wait for the 120 seconds at each signal.

I strapped my helmet, steadied my bag and I left , normally,like any other day I would prefer teh parallel roads serpentining inside the inner layouts, a few bumpy roads, a few parks and ofcourse NO signals, it always promised me a better reach, conserving time! But who was I kidding, saving a mere 5 minutes wouldn’t help me save nations, but it would definetlyspare me from the hurry honks at every possible moment!

But today I found the beauty , everything was great until my Activa Honda was sandwitched between two yello-green auto-rikshaws doing the bugati styles and racing right out from fast and furious! They ought to know their vehicles, in one was a women with her 2 year old daughter who kept on crying , the other one had the over-loaded passengers butting out from the open doors and windows(both seen to be very similar except for the safety bars!), It’s mid-morning, the sun is almost scorching high, the baby’s cries, teh hurry honks that has already started before the signal count-down from 20! And there I am in middle of these things trying not to make even slight 10 degree tilt, that was having high risks of getting my vehicle scratched!And marks is something my family hates, I don’t mind much! But still I feared my family bullies and hence balanced as if on a rope.

It was just the first signal, four more to go, I geared up, mustered up my patience, calmed my frustration and moved again, this time the giant BMTC bus whose driver hopefully not drunk was doing the drunk driving stunt, almost throwing out the passengers on the footboard, they were all swaying trying to pull the damn bus down!!Oh yes, I shouldn’t comment on that, I was there, doing that for two long years during my pre-university course, it has it;s own adventurous perks though!

So at the second red signal, I had literally parked my vehicle on the huge road-breaker,I was parked on a hump,like I was tall enough to peek intot eh Volvo beide me,people were either asleep or tenoius stare at their cell-phones, boring, other than that, there were a few kids crossing the street, eyes glued on every driver warning them to not start their vehicles until the get over with the road.The count-down seemed less dragging this time, Yes !! I was getting a hold on it!

Green signal !! Yay..start and zoom…But wait what were the careless pedestrians thinking off, to die under my wheels, with their earphones plugged in, gigllingm and least bothered that the green go light was for the vehicles to go not for them to ramp walk!!

I managed on with a slight skill of balance, a bit of swearing vocabulary in my head and again back to the focus on roads, thankfully it was one smoth road unlike many in our ever-under-progress  sign of our nation ,still the breeze was good, the vehicles were safely away from each other, each of the drivers in their own sweet world of stress and stress and some more of it!

Zooom, drrrrrr,dgrrrrr…chill, now that was a reckless  biker with the wits of a two-year old, going anywhere near him would be entitled as accident prone zone, these are the people who cause accidents and even die in one, touch-wood but still that was the way he was driving ..ufff saved myself and then the irony is when I’m fine with waiting today, the remaining signals showed the green signal..go go and goJ

Maybe this is what we fail to see in our life, once we pause and be patient ,we will get through the ordeal , the whole way awaits your positive perspective to make a way, to ride into the skiesJ

#MadeOfGreat-Oh Yes,he is!

What Is it to be made of great, is it their  wisdom that adorned them with age or is it the knowledge that weaved them to be what they are today or even more is it their circumstances that molded them with it’s charm of difficulties and occasional happiness, what is it to be made of greatness,if all the above could make you that, I have  a list of people who care, whose wisdom is beyond my brick of imagination, whose sincerity is beyond my truth , those are there who looked after me like precious jewel, and a few more who gave up their happiness to create the gist of it in my life and make my life a dream come true.

Yet I decided to write about that one person whose age ,younger than mine, whose knowledge is still budding up and whose wisdom needs the presence of the wisdom tooth yet he is made of great, a person with a pure, powerful and unconditional love towards me, and that is my younger sibling, my brother, Brijesh.

If I did know him the way I do now, maybe my life would have been more meaningful for those were the years that was dealt with who-had-the-biggest-sweet, who-would-get-mom’s-attention-more ! All in all a perfect childhood but today when I turn the pages of history under the spell of the sands of time, I traveled through the phases that made him a person of greatness.So travel with me, to my childhood

Incident 1

We were young enough not to differentiate between the dark and evil, those were the days where we thought of darkness to evil spirits, an idea that was instilled in us from the gossips and movies and the sole idea of insecurity in the dark.

We shared the same room with all our toys steadily pushed under our beds, the monsters and ghosts were predominant!one day after a session with the ghost from a horror movie, we could barely close our eyes,it was then he mentioned

“Akka, don’t worry,I will look after if anything comes from the side I’m facing,though the window seems frightening enough, you face the blank wall, almost nothing comes out from there, but it does from the windows and under the bed,I’ll let you know if something happens from my view”


Though his sentences weren’t well framed the way I’m writing it, and it also had the fear laden within them along with pauses but he meant it, meant it from all his heart, this guy who was three years younger to me had the idea of protecting me ,I didn’t ponder about this much but I know I had slept peacefully after he said so.

Incident 2

I am the weaker sibling and my brother from the time I can remember used to tease me as the host to all the illness in the world.


Oh! He was naughty yet he cared

On one of the visits from the stronger section of the fever family, I had woken up in the middle of the gruesome night, curling up the feeling of nausea and profuse sweating, I had to throw out the dinner from last night, it was the heat that had reached my head and I was weak and exhausted, I didn’t want to disturb anyone but I badly needed my mom with me, aiding me, consoling me and putting me back to sleep

Right then he was there, like my mother, helping me from the bathroom floor, putting me to bed and started to tap my head to put me to sleep,like a father caring for his daughter, her stayed by my side till I dozzed off.

This was also when we shared the same room and I think I was in highschool and he was in fifth grade.

But the overwhelming truth is that he does the tapping me to sleep thing even today when I suffer rarely from illness and I feel blessed to have a brother who can be my mom and dad…I love him and I smile as I write this, he is indeed made of great for his age ,for the love and care that he shows in return to my ignorant behavior….

Yes it is true,I sleep like a log and I have never known that he would also be suffering when a small fever strikes, he never disturbs my sleep,he never has done that till today, never expects me to look after him, a brave soul made of great

Incident 3

This is more recent , I usually vent up all my frustrations through cries and sharing with my mom, an amazing lady that she is, gently smiles and consoles me with strong motivating words , but that span of continuous flow of tears in front of her to share my burden often ends up in lifting the burden away, it feels like a feather once it is shared



On one such incident, he deliberately pulled me to the garden and spoke

“Akka, don’t share everything like that with mom”

“helllo. she is my mom and how dare you sa not to share with my own mom” I glare back at him hissing my words

“No, share it but do hold those tears, why do you have to be a crybaby?” he never left his stand

“Oh come-on. that’s how I am! Don’t you know? I feel at peace only after I have cried the pain off” I didn’t like the interference

He pulled me near the window that had an access to the living area inside my house, at the far end of the sofa,my mom was wiping away her tears,I felt pain

“She does that every-time you cry, why don’t you understand that she can’t bear to see to wail like that, it hurts her, she is a mother, next time share it with her and cry in front of me if that is what makes you feel good’

His words jolted me out of my immature,selfish acts, I have never thought what my tears could actually do to a person, especially to my mom, that day I realized that one doesn’t need the years to have wisdom or be older to advice me

My respect for him grew and flourished , for I realized that I’m blessed with a best friend, my guide, my guardian all when I was born..Isn’t that called “Born lucky”…I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but with  a golden fate to have him as my brother, a beautiful,brave, strong, wise soul as a present for this life…Isn’t he indeed made of great to have the concern, care and love for me ,his older, supposedly wise sister….

I can’t help but ponder over the things that drive him, was it my mom?Was it my dad? Or somewhere was it even me?

But then maybe, it’s just him from inside, the goodness, the positivity that he spreads, the goodness that harvests his heart,maybe he is just born that way, as one in a gazzilion time …

At the same time he taught me along the way,as a teacher….

To think for someone else rather to think of oneself

To give your everything to the people who matter for people remember your deeds not the expensive gifts

To share ,I’m not very good at that!

Over the years he has become even more great in my eyes…And at the end of the day,I’m grateful to have him in my life.


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The Sublime Spring:)

It was all soo soon,the carefree happy-go -lucky girl was in cross-roads of her life, a bit tensed , rattled, frightened and yet happy all at once. This girl is someone whom I know for a very very long time, precisely 15 years and today her presence is in her yatch of new feelings in the different tides from her heart.
In a snap of a finger and a blink of an eye, he entered her life and now I see the difference, in all her smiles, all her pouts , all her tantrums and in all her challenges,I see him holding her hands just like on the 27th of the August,just like the times after 6:30 on teh very same day, her “D-day” ,”her Engagement” the day every girl would have dreamt of since she is 10,the proposal in front of everyone, the close ones who would have raised you, loved you and have known you from birth would be showering their blessing approving of her choice, their choice.

She was happy,very happy with him and it was not just the blush or the smile but the sparkle in her eyes, look at this picture and dare say no!


The big fat weddings are heard of but hers was indeed a luxurious,exquisite ,elegant ring ceremony, the engagement.
The “she” here is Aishwarya D C who is all set ready to add her fiancé’s name as her initials,she is a marvel whom I adore, I respect and I love !My closest buddy and because it is me,I’m bound to overrule the punctuality rule and land in at the late hours.

Anyway it was august 27th, with the breezy winds chiming the hours importance, with the clouds hovering over for a prepared shower and with the dusk sighing in for a new beginning, it was time!
The day was special, the evening was special so was she, so was he!

She looked gorgeous, pretty in all terms ,her personalized selection of all the adorned ornaments, her favorite combination of the colors from the moggina jade and right mix of feelings to get that blush on her cheeks and of-course the highlight was the two couple rings in each other’s lovely boxes.

With the butterflies wafting and her fingers shivering,seated like a princess awaiting her charming prince;all that my good friend could think about right at that time was.

“Is this really happening? Is this for real..OMG there are soo many people ! WOW..I’m hell scared and my palms are all sweaty!!”

I had laughed out loud when she had described the moment and it was then I had discussed about the food.We giggled a lot that day..
Now let me take you back to Oswal venue!

It was seven in the evening, the venue was decorated like a new bride,oh yes, the venue, the lane , the entrance that carried the aroma of roses and jasmine , it wasn’t exactly what I had expected,it was many more times effluent, many more times opulent and many more times beautiful than the real world,as I ascended to the first floor where her celebration was taking place I was greeted by her uncle and few running kids along ,then the blessing by the expensive stone studded statue of the Lord Venkateshwara, the lights brightened up the moods of the groomed people there.

Once I entered,it was no normal ve
nue, it was decorated for the reception! It was as if she was half-married that day,right in the middle hung a chandelier that had the embedded dazzling stones receiving most of the attention of the arrived guests on his opulent look but as the crowd receded due to our nearing to the raised stage,it was the whole of goodness and awesomeness was concentrated on the stage ,the couple looked right for each other, like the two drifted puzzle parts awaiting to make a perfect picture,the jigsaw puzzle was solved and it could have never looked so right , beautiful.Like a sublime spring on a monsoon day:)

All her family members were frantic, happy, tensed and busy in an effort to make everything as perfect as possible and hats off to all of them, they were in the hall, the dining area,the stage and with a smile concerned about the guests.

While my little friend looked all pretty and lady like ,so was her fiance who was more than happy,approachable and with a warm acceptance of all her kith and kin along with her friends,they looked like a pair of dolls from the fairyland toy-store.

Then to my favorite part, the dinner..oh it was heavenly, the dishes were the charms of the amazing chefs and her choice of the dishes!My mouth still waters whenever I think of the delicious,yummy dinner!
Now that this girl is experiencing the pre-marriage jitters!All her doubts, all her fears and all her hopes seem to be hanging on the tricky rope,her brave heart is shivering but Aish,all have to say is that even he is there balancing on the same slippery rope, holding you, supporting you and by supporting each other you will reach the sublime end and you will realize that all the risks were worth it, all your fears were perfectly normal,the jitters and a part of this path but then you will reach the rainbow bridge and will have a chocolate house !!Oh we have read too many fairy-tales while growing up, didn’t we?But putta,everything going to be all-right!!

“All is well even the fears,even the parting because you are going to be someone else’s heartbeat from now on and trust me ,it’s the best position that you would love and it demands a few sacrifices from both ends and I’m sure that you are going to happy and become the part of happily ever afters!

With Love,


Birthday letter to my closest friend:)

At 6:45 , kavya hears my sleepy voice with the little-girls happy birthday song that I sing in my cracky voice every year, there is a small tinge of guilt and pain that I won’t be able to meet her on her special day! She was already in her corporate world slogging!!This girl never ceases to surprise me!
Hey kavi, I know that you are busy but why don’t you listen up!! Go back to the first day we met.
It was in the AEC Lab, and all our names were called out and your name was in between all the shree’s and I was looking forward to see all the shree’s together but you do know with whom I spent my first day with!
Then when we did really meet , all we could say each other was
“I have seen you somewhere!”
And yes indeed, we would have met, with our pu colleges nearby boarding the same bus, we must have even stood beside each other in the same bus but never recognised!!
Those are special moments , aren’t they!! Realizing that a stranger would become so close that I can bet my life on her!
It’s been five years since we were embraced my friendship and we have seen all the communications-gaps, those really mean phases, cries, laughs ,giggles, surprises, graphs, assignments, labcoats, comments, circles!!The list never seems to end, each tiny incident I can put into phrases and present you a scenario Kavi..
There are too many sliding in the memory lane buddy!!There are a lot to tell you but why don’t I put up that as a surprise on the celebration day;)
You are special, very special dear friend Wishing you a very happy birthday.
I am late, ain’t I! But I tend to believe that words find me late!it’s been really days since I have even properly spoken to you! And yeah that haircut suits you a lot

Kavi , 25th of august was just any other day but the credit goes to you that I smile and wait for the day to arrive and because we strongly believe in so-called-bad-luck!! 25th tends to be just another without-KAMB day for you.
It hurts kavi, it really does, to not have met you,to not have seen you on this precious day!But when I say that it still means a lot, it comes right from the bottom of our hearts, on behalf of mangs and appy too.We all want to be there, just like the way you stood, you planned, you shopped, you slogged! For us..
Would you love to remember few little things that we laugh about when we think about you,read on..
1. When you say that you can’t hear properly giving the reason of your damaged ear while all the fault would be ours, speaking in a non-human speed, we laugh at your excuse, we know that you are trying to make us feel better
2. When every time you completed an exam and come out crying that you would flunk..haha,we have laughed because it would always be the other way round.
3. We always wanted you to get whatever you wished for coz kavi, hell lot of people’s smile depend on that sweet little curve on your face.
4. We also laugh when you do all the pooja, follow the stomach churning traditions and say you don’t believe in idolizing god but you see him as a power!
5. AND of-course the times when the normal water from our college would give you the kick of alcohol!!Oh dear, the poor souls who were targeted to your wrath of talks! We have had the best times.
6. That belief of luck, happening to see a face that would make you cry out loud and exit the exam hall!! We really tried hard so that you would miss certain bad-luck!!Crazy us
7. I love the fact that you hate chapathi’s!!
Many more but I really do want to give you a big hug( hugggsss),don’t just sit there and smile,close your eyes and travel through the amazing days at college and even after that!
Your birthday was,is and will always be special dear because you are a special person lighting up KAMB’s life.
We all love you loads and when we meet, instead of b’day bums there would be hell lot of b’day hugs
Now that it’s late and you need to wake up early for the office tomorrow, why don’t you sleep with a smile kavi and dream lovely dreams, never say that you don’t get dreams
Love you a lottGood night b’day gal, sleep