160 Drafts

There was a flip of the pages in the calendar. The month of June showed a colorful paper aircraft  flown over the garden, a message of creativity and nature go hand in hand. How fast the time flew, I reckon it to be a  magician, capable of healing, hurting, reminding, forgetting, creating, destroying absolutely anything, anything in this universe. AND probably the person who can control time is whom I call GOD.

Have we met him then, the controller of time. Even the myths and the holy books says that even god abides by the Horrendous time. Having heard of time machines and time travelling. If that were to be true. I bow to the creator. But why is it most of the times, that we age on earth and time acts differently in other parts of the universe. It sure is a uncertain entity to be defined.

I would go mad in just attempting to solve this entity.

So I would rather not and be awed by the mysteries the nature has to offer. It is almost end of June. And I’m still uncertain of what tomorrow has to offer and what today was all about. In this infinite circle, I slowly pack my bags, unpack it, flip it over and again get ready for the journey. This is going to be a lame post, a small voice squeaks at the back of my mind. But it matters little to me now. With 160 drafts staying unedited and unattended to, leaves a scar on my dreams!

So, as long as I try, as long as I fail. I am on the right track. But being on the right track and sitting like a log will have any train run over me!

So this is an effort to keep going! Thanks to my friends and family for sucking up all my moodswings and still say that I can do it!

Somebody once told me that if you encourage a person with his positive sides and so subtly inform him about the drawbacks. He will rise like a strong tide.

And so this week is all about getting back, writing anything and everything  and having the nuts to publish the same.


Benefits of Milk and Horlicks Growth+ for Kids.

“Have your milk and go, Shabnam!” My aunt screams loud till the little girl is out of sight, jumping over the fence, hurriedly slipping into her shoes and excitedly plunging towards the road is my seven year old cousin Shabnum. She is unaware of the benefits of the milk!

To have her stranded and gulp the milk down is the toughest thing for my aunt. it’s not only her in the list where the mothers lose their temper at the active child who never abides to anything and Milk has always been one consistent drink that most kids hate drinking.

My aunt sighs as she puts up as to how her mother always used to cite the benefits of drinking milk.

Benefits of Milk

1.Milk provides the necessary calcium required for the bones.

The growing children has the streak of growth hormones and the proper measure of calcium is required for the strengthening of the fragile bones. You do know how kids are and how often they bruise themselves in a game

2. Milk provides the Vitamin D that provides that is required for the absorption of the calcium into the bones.

Now we do understand the importance of the morning sun rays and vitamin D, isn’t it? But the kids never seems to understand a word of wisdom that the parents speaks.

3.The proper consumption of milk helps in stronger bones and rapid proper growth in children.

4. They aid for the healthy teeth, rehydration to the body that is always active and improves the ability of the body for vitamin intake.

I heard her say quote the benefits of milk completely agreeing with every point that she put there.

“I’m going for the new Horlicks Growth+ for her!”

I eye her with a hazy look, I grew up drinking horlicks, my parents grew up drinking the healthy drink. It’s like a legacy carried on by generations and now Horlicks was in a new design and with better benefits.

I googled for the new brand Horlicks Growth+ on shelves.

Benefits of Horlicks Growth+

1.Naturally Enhances growth in kids

Horlicks growth+

Kids of today are more screen addicted rather than playground addicts! Somewhere the nourishment to the little naughty causes lag behind and a supplement is sought after.

The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other super molecules present in the Horlicks Growth+ has seen a visible growth in kids within six months. That’s a boon for all the worried mothers out there.

2.Healthy Weight Gain

Healthy weight gain for the kids that are fast food oriented is a proven step to have the proper weight for the kids without causing obesity in them.

The kids that have fallen back in weight, with continuous consumption are seen to have improved in a scale of six months making them healthier each passing day.

3. Healthy Protein

eighty percent of the protein that a kid consumes goes in for the growth and development of the body. And this is why proper protein protein intake is a must in kids who have fallen behind in proper growth.

protein, horlicks Growth+

The protein used in Horlicks Growth+ is whey protein!

With the yummy flavours and benefits sanctioned from it, milk and Horlicks Growth+ make an amazing combination for a healthy milk drink. Shabnam enjoys her drink every morning now and aunt is over the cloud.


3 day quote challenge- Life Goals

Thank you Kumar Harsh  for giving me this challenge that made me go over the quotes that had an immense impact in my life. He has a nice blog portraying different facets of life, sometimes as a poet and sometimes as a storyteller.

So for the first day, I would love to quote something that we all face a dilemma with and sometimes fall prey to uncontrollable circumstances, this particular quote has held me up and comforted me and given hope!

“At any point of your life, Face past without any regrets; Handle the present with ample confidence, Prepare for the future without any fear”

I try my best not to regret anything, but as of today, there are of course a few complains. It’s all about how I never invested time effectively. But it’s never too late, is it? As I write about it, I hear a tilter in my head. That’s my conscience teasing me through the complex layers of the brain tissues! But let the bygones to bygone:) It’s never too late.

Not to sound rhetoric but we all know of the solution to many of the conundrums that we face, we just never work for it. To subdue the humour that’s playing a verbatim from an old play. I realize I need to buckle up and finish the damn thing that I have started.

So I decided to do just three things per day from my perpetual to-do list!

Taking one thing at a time!

And with that sprinkle a bit of ethos of our lands, thank for everything in your life, being grateful is a brave thing to do!

So let’s all take a moment for all the good things that has so far made its presence evident with little laughter, tasty dishes, roof over the head, a warm blanket for the freezing night, hot cup of coffee for a new talk and that little mind that knows how to cheer up every time we fall!

We all fail many times to gather the courage to change the situations that we are stuck in. Most of the ways just need that insane three second courage for you to speak up or stand up for yourself and also to remain silent. We all have a choice that go beyond our capabilities. And we need courage to enjoy the moment. It has been the so far, the toughest job on earth for me.

Future always weakens our knees at times, be it your future plans and just the uncertain sprawl of time or the realization that not much of it is left behind! The trait of being obscure is the only strength of your future! So people out there sparing a moment to read this. You have a beautiful future ahead of you, fear not, fret not. Everything will fall into the right places at the right time.

So now for the nominations, I would like go with a few new blogger friends that added some more shine in encouraging me to write more.

Divya -She has got a blog that makes you smile, makes you feel and experience the different places she has visited! Her artistic ways of turning the most mundane objects to creative masterpieces leaves you awed! So check her blogspace:)

Sonu Somraj– He has got this sophisticated blog that bewitches you with the charms of elegant poetries and quotes! His few posts render a knowledge so deep that seems beyond his age! Check out for those.

Shreyan – This guy has a way with the words! Do check out his blog that is a beautiful journey to read on it’s own.

Rules for the nominees

-Take up any three consecutive days and write!

-Each quote for each day, describe what connects with you to the lines

-Each day add three other bloggers to the list of nominations

-Pass the good word





The ‘J’ack We All Know?

Jack, a proper noun exploited as a common noun synonymous to Mr. X. When the pages of history are flipped, there is not one but many illustrations of this Jack guy. He was first introduced to us in kindergarden by the popular nursery rhyme” Jack and Jill”, the18th century guy who fell down and broke his crown.Poor, poor Jack.

Then a few years into studies, we find Jack as the harbinger of loopholes in a person. The famous saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” was frequented to stereotype the mediocre class in the society. But then, Jack can be emphasized to be an allrounder afterall. The days will be motion only if one is aware of all teh skills, knowledge of how to fix a motor or the skills of preparing a simple breakfast is a necessity of today’s fast paced, expensive lives. There is absolutely no pressure for you to be an electrician or a chef. One has to be the Jack of all trades.That guy needs respect, and a bow.

Jack and Jill, JAck Frost, Jack of all trades

Salman Khan, an Indian based bollywood actor, on one of his appearances, when interviewed about his unflinching success through the decades, he gives in to be the Jack of all trades and swears that is the reason for his promising enaction of the characters he is assigned to. Hence Jack was after all an amazing character capable of honing any skill thrown at him.

With the rhymes and the proverbs left behind, we step into the slang world and jack is exploited time and again in the centuries to follow by.

“Jackass” synonymous to idiot, stupid,moron,jerk and extremities of the same meaning, it’s almost like any other decent work in English, now-a-days Jackasses are viewed to be group of close friends. They call each other names and curse. So this generation is all about Jackasses imposing a new meaning to the jack fellow who is deemed to be friendly, amazing and cool.

Jack sometimes, is invariant and omnipresent carrying various meanings and applications. He is also found in the games as well. The Jack of clubs, you remember, right, while playing cards and you are waiting for him to miraculously stay in your hands. The cards owe jack a lot.

Oh and the creepy side, the Jack-in-the-box was used to scare people on surprise parties and jack remains to be the surprise element in the all the creepy movies that hollywood got inspired from Jack.

Let’s not forget Jack Frost that animations introduced to us, this jack can control ice and guards our dreams. He is handsome, humorous and responsible.

So Jack, nope THE JACK that we get to encounter every single day,The friendly jack, the clumsy one, the scary one, the all-rounder and the Jack who is bound to stay in all the text-books, movies and slangs that will be used a few more centuries.

Cheers to Jack:)

photo credit: 5000th Photo via photopin (license)

‘I’nnocent Promise

The day’s blush was on the dusk’s cheek and everything proved to be perfect until the dark clouds waged in for a new war.The rain pelted of forlorn music impending the forthcoming wrath.


IT was 1923 , the age of true innocent love.A letter arrived for his deployment at the war zone of the border.

“Do you have to go, with our engagement a week away” she whispered as she clung to him from behind

“It’s the nation call Lisa, I need to be there!”

“Promise me that you’ll come back”

“That is one promise that I’m denied the luxury of” His eyes welled up with fresh tears yet his smile paved in for valor and bravery.

“Couldn’t you be a farmer, a blacksmith ,anything except the soldier” Lisa was filled with tears

“I can be anything Lisa, but chose not to,for my work, my service is for my country,my mother”

“Then what about me?” She pouted

“You are important” he paused

“But not paramount” she filled the pause.

He gulped down his feelings, held her in his strong trained arms, lifted her to match his height and gave a peck on her forehead!

The couple couldn’t let go of each other, seventeen and young, they knew their hearts, they knew that they had to let go because Mother was paramount,there were thousands of other brides waiting for the wedding knot,thousands of other grooms farming, owning companies and mills.But of all of them ,for all of them, she had to sacrifice her love.

“Mr. Dawson, I need you back alive,just alive!” She whispered in an undertone.

“Lisa, I promise nothing and if I don’t return ,promise me that you’ll get married to the safer secure crowd,I want you happy” He smiled caressing her.

“That I dare not promise, I’ll wait, and when I say I’ll wait, I sure do Mr Dawson and for that you need to stay alive, you need to return,for me,to me!” She briskly left the room.

That was an innocent promise she made.

It’s been seven years and Lisa is waiting while all her three sibling are married and her mother wails in distress for her older daughter.

innocent promise, soldier, estranged love, AtoZ Challenge

Somewhere in the broken ruined forest near the border, Mr. Dawson looks up to his fiance and writes.

“Just wait for me, I’ll be there, dear!”

Feeling ‘G’rateful with Stella

The winds blew past me, whispering a tone of forlorn. Across the nations I walk, bereft of the reason to set things right, everything is bureaucratic and everyone is watching over me or so I feel. On my next flight back to India, I wait for my daughter to return from the ballerina classes she is attending, she might love our way back. After-all London, Manhattan and Jeju islands threw in a lot of perspective to what I have lost.

I miss my country, yes everybody told me to go abroad and settle down but what is the happiness with people so busy enough to never spare a smile, I spoke to the pigeons often, there are lot of them here, the sky is brighter and clearer, the clouds are cottony fluffy just as in the paintings. They are all beautiful yet I find my hometown more nearer to my heart. Stella disagrees with me albeit she hasn’t yet been to India, ever.

“Mom, Let’s not go back” Stella sounds hysterical from other end of the telephone. 

“Stella,dear, It’s just for a month or two, it’s your vacation here and I really need to go back to the place I belong to” I try to reason out with her.

“Ok mom, you go then, I’ll stay back at my friend’s place.” Her voice has a tint of hidden excitement.

“And which is this friend that you are talking about?”

“Stop being so judgmental and Indian, Mom! and I don’t think so I would want you to know every single thing I do” Her tantrum isn’t new to me.

“Stella, that is not how you speak to your mother.” My voice quivers and I’m at the verge of crying.

“Beep, beep” 

And that was the sound of disconnected line, the tears in my eyes were the symbol of disconnected hearts.

In my country, there is respect that is given to all relationships, there is an emotion of being Grateful for the relationships that guide us and there are emotions of queer happiness at somebody’s success and an emotion of care, concern and pride to be amidst our people.

I’m not grateful for much today, I deliberately miss my flight, I get an awkward stare from my daughter when I reached her classes to pick her up, she was going to a party upstate, She swore never to speak to me again when I stopped her. We drive back home with acute silence and a heavy heart for not making it home. My mother would be upset.

But on the brighter side, our car broke down and I spent the next two hours looking for a ways to repair that disaster and it rained today, it’s wasn’t eh season yet I got to spend time with Stella, we licked ice-creams taking cover from our overcoats, had a long walk in the rain. I shared my teen years while she slowly opened up about her friends and her career choice of becoming a lecturer like me. I felt proud. I spoke to her about my hometown and how we chased squirrels and butterflies and the fact that the town is the same even after all these years.


She made an effort to speak genuinely with my mother and I genuinely accepted her friends whom I don’t approve of.

So, was today beautiful, ugly, heart-broken, crashed, understanding? Yes, they were all, today is feeling grateful for the mother-daughter bond that was barely intact. 

Oh and I booked a ticket to India for three weeks and my daughter, not so excited but still willing to share my happiness. So I’m grateful for today, for the moments for the bad circumstances that sets everything right:)

‘F’ried Summer in Bengaluru

What’s summer like in Bengaluru?

It’s waking up with the golden hues filtering from the designed screens that waves to the mild breeze of the early morning. You smile as the warmth of the sun that touches you and everything else with the kiss of life. It’s summer again.


You would love to take a morning walk or the brisk jog to burn the extra calories or the serene asanas in the presence of the first rays, for your body needs to synthesize the vitamin D in the body. The flowers are bright and so is everything around you, shimmered with the wand of gold, the nature seems to be rich, once in a while the sun peeking through the canopies.


That followed by the hustled start of the day, the paper-boys racing through the roads as on a mission to get the world to you, the milkman ready on his clock for your coffee, the flower vendors happy with the abundance and freshness of the flowers. Then it’s finally you, dressed in the most comfortable summer dress, sprayed some summery perfume along with a bit of sunscreen, you know the afternoon sun. You are on your positive, bright side and you seem to love summer for the all the fruits it has to offer and all the water games that you are all set to play and for all those ice-creams stalls that you are going to flock at!

That said it all. Summer was defined that way! Before, long ago, a decade ago in Bengaluru.

What’s summer now?

Oh believe me, the sun is not bad, it is cruel! I have never offended him anyway possible for him to torture me, he is coming back at me and look at what my city has to pay for. My fault, I shouldn’t have called you cruel. You are the hottest thing ever and you are showing it off, way too much.

intolerable sun, summer, fried summer, Bengaluru

What is wrong with Bengaluru, people loved this city for it’s balance across the varied seasons. Summers are not too hot, winters are never freezing cold, spring is gay and happy , autumn is just wild and free. But the reputation is going to drains with the abrupt change of mind of my city. The schedule of the seasons are messed up, the degree of their presence is wildly out-of-control and what is it like today.

Burning under the 40 and 43 degrees of heat boiling our blood, dehydrating the fluids and tanning us, killing us!

We wake up frustrated because the previous night, the breeze was scare, we didn’t have a proper oxygen supply as the fans rotated in attempt to sing a lullaby and ended up feeding us our own breath, kinda gross but Bengaluru never wanted AC’s until the software giants made it mandatory even in winter. Were was I? Well, yeah ,it was about the way you start your day!

You start it with the sense of burning and sweating and sticking all over. The feel of exhaustion and lethargy is not the way we ought to wake up. It is then followed by the rush to work and sweat up there, burning your skin, you would just want a flood of ice-cold water in the city. The birds that were happily chirping seem to have vanished, more like dead. The nature is burning up with golden flames, scarcity of water leading to more deaths, oh a few more deaths sue to sun strokes, well, in came summer and along with it came the shadow of death along with load shedding and burnt brains.

bengaluru and summer, heated season

This ain’t summer! This is some cruel season. And we all know that it is because of us we are facing it today, global warming, green house affect and everything that you hear in debates are serious issues and are for real. Let’s take small steps and keep some water outside for the animals and birds, let’s plant a sapling and manage our wastes better. You don’t need to be god to solve these, be the person you are and not the person that the society makes you.

what can you do this summer to the nature,

It’s a long way to go in this venture, so far I have only kept water for the birds and did the division of waste but I think it’s time for the saplings as well. Let’s get our garden city back on wheels so that the generations to come by would exclaim with glee that “It’s Summer Again”

Happy Summer, Don’t get fried!