The Healer

I never believed in miracles but having been consistently ill for a longer time, thanks to typhoid followed by the damn UTI. I started to believe in the higher power and that someone would be there to heal us back.

Love, in it’s purest form, can only be derived from kids, they say so. I assure you, yes it is. Pranav, more like a son to me is my little healer. Whenever I’m around him. I get a zealous energy to zap back to the world that has so much to offer. During my low times, I wasn’t able to give my best and I’m not perfect either. I don’t intend to! Like everybody else, the imperfect me is in tandem with my existence.

But Pranav doesn’t know that! He loves me. So do I. In the dreaded moments, he has made me smile. In my pain, he made me laugh. In the confused disturbed world, he made me see a clearer version. He has wiped my tears, he has laughed at my singing skills. Never made me complete a bedtime story I intend to narrate to him. He has been an absolute blessing.

I love to stay dedicated to him, though sometimes I am lost in a world that fears me the most. I have come to realize the true treasure in life. It is health. One needs to be healthy to get anything back to sanity. You need to be healthy to keep others in good health. You need to be happy and smiling to create a happy world.

His smile mirrors in mine. His playfulness mirrors the sparkle in my eyes. He has been there for me. He doesn’t know it. He will not know it unless I tell him. But the healing power that he holds has made me grow stronger. nowadays I like his stubbornness.IMG-20161207-WA0023

It fuels my childhood memories when I never used to listen to a word of my mom whenever I was asked to lend a helping hand. I guess after marriages, mothers become a treasure as well.

Had it not been for my little healer, I wouldn’t be here sitting with a smile, and writing again. With all the changes that made a glorious entry into my life. Writing always took a backseat. So a heartfelt thank you to Pranav for being such a wonderful brave kid.

IMG-20170425-WA0005Stay blessed and have that smile adorning your charming face, my dear.

With lots of Love,

Your Athe




Weed In The Lucifer Garden

There wasn’t much chaos in the city that day, everything was on a regular scale. People laughed. People boarded buses, little crowds involved in their own little worlds of disconnected lives.

Well, two days earlier, the same normalized streets were filled with crowds. They had slogans blaring in the air and traffic halted with much consent. There were rallies and silent prayers. Few of them threw stones at the public transport. The crowd was agitated, angry and most of all hurt.

Every other news channel telecasted a show on how the most upright policeman, Mr. Raghavendra was hunted down and slaughtered to death. This man was the real hero to the most of the city. Be it the hour before sunrise or that scary moment after midnight. ACP Raghavendra was always for the city.

Twitter garlanded him, the state government gave him laurels and Facebook gave him all the publicity. But the tiger was always focused on its prey. With his leadership, most of the illegal activities reduced down in scale. Murders and kidnaps were rare. Burglars became bankrupt again. And that is when everybody planned an assassination.

For the record, they weren’t petty roadies who hunted him down. But the media portrayed so. He wasn’t into any drugs, yet the postmortem doctors described it so. He wasn’t into any gambling and drinking yet his close ones portrayed him so.

Being a journalist myself. I couldn’t handle the wrong information the powerful media was spreading.

I had the proof.fiction, oneshot, short story, policemen, society

It was the government itself which had him eliminated. He was a weed in their Lucifer garden. Many of you have heard it. I will conclude it. Yes, there is a black government that runs after dusk. All the illegals meet, plan, target and eliminate people.

ACP Raghavendra was one of the many targets. The video file in my hard disk still lay in my backpack. But I’m still an intern. Will I be able to convey the real truth in comparison to the two-headed false new the society has accepted?

I clenched my teeth, for my own father was into the media, one of the best journalists ever. But anger seethed in me as I realized his true colors last night. An anonymous person had emailed it to him, and he chose to ignore the truth. I have vowed to deliver only the absolute truth, but here I stay as a witness to the crime. I am a greater culprit if I stay a witness and keep my mouth shut.

I reached office early, to redeem the truth. To set free a pure soul and protect his real identity.

“What are you doing here?” Mr. Madhavan. The best journalist in the whole world, to me.

My father.

” Nothing, just working on ACP Raghavendra’s case” I bluntly threw it on his face. Something I had never done. All these years I had great respect towards him.

“Sindhu! Stop it and give me the files” His voice growled. The first time in years.

“Oh, so you know! How can you do that dad” I confronted him and rushed to my cabin. The faster I upload it, the better chances for it to reach the crowds.



It was another day, and there was another weed to be eliminated. The evening newspapers carried the news of a love-struck young journalist who had jumped from the seventh floor of the Tony Media companies. The daughter of the legendary journalist Madhavan, who seem to have lost his mind and admitted to the asylum unable to withstand the loss of his daughter.

The truth was buried again!

What Sindhu never knew was that she was monitored the minute she entered the building. Her killer, the watchman, man from the lucifer garden!

And there still remains many such lucifers in the society. Should we ignore the atrocities or be another Sindhu!

In a dilemma, the new generation strives!

Made Of Ashes

Raining Stories

She isn’t human, fleshes and bones never made her. She is a phoenix, burning in the fire and reincarnating yet again with wings of fury. She is the girl you see every day , a bit strong, a bit innocent, her head held high, with a bit of smile adorning her sweet face. Her neatly plaited hair, thick black and neatly covered with a cloth that looks dusty.

Flowers filled with fragrance hide in her tresses inspiring her about the wonderful world she lives in. It’s all in her head, the happiness, the blooming flowers, the euphoria and ephemeral feelings of heaven.

She picks her infant crying over in the old cloth cradle tied to the banyan tree nearby. The city buildings have overgrown the trees. But the motherhood in her finds her child the perfect shade under the only greens. She is a mason and paid only half of her…

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The Pale Girl In the House-Horror

Raining Stories

I have a strange feeling today, as I stride myself through the subway, there is a creepy looking girl that I see often in the mirror, jet black hairs with bloodshot eyes, she is pretty but very very pale.

As I see her every day, I am not scared anymore, I feel that she smiles at me so very subtly that the straight line on her face sometimes curved and quickly vanished to nothing as well. At first, I thought she was another girl living in the house that we shifted to.

I was in junior high at the Jason High school when we shifted to Nagpur, a small town in the depth of Karnataka. I had never wanted to leave the city and give up all the luxuries it provided. It was then I realized how much I missed my friends back in Bangalore. The countryside had muddy roads and…

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Story 3-My Uniform Grew In Size

Raining Stories

I took out the only blue shorts that I had for school; They seem to have shrunken down over the past two months and faded into the oldness of blue. It has just been a year since dad brought new shorts for me.

I measured them placing around my hip. It was way higher that my knees exposing two inches of my untanned dark skin.

“Mom, I need a new set of uniforms! They are already shrunken down and I’m in seventh grade” I insisted making a sad face.

She looked up from the basket of greeneries that she was washing up for dinner tonight. It was going to be some green soup again! We grow them and I eat the same menu over more than four days a week!

A sweet smile brightened her droopy eyes as she gently took the uniform shorts from my tiny hands and settled near the…

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Points On How to deal with your Nightmares!

Nightmares are seldom present with our invocation but they still visit our peaceful dreams every once in a while.

It is not just as easy to ignore the fact that when we are jerked up with a nightmare, we always tend to be fragile and weak, for some, it might be casual in a general manner, for some more, they will be haunting in series every other night!

SO here are some tips that might help you to overcome the shivering fear:

Let’s take you through what you go through.

Imagine yourself deep asleep in your cozy bed with soft cushions and there is a calm peaceful countenance that fixes on your pretty face.

You are slowly getting into a deep slumber after a hard, busy day or even after a lazy one too. But somewhere along the mid-night, when every other creature on the world fades away into the silent envelope of the dark, you are running, afraid, falling, a dream that stresses you out.

You jerk up, you are sweating profusely, unable to breathe , unable to connect to your surroundings.

Trust me, even a brave heart suffers under these attacks.Dreams basically occur during your rapid eye motion that helps your brains to run a movie in your head! Some are pretty, heart-warming and few more hell!

nightmare and to-do

Things You Must Do:

1.Switch ON the light

Yes that is what you must do, switch that light on, connect to your surroundings, calm yourself convincing of it being just a dream.

The light speaks the truth, shows you the deepest corners and assures you of your safety, your brain needs to feel secure around this time

2.Go for the water

Always make sure that you keep a glass of water by your bed-side before going to bed, it helps you to quench the sudden thirst and your parched throat gets a treatment of cool water that calms your mind.

The other amazing thing that water does is to improvise your blood circulation to your brain cells, the nervous system gets activated and differentiates well between the dream and the reality and assures of the safe place

3.Switch on the FAN

Remember, you’ll still be sweating, hence give the fan some work , if it is switched on then increase the speed of the motor!

With this, the breeze from the fan enters the spaces amidst your sweaty head and soothes the temperature rise that you experienced.

4.Divert your attention to belief and trust

At times like these Belief and trust works wonders, if you believe in god ,then it’s time to put your entire trust in him and chant a few mantras or recite a few slokas too. I do it at times!

For other people, to divert from the nightmare, take out a good book from the shelf, something that you have always wanted to read, also make sure that the book should not put you under stress, so no assignments and exam preparation! Just a few proverbs or motivating books would do.

Then for music lovers

Not the usual music that tears your eardrum but a music that is melodious and has a lullaby effect would help you out.

Survive on positive thoughts

Though you are forced awake from sleep due to a bad dream, you should always concentrate on positive thoughts; remember your thoughts are powerful enough to become real.

“Everything exists twice, once in your thoughts and once in reality”

Your thoughts and feelings are a force that exists in nature, make sure that you use them to create a beautiful future, now make the flow of your thoughts into a beautiful dream; you are almost about to dozz off now.

Go to sleep!

For Recurring nightmares

These are the people with amazing creative power, yes it is not a wretched dream but hides in itself your potential that is buried because of your untimely unnecessary stress.

So figure out: If your dreams are recurring in a cycle, then remember the details and try to connect it with your reality, are you worried about certain event, by certain person? Then unless you figure it out and solve, you tend to suffer.

If this is not working and nightmares are more common that you never get to dozz of into a peaceful sleep, then it’s time for the psychiatrist to intervene.

And it’s not a bad thing to visit a psychiatrist, we all have issues and the sooner it gets treated, the sooner we can live a better life, so ignore not the point in any time of your life!

It’s no big deal

Having nightmares is no big deal, everybody gets it and you get it too, so chill and follow the steps above, if you want add in a stroll and a shower ,you are more than welcome…Nobody will be able to stop you from getting back to that deep slumber that very same night.

Good night sweet Dreams and don’t let the bed-bugs bite:)

photo credit: 春眠女児 via photopin (license)

Finally ‘H’ome

I live in a secluded place that is all for myself away from the nasty kids that ruin my peace. I’m turning seventy this Winter. Having a dear dog of some woofy breed that takes good care of me, you see, I’m blind and hence the dog, but I hate them too. The place I live is across a busy road yet in a secluded place, I barely hear, you know and people at the church exclaim when I tell life as the only hell on earth. Home is where I would find peace and I was barely at peace.

“Oh Granma Peas, you need to be grateful for you have a life and the sun is shining his warm rays on you. The sun wakes up for you. Pray and he will be there, the Lord”

Well, I barely heard her after that, I meddled with my hearing aid, that sister in the church is way too chirpy. She believes in nonsense. The sun rises for the earth rotates not for me. I’m no love of the fine hues! I love a pastry or two though. And I live alone in my house, not home, with no one to bake around albeit the lady two-blocks away always comes home with some holy water and some poorly baked pie.

finally Home, AtoZ Challenge

The pie tastes like rotten cake or perhaps my taste buds are dying, either way, I would still like a cup of hot coffee and some nice baked pastry with fresh cream. Oh, my younger days were full of them.

“Granma peas, can we borrow your fake teeth, we are playing you today” The little kid  screamed outside of her tiny accommodation, merely the house that people live in.

“Ward off, you little mice, stay away from my place and my teeth, they are real”

They wouldn’t listen, they pester me everyday, on my way to the church and back from it, on my way to my deep slumber and the unwanted screams from the little boys. Everything was bad, way far bad than I had imagined. I like my dog though, he stinks but I still like him. I don’t feel lonely. It would have been better if my dog could speak instead of bark or rather if I could understand his barks.

This night, I take off my hearing aid, and stagger my way to my bed, for eternity, make me sleep is what I ask of the Lord above. I had to get home, away from all the uncertainties here. I wonder if he would hear me. I slept with a heart to let go of this crumpled body and slowly I drifted to sleep.

It was morning again and I was still alive, the lord doesn’t want me home. I put on my hearing aid and instantly hear the doorbell. I find my dog whose name is dog to help me to the door.

“hello Grandma, I found this place to be only accommodated by you, I go to the college 5 miles from here and so I wanted a place to stay. I can pay rent, just a few dollars if you could negotiate” the young girl was a pleasant surprise, she was full of energy and common sense, so like me.

“Can you bake pastries?” I ask her with a smile.

“Well, I can buy you one and I’ll learn if you could teach me that” She giggles and opened a packet that was stuffed with pastries. She loved them.

“Yes, you can stay, few dollars you say, how much ever you can save from your pocket money girl!” I tried to reach her and feel her face.

I could feel her smile and she held me in a bear hug.

I was finally home. 

Home was the place where I was loved and where I belonged.I am finally home.