Time’s Antique Pen

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The Last thing I ever loved

Ever-lost in an abyss, long ago dissolved;

Memories faded into oblivion,

Age so mellow, in the pages of time;

I barely remember.


Time, with its antique pen,

Has ripped my home and heart part,

Sent many deaths of loved ones, my way;

Growing in its inspection, I wear an invisible cloak,

I barely acknowledge.


Endangered are species,

Histories repeat, over the ages,

No magic saves me from agony except a few,

The lovely faces I loved; etched in my mind.

I barely quit.


The dial waits in anticipation,

As it fulfills my destiny,

It is a long night, with stars born,

And the black holes prominent.

I barely bid a farewell, I know.


Time with its antique pen writes my eclipse.


photo credit: What time is love? via photopin (license)


Such A Thing Of Beauty

Every heart houses a story,

Nurtured and Beaten and Loved;

Part of them are perfect,

Much more lay there with scarred histories.

Perfectly imperfect melts millions of hearts;

Such a beautiful thing, the heart!


Every story houses a heavy lock,

The key lays with the people who left their footprints!

Some keys are treasured,some are buried, some more are lost,

Sometimes battered egos win in broken bonds!

Still, all the stories are worth a read, a perfectly imperfect comic.

Such a beautiful thing, the game of locks and keys.


Every Lock has treasure of memories, so languid;

Of maelstroms and broken promises,

Of sunshine smiles and hearty laughs,

Not often spoken are the bygone days!

Perfectly imperfect are those memories hidden

Such  a thing of beauty, the warmth of the memories.


Every memory is a priceless possession

None can own, none can destroy

In this vortex of life, they guide you in the lost path,

Meanders again, the little heart;

To the heavy locks, cherished memories and priceless possessions.

Such a thing of Beauty, this life.


The Eternal Slumber

I fear….

I fear,I fear that I might forget how great it feels to experience the most beautiful things in life.

Maybe this is why I chose to write….cl

From the deepest souls;

Arises the voices of laughter,

A grovel of peace with the promise of sleep.

The eternal slumber awaiting.

My soul wanders into the pages of white,

Suffrage  to live a 100 more lives,

In a hundred more posts!

In a hundred more pages that would be hidden and treasured.

And when the time comes from the certain future;

Sundering to the law to leave behind the host,

Freely I would travel into the mist of clouds,

A smidgen of smile would then shine.

At last I would be in bed of clouds,

For the Eternal slumber…

                                                     Eternal Slumber…

                                                                          Eternal Slumber…

Let the Hidden Empires Rise

Far unknown with a charm of beauty

The mighty empires lay hidden,

Unknown of their potentials,

The emperors succumb to the normal flow;

The brilliant blues of the oceans separating nations;

A streak of thought separates oneself,

Not the thought of any mere kind

But the heartless, meaningless ripple of negativity.

We are all the emperors!

With mighty empires submerged in the chaos oceans

Of the mindless game of survival.

Time to break the mundane routine

Priceless is your sword

Your confidence, dealing with the enemies

Will you not use your strength?

Adorning the crown,

Ruling your empire with power.

Let the hidden Empire Rise.

From the shackles of your limits,

Change the rules, write some more,something new,po

Be the emperor that you always dreamt.

Not in your dreams you must rule

But with the triumph of victory.

Written in the pages of history

Let the hidden empire rise,

Then one day, enchanted by the praise you’ll hear

“Lo and Behold the emperor to the powerful reign”

And it’ll be YOU!!

The Little Guy From Your Heart

Moments there are ,weaving your story

A way of telling you ,

“This is how it will be, a life of struggle

This is all it was and will be, you are no exception”

But then there is a meek little guy

Voicing from inside your heart

Telling you to sail your own ship;hw

Never to bow your head to the unknown future.

To Create it on your way,

From the stones pelted,

From the dripping little dew drops,

 Don’t leave behind the dusty roads either,

For You will build your mansion with those,In there

Dream of your life, the laughs ,the peace

You will create them,Yes you Would IF

If you are brave enough to listen,

Listen to that little guy in your heart

He is true, residing so deep !

Reach out to him and he’ll hold you

With a promise to never let go….

                                     to never squash your dreams….

                                                to never let you lose yourself…..

In the life of doubt and fear

Go on, hear him once!

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Answers are Immortal

The questions hide it’s answers

Awaiting our approach to decipher

Be it through her silent smile

Or his ghostly laughs

Be it in the crumpled papers

Or the bold Bonds

The answer hides in the infinite

May there be a way from conundrums

Let the answer show itself out.

From under the shackles of the universe,

It lies there,like a whimpering soul,


Praying to be found

Answers that go unnoticed

Answers that turn false due to ignorance

But faded not it’s existence

Travelling through the timeless era

Found,lost and again hidden,

Find them quick.

For you may turn into dust ,

But the answers are immortal,

Travelling through time and space…

And Maybe We’ll Be Friends Again

I thought of you as a friend

The one that showers love from heavenly end

Bliss are the moments spent with you,

Why not stay as the promised you

Despising you shall not make me bad

your tantrums are of such atrocity,

Your other shade was unknown of

Capable of ripping people off their homes,

You are no Robin Hood,

Forget not that,temperamental not your trait,


I love you when calmness prevail,

Oh dear rain,dare not do this again;

Hurricanes and floods make you look scarier,

The dark ghostly shade not yours,

Bring back the spring that flourished under your rein,

Vow to make them smile again

And maybe we’ll be friends again…