For those Who Feel You Should Be Doing Something Else!

I dread of one thing in life- the lack of creativity. If the significance of it’s existence is crucial, the parallel truth of the reality, the commitments, the 9-5 jobs, kids, marriage, college, assignments and many will chain you down to the ground. It will seem like forever to reach the goals you dream of.

But then, what comes for free and flows as effortlessly as a brimmed gloated river? Absolutely Nothing!

It Demands.

Yes, your passion, your dreams( whatever it might be or however insignificant you feel it to be) demands your time, your dedication, the urge for success like a thirsty man on a summer afternoon. Briskly and consistently looking out for a drop of life.

As much as the anxiety is promised, so is the necessity for the calmness to prevail.

It is nothing less than a meditation done over ages.

The sounds(rather the noises) around you are to be muted. The rummaging brain needs a beam. A single ray of light that can take you, enlighten you and carry you through the stifling journey.

I will warn you. It is not going to be easy.following dreams, passion, inspiration, motivation, follow your heart, author

Pursuing your dreams would account for a stigma in the well-settled society. It starts as a low whisper, a collective grumble and spread into a noisy shout from the cheap loudspeaker they use in political speeches.

“There will be no security”

“It is not worth risking your perfect life”

“Think about a stable future”

The grunt never diminishes unless you bow down and have your neck to their voices.

Yes, money is a funny thing. It is extremely significant at the same time insignificant! It will be like walking on a thin rope on a high building! But can you pursue your dreams while doing what you are doing!

Then yes, none can stop you from doing that unless it is you who is creating a barrier for yourself!

There are only a few mortals who listened to every heartbeat, there was just no choice. The dreams haunted them, never letting them to sigh and that is why my friends, many people despite the two-day jobs or the part-time work, they still made time for themselves! And a herd was born.

They have all writhed with time, fallen, quit at times, cursed, cried, screamed and at the last. Picked themselves up, squared their shoulders and got back into the game.

And that’s how games were created, that’s how rules were made. They sweated blood and tamed the lazy body to see a dream fulfill that only they could visualize. And after years and years of practice, commitment and sacrifices, they rose!

Now they here the applaud, revenge taken.

It was not easy! But it is never impossible.

Prove the time that you are not easy, you are not fragile. And see till the end of the journey!

And keep doing what you have to do until you can do what you want to do!



How to Use Freecharge App- A new payment method(e-wallet)

Do you all remember the times when you had to walk to the nearest recharge stores and get your phone recharged with the latest plans?I also reckon you wouldn’t stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills and have your gas refilled at home. Oh, right! Most of you still do. But psst, there is a new payment method! A new app is around the corner o make it all easy and quick. Freecharge Application is the new talk of the town!

It’s time to realize that the world is moving on, the technology is growing as such to move all your transaction to online. How would you feel to the only tap and not type to pay all your bills and also recharge?Everything under one roof. And so many things to offer. Freecharge offers it all!

What is Freecharge?

Freecharge is the new e-wallet where you can keep your currencies to make all kinds of pre-paid, post-paid recharges, getting your bills paid, shopping, recharging your data cards, DTH, landline. It can also be used to book shows and eat at your favorite places like Mc D and cafe coffee day.

An e-wallet is nothing but having your money stored in a virtual way that can be spent with only taps and clicks on freecharge.

How do you add money to your Freecharge account?

In the home page (fig:2) There is an option to add money from your bank. When you click on that, you will be directed to a page like this.



There is an option for you to add money from your bank account. The application will ask for the credentials of your debit or credit card and will quickly add the money to your e-wallet. Thereafter it is ready to be spent!

There are options for your to use many cards, withdrawal of money to the bank, request money and send money as in internet banking. This is just the quickest way to do any transaction.

Features Of Freecharge App

  1. Ease of usage and Simple UI design


As soon as the application is installed, you willbe direct4ed to the home page of the application consisting the options

1.Mobile : Recharge your prepaid and postpaid bills through Freecharge App

This feature helps you to recharge in less than 20 seconds max, with additional options for connecting to your latest best plans for your mobile network.

It also reminds you of the expiry date and keeps the tab on your current balance that will be 98% accurate and an easier way to check your balance when compared to the cumbersome process of the “Press 1 to know your balance” category.

Step 1:All you need to do is click on the icon and you will be directed with the phone number option, which you can select from the contacts or give your own number.

Step 2: Select the best plan

Step 3. It verifies and confirms the plan.

You are a click away from the getting your phone recharged. This can be used to recharge any number and so warding off the lazy walk to the recharge shop.

2.Electricity : Pay your bills through Freecharge App

You can pay your bill off’s in one seating from the comfort of your sofa or amidst the busy schedule of your work.

Step 1:Once you select the electricity icon, you will be directed to the provider page, where in you need to select the electricity provider for your locality.

Step 2:Enter the ID and personal credentials and confirm.

There you go. Your bills are paid:)

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment

3. DTH

What better way to have your favorite movies running and the channels you pay for streaming the TV media. Your DTH bill can also be paid through Freecharge instantly.

All you need to do would be select the given operator and your DTH number. The game is all about tap and clicks and lot lesser typing.



Your date card can also be recharged using the same. And as you read this, you suddenly realize that your life has become so much easier and quicker.

Step1: Tap on the data card icon on the home page.

step 2: Enter your data card number or any other number from the contacts. Your family and friends would love you for the little work you will you will be doing.

Step 3: Select the plan and confirm.


Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment


Literally, everything is under one roof. You have Shopping option here and snap deal has striking a deal with freecharge with the upcoming shopping portal.

Tap , click and confirm your goods.

How easy is it to have everything in your pocket’s reach. And many more online shopping sites are joining to make this technology more prevalent in India.


6.Land line

Though we have come far enough to forget landlines, only 2% of the Indian society is penetrated into digital transaction and this is today’s reality but it will considerably increase in the bright future.

And hence we still have internet provider linked with the landline. hence select the landline provider and have your bills paid with three taps and a click!


7.Pay merchant

Most of the merchants tied up with freecharge are mostly online and now there are so many upcoming offline merchants as well. Hence you can easily pay with your freecharge e-wallet.

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment, offline merchants




8. Recharge your metro smart card

In this era of sohisticated technology and equally sweaty, tempermental traffic issue. People have found metro to be the best way to commute.

Freecharge is here with a new way to skip the queues and make your journey tension free and better.

Give the app a few details, click from your wallet and have the things done in a jiffy.


Even your gas can be paid through freecharge and have it delivered to your home in the quickest way possible.

Offer Times All year Long

Have you always wished for a magical wallet that increases your savings every time you spend? Get acknowledged with the future of savings and gain more fun with all the tempting offers that Freecharge has to offer.



Trust me, as a Freecharge customer myself. I have got utmost ease in using this application to pay my bills and even pay the merchant. This is the new e-wallet. The time has come to ditch your old leather wallets and change everything to e-wallet that can be used online and offline. So far so good! freecharge has been reliable and this is my review on it.

Hope this helps you!



Atta Writer: Here are your Vows

Have I been touched by a hairy hand that denies my right to think? I sit here wallowing at my aims and my fingers hover over the keys on my keyboard, unlike every day a fortnight before. I have been on constant leave, for such an excruciatingly long time that I have no other option but to simply write, whatever I can, whatever allows me to get into the dark spooky tunnel and light the candle of creativity.

Atta writer, I am sure that every writer would have gone through the mean phase of loss of creativity and ideas. So here are a few pledges that every writer ought to take!


Of Course, you need to be authoritative of the designation that you allow yourself to be crowned with. Take the possessions, scorn a little bit, be a bit strange. Who am I kidding, writers are strange? But most of all, you are a writer and you gotta believe in that funny thing.


Stop comparing yourself to your rival writer, dead or alive who are helped by the night fairies to weave a better prose or poetry than you.

Because, well, rival writers are just a myth, brilliant works are a work of absolute immortality. Yours, could be, will be one of those, bloom on your own. Love your works, for all of them are a thing of beauty, a creation, YOUR creation.


Look at nature, you find the most disproportionate animals and the perfect designs as well. GOD was freaking experimenting all along.

If he went through that excruciating pain of creating things, experimenting on them, having them instill their species on earth, look at the hippopotamus and the peacock. He loves them all. Love all your creations, it’s a learning curve to produce beautiful things.If you really hate one of your creations, it would be hard but you need to eliminate it if it is absolute nonsense. Remember dinosaurs!


Never write something just for the sake of it, it would be a catastrophe. Sit down, take your time, plan, replan, write, rewrite but stay connected to your little world that you are creating. You are awesome and hence fill life to each one of them.

If you are writing about a protagonist, never stop at . “Charles was a man in a black shirt” and leave it hanging there! No, not all readers love to have an image of a man with an unknown age, unknown taste, and strange smile walking around until the half of your story!


“Charles, clad in his favorite black shirt that read “ I hate People”, stood in the middle of the busy street, occasional rubbing away the dust from his spectacles that hid the fine wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. Being in the late thirties was not his favorite”

You get the idea, right, improvise the lines. Mine was the first draft, they will not be pretty, it’s the rule.

Drafts are never pretty, ACCEPT THE *@*%$*** REALITY!


The sooner you realize this point, the better you will rub your knees and stand up after a fall. Never submit anything before you check. There needs to be a check on every damn item on this list

  • Vanish all the red lines, error-free…do that and tick!
  • Read once aloud to make sense of your punctuations.
  • Read again for the improvisations in vocabulary.
  • The third time will be a fast read with a satisfied smile.


Never stop for more improvisations after the third fast read, you are never going to publish a single thing with that pace. Do it and hit the publish button and work on the next project.

Never brood over the success or the failure of a specific post.

Remember, you need to love your works, they are the kids born with your brain as their womb!


That’s pretty much you really need to do! Read anything, read everything but never force or wait for the feeling. It’s more like disciplining yourself. You need to write like you need to BRUSH!…You need to write and you need to read!


I needed to tell you this to get me on track!

Monday-The Day before Tuesday

The title is bound to bring a smile on your face, well the same smile urged me to write about it. Open your oxford dictionary and look into the meaning of Monday! It is the day before Tuesday and it is so funny as to how the dictionary defines it and how we define Monday to be, it is the cruel day after a relaxing relishing partying Sunday!

As always  I start my evening with an article in a newspaper or a page in a book, relishing each little nuggets of pure literature and some mind-twisting vocabulary, I obsess on them hence I rush to take a pencil to underline the words that went off my radar! My fear of such a little knowledge in something that I like is like a phantom always haunting me.

Monday, time

Enough of the bantering . But some philosophical twist to this day!

So Monday is a recurring phenomenon very much similar to other days and months and weeks. I contemplate on the interesting fact that as time ticks by, tides fall and nothing is actually constant, days pass, weeks pass but the day by which we refer it is constant. Monday can never be a Tuesday( I like this phrase) It’s constant.

Likewise Birth is continuous but birth is a constant, so is death, people die, but it is constant and inevitable. hence we live in a world so interrelated and interconnected, we often fail to recognize the irony’s graceful appearance. Such a placid representation of the mysterious mystic life we live in.

Some might say that it’s just grammar or vocabulary rules, but I think both constant and continuous are conjoined twins known to be on a perpetual journey that often dominated by each other’s presence for their different perspective.

The day  before Tuesday is going to come back as fast as it moves away, the beauty of recurrence is enthralling. I wish I knew them from their birth, their initial time; time zero. When everything started, the days, the weeks, the months, the years, the earth and the Universe.

Anyway, Sunday is about to end and your much dreaded Monday is seeking your presence. Brave up a smile, it’s just another day, show Monday what ignorance is, it’s time that it is shoved away from the exaggerated limelight.

Happy Monday:)

photo credit: 11:29 (GMT +02:00) via photopin (license)

Points On How to deal with your Nightmares!

Nightmares are seldom present with our invocation but they still visit our peaceful dreams every once in a while.

It is not just as easy to ignore the fact that when we are jerked up with a nightmare, we always tend to be fragile and weak, for some, it might be casual in a general manner, for some more, they will be haunting in series every other night!

SO here are some tips that might help you to overcome the shivering fear:

Let’s take you through what you go through.

Imagine yourself deep asleep in your cozy bed with soft cushions and there is a calm peaceful countenance that fixes on your pretty face.

You are slowly getting into a deep slumber after a hard, busy day or even after a lazy one too. But somewhere along the mid-night, when every other creature on the world fades away into the silent envelope of the dark, you are running, afraid, falling, a dream that stresses you out.

You jerk up, you are sweating profusely, unable to breathe , unable to connect to your surroundings.

Trust me, even a brave heart suffers under these attacks.Dreams basically occur during your rapid eye motion that helps your brains to run a movie in your head! Some are pretty, heart-warming and few more hell!

nightmare and to-do

Things You Must Do:

1.Switch ON the light

Yes that is what you must do, switch that light on, connect to your surroundings, calm yourself convincing of it being just a dream.

The light speaks the truth, shows you the deepest corners and assures you of your safety, your brain needs to feel secure around this time

2.Go for the water

Always make sure that you keep a glass of water by your bed-side before going to bed, it helps you to quench the sudden thirst and your parched throat gets a treatment of cool water that calms your mind.

The other amazing thing that water does is to improvise your blood circulation to your brain cells, the nervous system gets activated and differentiates well between the dream and the reality and assures of the safe place

3.Switch on the FAN

Remember, you’ll still be sweating, hence give the fan some work , if it is switched on then increase the speed of the motor!

With this, the breeze from the fan enters the spaces amidst your sweaty head and soothes the temperature rise that you experienced.

4.Divert your attention to belief and trust

At times like these Belief and trust works wonders, if you believe in god ,then it’s time to put your entire trust in him and chant a few mantras or recite a few slokas too. I do it at times!

For other people, to divert from the nightmare, take out a good book from the shelf, something that you have always wanted to read, also make sure that the book should not put you under stress, so no assignments and exam preparation! Just a few proverbs or motivating books would do.

Then for music lovers

Not the usual music that tears your eardrum but a music that is melodious and has a lullaby effect would help you out.

Survive on positive thoughts

Though you are forced awake from sleep due to a bad dream, you should always concentrate on positive thoughts; remember your thoughts are powerful enough to become real.

“Everything exists twice, once in your thoughts and once in reality”

Your thoughts and feelings are a force that exists in nature, make sure that you use them to create a beautiful future, now make the flow of your thoughts into a beautiful dream; you are almost about to dozz off now.

Go to sleep!

For Recurring nightmares

These are the people with amazing creative power, yes it is not a wretched dream but hides in itself your potential that is buried because of your untimely unnecessary stress.

So figure out: If your dreams are recurring in a cycle, then remember the details and try to connect it with your reality, are you worried about certain event, by certain person? Then unless you figure it out and solve, you tend to suffer.

If this is not working and nightmares are more common that you never get to dozz of into a peaceful sleep, then it’s time for the psychiatrist to intervene.

And it’s not a bad thing to visit a psychiatrist, we all have issues and the sooner it gets treated, the sooner we can live a better life, so ignore not the point in any time of your life!

It’s no big deal

Having nightmares is no big deal, everybody gets it and you get it too, so chill and follow the steps above, if you want add in a stroll and a shower ,you are more than welcome…Nobody will be able to stop you from getting back to that deep slumber that very same night.

Good night sweet Dreams and don’t let the bed-bugs bite:)

photo credit: 春眠女児 via photopin (license)

Benefits of Milk and Horlicks Growth+ for Kids.

“Have your milk and go, Shabnam!” My aunt screams loud till the little girl is out of sight, jumping over the fence, hurriedly slipping into her shoes and excitedly plunging towards the road is my seven year old cousin Shabnum. She is unaware of the benefits of the milk!

To have her stranded and gulp the milk down is the toughest thing for my aunt. it’s not only her in the list where the mothers lose their temper at the active child who never abides to anything and Milk has always been one consistent drink that most kids hate drinking.

My aunt sighs as she puts up as to how her mother always used to cite the benefits of drinking milk.

Benefits of Milk

1.Milk provides the necessary calcium required for the bones.

The growing children has the streak of growth hormones and the proper measure of calcium is required for the strengthening of the fragile bones. You do know how kids are and how often they bruise themselves in a game

2. Milk provides the Vitamin D that provides that is required for the absorption of the calcium into the bones.

Now we do understand the importance of the morning sun rays and vitamin D, isn’t it? But the kids never seems to understand a word of wisdom that the parents speaks.

3.The proper consumption of milk helps in stronger bones and rapid proper growth in children.

4. They aid for the healthy teeth, rehydration to the body that is always active and improves the ability of the body for vitamin intake.

I heard her say quote the benefits of milk completely agreeing with every point that she put there.

“I’m going for the new Horlicks Growth+ for her!”

I eye her with a hazy look, I grew up drinking horlicks, my parents grew up drinking the healthy drink. It’s like a legacy carried on by generations and now Horlicks was in a new design and with better benefits.

I googled for the new brand Horlicks Growth+ on shelves.

Benefits of Horlicks Growth+

1.Naturally Enhances growth in kids

Horlicks growth+

Kids of today are more screen addicted rather than playground addicts! Somewhere the nourishment to the little naughty causes lag behind and a supplement is sought after.

The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other super molecules present in the Horlicks Growth+ has seen a visible growth in kids within six months. That’s a boon for all the worried mothers out there.

2.Healthy Weight Gain

Healthy weight gain for the kids that are fast food oriented is a proven step to have the proper weight for the kids without causing obesity in them.

The kids that have fallen back in weight, with continuous consumption are seen to have improved in a scale of six months making them healthier each passing day.

3. Healthy Protein

eighty percent of the protein that a kid consumes goes in for the growth and development of the body. And this is why proper protein protein intake is a must in kids who have fallen behind in proper growth.

protein, horlicks Growth+

The protein used in Horlicks Growth+ is whey protein!

With the yummy flavours and benefits sanctioned from it, milk and Horlicks Growth+ make an amazing combination for a healthy milk drink. Shabnam enjoys her drink every morning now and aunt is over the cloud.


Only a Healthy Kid can Change Worlds-Horlick Growth+

Kids are obviously cutest living things on earth, the way they giggle, the way they make your heart melt away and that smile at the most little mundane things like it was a most happiest moment in their lives, they have got this zeal and enthusiam to take up any work and try! The traits of success or failure never diminishes their zeal towards the work they do. Advertisements that Horlicks Growth+ renders in a strong message!

There are things, we grown ups have to learn from the tiny tots.


Have you observed that the kids can be happy and content for the tiniest streak of anything positive! You gift them a colour paper and they view it with awe and love evident in those shiny bright eyes.

Along the way of hurrying to grow up , we have lost the most important objective of life- to smile and have the world around you to smile.

Don’t the kids have an infectious smile.


There can be nothing to compare the confidence and the enthusiasm that a kid possess at such a tender age. Everytime I get bewitched with their observant eyes and never ending energy they flaunt till I go exhausted.


No matter how many times teh fall down while learning to walk or while they are learning to handle a bicycle, never once have I come across a kid that says, I might fall, I won’t try walking! That just doesn’t exist in their world.

How nice would it be if the social norms and the rules never had an effect on us, probably most of us would have had a very different life by now.

So when kids can teach you how to live and tells you that depression and failures are just an illusion. it’s time that we act adults and make sure that the kid gets all the proper nutrients for a ever-so wonderful life that it has to live.

Have you ever wondered as to why some kids have stunted growth, they lack memory and the reaction to an action would be less sometimes. These kids having the potential to run the world are somewhere suppressed with ailments. That is why a healthy drink is a must as a supplement in their growing years.

Horlick Growth+
Horlicks growth+

It is important for the little kids to catch up on lost growth in their growing years. We often miss on rendering the child on a proper diet or the required nutrients never will be consumed with the kid’s disagreement to eat edible things. They love what is forbidden, sand for eg!

To have them on a proper nutrient diet, to get them the required height and weight, company Horlicks Growth+ are the pioneers to make a study that has the solution for better health of the little angels.

Very often, our regular food with an extra fried chips and nutrients won’t be enough for the growth of the never lethargic children whose tiny brains are rummaging with ideas and hands always ready to get muddied! Supplementing the lost nutrients with Horlicks Growth+ that is researched and proved as a healthy drink ideal for young sprouting kids especially to the age group of three to nine year old.

With it’s prime quality and supermolecules and much needed nutrients, Horlick aids in gaining proper height and weight facultative that the undernourished kids fail in and  to catch abreast of their lost growth!

Only a healthy body and mind can be the prosperity to the nation that yields on the generation that has the power to change worlds.