The Fly Called Failure


Every time in life, when I need to accomplish certain thing. It might be work of great importance to me or as simple as passing on a glass of water. The perception remains the same. I need to be there for my people. The world as such is a mirror and the more I smile, the more happiness I tend to share. But very often we are weighed down by the circumstances or twists that destiny has to offer and we meet Failure.

In this journey we will fail and I assure you that you will not be able to escape it. You go down the stairs, take a right turn and there it is. Your failure waiting to lurk in like a phantom and gobble you up. But the most important lesson we ought to learn is that, the specific place where we fall down has something great to offer us. That lesson will take us forward. That knowledge will be the beacon for the rest of the journey. So get up and start again for you can never escape failure or death. The motto here is to keep moving, just keep your head straight and keep delivering what is meant from you.

But what you need to remember is that, not to take your failures personally. Do not ever abuse yourself mentally or physically over what you lost. It was not you. It was just a stupid decision or an unplanned endeavor or even perhaps just not the road for you. But what lays ahead of you is much more important and of great value than compared to a past or the present that you are succumbing into.

It is the respect that you earn for yourself is what is important. You  must be in a position to thank your younger self. Take that you are in your thirties and hitting the gym. The fifty year old will be thankful to you for keeping his heart and liver healthy. The twenty is old will be thankful to the eight year old you to have had the guts to bunk your classes and reach out for that dance classes.

Creativity and talent are boons that needs harnessing and uplifting. If you shove it away, you can kill yourself but not that person inside you who full of energy, full of ideas and an epitome of positivism.

Fail and fail as many times you want but make sure you rise up like a fire. View the failure to be as mere as fly, let it go. Don’t hang on over it.And that, my friends is taking failure the right way. It is called success. It is all about the ability to  think, talk and do things alike. Keep a promise and deliver the promise and that’s it. For there is a saying

If you hang around the barber shop long enough, you will get your turn for that haircut.

So just don’t quit and keep moving.

” So Until Next-time”

photo credit: William M Ferriter Failure is Overrated via photopin (license)


Blessed To Count The Blessings

As the year passes on with a silent limbo, the new year ascertains a new voice, a new dream. Nothing is more exciting than the realizing that time flies, and I’m the pilot. To be determined to hold on to the reigns and pull it into the flow life charges onto is a blessing.

I do not want to swim opposite to the waves rather my plans become stronger if they are channeled in the way my life is moving. Isn’t that logical? No, I don’t want to be different from the rest of the crowd. I don’t want to be one of them either. Wouldn’t it be the best if I create the world that has only me and my progress?30503338082_fe7b8028a3_b

Yes, it would. But before that, I need to be grateful for the things I gained. I stand by the window bringing the warmth of the winter sun to count my blessings!

An amazing life-partner made his appearance the last year and Life is beautiful with him.

A new family that is sensitive enough to make sure I get the love I am destined to.

My family that has always been a support system to grow and live life to the fullest.

A brother who has always been the reason for the smile on sad days.

And one big set of relatives, the well-wisher gangs because of whom life is easy.

And last but the best thing is the badass set of friends who are the sole bearers of the happiness cloud in me.

I still can coin a proper sentence without many giveaways to the verbatims. I can still chase an unattainable kind of attainable dream.

I can still remain the same size without the traditional morning yoga (woohoo), but I need to phase out regarding my myth.

So, this was a silent struggle to make a come back with my blog. The new changes in my life deserved all the time it was worth. But then my writing is too dear to let go.

With all the positive energy geared up, excited for the new venture:)


So Many Of Us, So many of the Stories

Living in a metropolitan city brings forth the beauty of life in a very diverse perception. It was only the other day, I decided to board the metro instead of commuting in my vehicle. Away from the scorching sun and the poisonous smoke that the vehicles puff out, including mine. I needed a day to ditch them all. I needed my time to think through the day.

The place I was traveling was an hour away traveling on my bike, the metro train promised to put me there in about 20 minutes. The 24 km shrunk into 20 mins. I realized I have started to measure the distance by the time taken to commute after the commence of the Metro. What I thought would be my travel was a whole new experience.

I leaned on the black granite pillar on the platform clutching my phone to my heart, pondering if I would be mugged in a place like this. A sophisticated outstretch of the platform convinced me of the lesser odds. A lady, not more than thirty started to wipe the floors clean devoid of the footprints the many commuters bring with them. I noticed her, so impeccably dressed, absolutely no make-up, just a wash, probably a common powder, her hairs oiled, braided into the finest and the mannerism and pride while she swept the floor with the mop.

She took pride in her deeds. The more I observed her, more intrigued I became to know about the family she comes from. What kind of financial background must have forced her into a menial job? Was she more skilled in other arts? Anything that might help her earn more.

Before I could advance to have a small talk with her, the zooming train, without much noise planted itself in front of me. The bustling crowd gathered around me now. All along I was oblivious to their existence. As the metallic door slid away into oblivion, Everybody found their comfortable places in the train. I took a seat that was waiting empty as soon I boarded.

But nobody made a fuss about it, there was no bungee jumping to mark the seat as their territory, no kerchief was thrown nor the bags planted stealthily to steal the seats. Oh, it was such a relief to have a better commutation in Bangalore.

I reckon it is the short span of time the metro promises all of us to reach us safely and quickly. it is like teleporting.

As I sat there, I looked at a young lad no more than fourteen, probably returning from his tuitions hung large headphones that would save him from the chaos of the outer real world and make him the king in his comfort zone. He was completely in another world.

But who would know? Was he really listening to those songs? was it a mask of modernity to hide the real worries, however, insignificant they might seem, he held on to his image.

There was a chatter to my right who instantly took my attention, two girls giggling and totally living the gala times. I reckon they were from college with their hair let down and chaotic giggles gauging them with their backs facing me. Turns out I was wrong, they were in their mid-thirties, working women and so happy living their life to their fullest.

I wish I could speak to all of them to their stories and inculcate them into mine, a bit of their sorrows, a bit of their smiles and bit of their tardiness!

A story that can be heard, a story that can be learned from.

And that is what one of my writer friend did! She got to know the story amidst all the bustling crowd. A story and a lifetime lesson from a person bedecked with wisdom and gratitude for life.

Here’s the link.

Please read her, Bhavana’s story and vote for her:)

Why A Prompt Never Prompted Me to Write!

I probably won’t come across as a girl with a challenging spirit who super-focuses on achieving my goals in a superfast manner. To add to that trait are the writing challenges that my fellow bloggers so presentably offered me that went so awful every single time!I’m truly sorry for that blunder from the bottom of my heart!

Well I started off with the challenges being A-Z challenge a few months ago but alas, “E” was the maximum I could get to and why I go through these is a bitter topic to talk about.

Of Dreams was a post that enjoyed writing in that challenge!

If you have read most of my posts, it is associated to fiction more often and as I would love to put it as a play that manifests into words on  a blank page! There are stories weaving in the top floor, zenith with all the captured moments, some are beautiful, some are ugly and some more are abrupt and abstract but I have come a long way.


I started to blog seriously from the February of 2015, my earlier posts are  amaetuer enough to know that I’m novice at that. I sometimes want to return and erase them all. There are posts even now that go unnoticed to my sceptical scrutiny yet today I will cherish the journey that I have been through till now. They carved me out from a simple dusty stone into something that is more crystal and clearer. I need to improvise, need to achieve more, need to learn and to write better.

I write when I feel to write, when something connects me, I so badly want to write in a streak like 30 days in a row. Oh! forget 3o, I wasn’t able to write for 3 days in a 3 day qoute challenge!

This Three day Challenge

I couldn’t complete that and I have mixed emotions associated with it.

How can I not write when it is a prompt!

A prompt never prompted me to write!

A prompt never took me anywhere, taking the real sense, I can connect to an incident in my college.

It was in a Logic Design lab and we had our externals, Of all the experiments that was good at, my luck and turn of the dice at the wrong moment brought me in face-to-face with the Series shift registers! It was a very easy experiment which I had totally ignored!


So bam, moment of truth, I didn’t know how to carry on! The invigilator was in fumes when he got to know of my ignorance! I was shattered, never once in life was I tormented so badly in front of the whole damn class.

My friends helped me, prompted me, gestured in various ways to get me on track! It was THE EXAM for christs sake. I was broken but I never could assimilate and analyse their alien gesturing. There was only one way left. Learn it then and there!

I went to my Sir who by now was truly pissed off and asked him to explain just the basics and I would perform the experiment. He eyed me for a moment and gave a brief theory of the basic principles involved. I understood in fragments but still went to the table, took all the tangled wires, studied the kit for a moment and started my own experiments.

I hadn’t written any procedure in my blue book, well I didn’t know! I slowly gathered courage and melted my concentration only to that specific theory. I worked through it, the kit was adamant to be any lenient! I had the wrong readings, I didn’t get the output! I tried, my perseverance was laughed at! But then it was my exam, I had to learn and trust me, no expert classes could have me have a better idea of the shift registers and series and parallel inputs and outputs!

By the end of the three hour time slot, I had learnt my way through the vague misty path, stepped on, tripped and gathered strength to walk on! I finally got the right output! It was an easy experiment except that I had not studied for it!

Out of 50, I scored a 36 that day! I have always had a track record of never going below 44 and 36 was a bad mark. But the satisfaction that my soul attained that day after going through that strenuous path, learning on my own, taking up the challenge! It was adventurous!

I felt so happy! I loved my score I have never loved 50 on 50 this much!

See, I am that adamant to go on my own path, carving it out with true heart.

There are number of websites that help you to write, prompt you to write more but I couldn’t take it up. I just can’t, probably I need to discipline myself!

Although I write most of the times, not all the posts make to the blog, I don’t always obsess on PUBLISH!

I just hope that I’m on the right path! Phew finally a post devoid of fiction!
photo credit: Early morning silhouettes at Mankwe Dam via photopin (license)

C for Camera-Always

A moment frozen, a smile curved forever, the playful poses, a memory well treasured,where will find them, in your memory..if so for how long.Not a reliable space if it isn’t a photographic memory!..Wait for a moment, did we catch something here? Oh yes…memories treasured forever.

A few days ago I stumbled on a photograph that had my great-grandmother holding my grandfather, he might have been an year old! It’s amazing to see what pictures can do, grandpa was unaware of it’s existence but my mother had picked it up from authentic,traditional sources..that must have been my grandfather’s mother’s brother’s grandson’s daughter-in-law’s brother!!

Phew now that kind of puzzles messes up our brains!

We presented it with a new attire, frame I mean and plan to gift grandpa, oh it’s going o be amazing  to see his excitement:) A photograph,so old…1946 approximately was the time when this was taken in an age old studio.I’m super happy with this.

See what photographs can do, it can make you immortal, frozen in time:)

The customary black and white photographs…ahh bliss!

So the next generation was of my parents, the photos wasn’t sparse as 1946 but if by chance , a wealthy relative or friend would own a camera,Oh bow before them and get yourself a few pics clicked.

One of the pictures has my dad when he was 10 year old and was studying 1st grade, oh education in villages are way too different.In this he poses beside an ox with his cousins…I have laughed my lungs out, he resembled a dirty ,naughty boy!

Oh yes, I said my parents right? 

My mother sitting with my uncle in a park, her passport size required for educational purposes…she looks natural.

But unfortunately I don’t resemble her at all!!

The colorful era of absolutely no editing!

Next it was my generation, my parents owned a camera and there are quite a number of impressive pictures that adorn the albums…I’m immortal in too many of them.

They are all nostalgic!

A colorful era with better resolutions and saving technologies

Racing to the present day!!Photographs are loosing their very essence,thanks to selfies and smart phones with front camera..Oh my god, entering showroom,click..

eating pizza-click

a little thorn pierced in the foot-click..who cares to take the them out

Feeling sick-click

Feeling nauseating and about faint-click

Click and click and click and click

Era of too much of editing 

But that is a vehement BUT….with camera’s reaching out to us, one can take photography as a career, visit new places and click and earn, isn’t that cool!I personally follow a few people..photographers and memories are being saved in an elegant manner:)

 too many clicks of the same objects(includes you-selfie) blows away the ardent emotions of appreciating them…

The one which can immortalize everything around it, is itself immortal and powerful- The Camera



My replica from the parallel world

The day I’m going to meet my exact replica,I meant me in a parallel world,now do I sound weird!Oh yes I do,I just reread my previous sentence! But then when it comes to science where there is that possibility to travel through time and space, meet someone from a parallel world and where time is flexible ,for you to travel back and froth, I bet the first scientist to put forth this theory was deemed to be a out of his wits but so was galileo and copurnicus treated!!
Maybe someday we will be able to time travel and find each of our copies living our dreams ,unaware of our existence..That someday would be similar to, when the Wright brothers high-fived

“We told you,we could fly”

or when Edison would bingo saying

“I told you,I could light up the world”

And they all did, and love them for that,thank god they never listened to the sane,normal thinking people, they had it done their way!

So here’s the catch ,I want to somehow meet the me from the parallel universe.

How shall I write her:

I would want her to be a girl who can ride a bike, the heavy one like avenger or the hardley davidson.

I would want her to sing,the raw voice that captivate anybody’s attention.Trust me if I had that talent none would be able to stop me from rocking the stage..LOL I sound too narcissistic but yes I would want her to sing, compose and feel the music.

I want her to be really brave, to stand for everybody in need and also herself at dire times.

I would want to her walk with the confidence of a kite, only her eyes with the power to defeat anyone.

I would want her to be a dancer, well versed in free-style and kathak dance forms,I would love her for that.

I would want her to write better, utilize her potential like nobody would never ever dream of, reach out to people with her ideas.

I would want her to teach or be a motivational speaker who could enlighten people and herself most of the times:)

I would want her to do the sky-diving at the age of 50 and still be healthy with intestines intact.

I would want her to be a person with IQ ,EQ and CQ to be in balance,that would be a great thing.

I would want her to live blessed and happy:)

So now readers ,your chance, do think about how would you want you in a parallel world?Just a brain teaser, nothing costs to dream and definitely nothing to put your views:)

A gift of the present!

A way not alike the many so far traveled, the crunchy leaves strangled to dust under my shoes, the fragrance of the flowers deemed to be surrendered to the travelling wanderer ,the winds with them they have an ephemeral feeling of crushes all the way, seeing me, facetious enough to disarm my bounded feelings into the flashes of the past and future,my present still wrapping the gift of tomorrow,a gift that I know not, a gift that very well be an illusion, tomorrow never comes, today never ends and here I am buried in the conundrum of the space and time where age is only a number and smile is something that fades away into thin air travelling across different faces and different people, contagious albeit not forever.

The winter mornings are like the humid work of witches stirring on the magical potion of the days time, everyday is unknown, everyday is new, everyday mundane yet a thrill that holds my spine talking more to the bowing acquaintances and a formal goodbye the old ones, some leave their footprints, some leave their principles yet some some more changes how we perceive our lives,the memories are alive, the present feeding on the past, preparing the back-pack for the future but never can one be prepared for the uncertain future is a long forgotten wise.In this magical world of birth and death, emotions strings the unknown, friends take place of the most dear ones, teaching us, laughing with us and walking by our side like a protective colorful shadow never leaving our side with the play of the lights,they stay longer and like a silent mist of the morning hue, they touch us with their immortal hands….life is better, life is beautiful,with friends and family in love with the me,like a  wish come true from a previous birth,their presence is a boon, a gift of the present, a gift of all my past and a shine of all my future.

There is yet a new perspective envisioned every second, the mundane things around speaking of their persistent support to me all these years, the photo-frame, the computer, my stuffed lovely pillow, the breathing window, the talking speaker and the grandma fan, they make my materialistic world yet they all seen to be alive, an audience to my swinging moods, a true friend at the dearth of my courage, the witnesses of all my craziness.I love them too,making my life , a gift of the

This last month of 22, I’m grateful for everything that is in my life, the people I love the most ,the things that are there for me,the food that keeps me going,my attitude that scoops the best in me, the hopes and my dreams never leaving my side,I thank for the gift of the present keeping all my joys of the past as my memories and all the all the dreams of tomorrow as my hopes of the future.Life is beautiful with gratitude:)

Signing off now,