Tolerate me-Dear Blog

Dear Blog,lw

Everytime I try to write something in your post, there is a dilemma about the myriad of the things that is out there that can be consolidated into right permutations and combinations of only 26 letters into beautiful sentences that can evoke any kind of the very few feelings that we can feel, but then again, what is there to write, I thought that I would write about the new medicinal plant that I planted in my garden ! then resided in the idea of writing a short fiction ,that is really not my strongest point whatsoever, poems!I can’t create, it has to come to me, I need that connection to write about it, feel the emotions that can be invoked in any other reader.hence I thought things could get better if I write to you.

Yes dear blog,

It has been a few days since I spent some time with you,the last post was on 29th september and today is 10th of october, see that is what I was talking about, but give me a chance to explain, this time it’s not the writers block, I’m coping better with it as the past 10 days I have given my best in completing my first full fledged novel, well the book title is still mysterious to my brain but yet when I could start the work,yes there was risk hidden in there, there were long months of my faithful friend “writers block” resting in my brain as a paying guest, it’s payment was procrastination and huge sum of anxiety!

But then I got over the hurdles ,then came in self-inspection, a feeling of worthlessness and the times to quit, but still if something had taken me till the point where I was stuck, it would better take me further and help me in completing the work,the next set would contacting all the literary agencies, agents I suppose are scarce in India and so far I found only one on twitter,rest teh story is known, I’m prepared for the series of heartbreaks from the many rejections from the publishing houses..(shivers!)…but anyway I’m going to try, that is all I have ever done and something that I would always want to do…

I might sometimes be really ignorant or really pestering, so blog!! Just stay where you are and tolerate me, I promise to improve…everyday:)

Oh by the way I’m reading the kannada version of “The Shiva Triology” by Amish Gupta,oh guess what I’m reading it with a torch light even during night, well I’m forbidden to be awake after 10:30..military rules at my place,now that I have to talk about it ,I was trained to wish everybody a very good morning and at night before going to bed, I wish my parent s a good night and I have been teased to the core whenever I have done it but habits die hard moreover I have never found anything wrong with it.

It was the schools that imbibed in us to wish the teacher a good morning as soon as they enter the classroom, it was a routine blindly followed where we never meant them to have a good morning with pestering students like us, as I grew up and actually understood the goodness in the good morning, I started to wish friends ,even my bowing acquaintance a very good day…..Oh they all freaked out, one of my senior,in front of my whole class gave out a pretty loud laugh and as if I was his follower said with utmost no modesty

“Please,I’m not your lecturer, don’t call me that way” well the words are pretty polite, they seem but he had literally believed that I would fall at his feet for a project or something and before I could defend myself, he exited my class keeping up an appearance,I am sure that he would have boasted amongst his friends but it was I who laughing !!Common people really assume things.

So this was it, whenever I don’t get anything to blog about, I’m going to speak to you, personifying you! Yet again tolerate my rumblings.

Yours dearest,

Brunda Rajesh:)