The Mid-Summer Stranger- OneShots

The mid-summer sun promises of much exhaustion, but that day. The Bangalore roads were traffic free. The reason, Bharath Bandh, so it wasn’t just Bangalore who had the benefit of crowd free roads but the whole country celebrated a moment.

But, there is a man with a story. He doesn’t catch anybody’s attention, his attire, simple and dirty. He could come by as a homeless traveler. The authentic cotton white hat adorned his head barely giving away his receding hairline. His long silver beard is dusty with the pollution in the scorching sun. As he crossed the road teary eyed, he coughs twice least bothered about the city etiquettes of covering his mouth.

He wipes off the shining sweat beads off his forehead and drags his way with all the weight his torn bags are carrying. He crosses the road a bit limping and weary eyes cautious of the speeding vehicles.

“Rajajinagar?” He tries stopping a rickshaw with a tired tone.

“Bharath Bandh”  a group of aggressive Patriots shouts slogans along the road.

Every shop was shut down, every mode of public transport was temporarily at a halt, and every other middle-class citizen had a problem with this.

I sit inside my AC filled car as I dodge the reclusive heat of the sun. All the designer wears on the online shopping venue doesn’t catch my attention as the struggling stranger does.summer day, bangalore, traffic, story, fiction, writer, blog, author

With a punctured wheel, I await the return of my driver who has taken ages to search for a garage that could replace my wheel and get me home to my loving family.

I observe the man as he struggles to find a way to commute.

“Madam, can you give me a lift. It is an emergency, and none of the buses are in movement” He narrated his state that  I was well aware of, in his broken Kannada language.

“Where to Sir?” I ask him, trying to quench my curiosity.

“Water madam” He almost begged. I withdrew my curiosity instincts and fetched a bottle from the back seat.

He gulped it down like an animal. I made him keep the bottle.

“Where to, Sir?”

“Rajajinagar” He squeaked

“But that is two hours away from here, and I’m not traveling that way” I made sure he understood my Kannada and gestured him the absent wheel of my red swift.

“Oh, how can I help you, madam.” It was a spontaneous reaction that fetched him the respect he deserved.

“Sir, It is ok. Let us sit under that shade of the tree until we find help” I lead him to the only tree on the roadside in the next 50 meters.

“The place where I come from has lots of trees and cleaner air to breathe. We have bullock carts that help us commute. But Bangalore is like abroad for us” He smiled as he reminisced his village.

I nod my head in an assertion.

“I came here to see my daughter who is in this city. I have her address as well. It has been ten years since I saw her. See. Also, I came here to give her these” He opened his dusty bag to fetch a three football sized watermelons.

“Why doesn’t she come home?”

“She married a Hindu, and I couldn’t forgive her for that. Allah Maaf Kare” He silenced with a prayer

“I can understand Hindi, and it happens. You realized, and you are going to meet her. That is really a good thing” I smile at his acceptance.

“I am too late madam. Today is her 23rd birthday, and she is no more. She died a few weeks ago, and I never got to know. I heard she has a five-year-old daughter. My grandchild. I’m taking these for her. She is my Sabha now” He gulped down his tragic story.

I sit there with a shiver on a sunny day. Here was a father going to visit his dead daughter after years and there is a kid who has never seen her maternal grandfather. Will they accept each other? Do ego and religion come in between any relationship, any blood bond?

As I gazed into the oblivion, a car stopped in front of me. Chandini, a friend of mine from school, got down for the customary reunion hugs.

I ask her a favor to drop the old man to Rajajinagar, the place where she resides. A few minutes later, I still sit there wondering how time flies and what we lose. We need to acknowledge people around us. We need to tell them how much we cared, loved and sacrificed for them.

Essential as it is to tell, more needed is the heart to forgive and to forage out our own imperfections and move on in life. With love, with gratitude and a smile that can make memories live longer in the hearts and not just in the camera rolls.






Atta Writer: Here are your Vows

Have I been touched by a hairy hand that denies my right to think? I sit here wallowing at my aims and my fingers hover over the keys on my keyboard, unlike every day a fortnight before. I have been on constant leave, for such an excruciatingly long time that I have no other option but to simply write, whatever I can, whatever allows me to get into the dark spooky tunnel and light the candle of creativity.

Atta writer, I am sure that every writer would have gone through the mean phase of loss of creativity and ideas. So here are a few pledges that every writer ought to take!


Of Course, you need to be authoritative of the designation that you allow yourself to be crowned with. Take the possessions, scorn a little bit, be a bit strange. Who am I kidding, writers are strange? But most of all, you are a writer and you gotta believe in that funny thing.


Stop comparing yourself to your rival writer, dead or alive who are helped by the night fairies to weave a better prose or poetry than you.

Because, well, rival writers are just a myth, brilliant works are a work of absolute immortality. Yours, could be, will be one of those, bloom on your own. Love your works, for all of them are a thing of beauty, a creation, YOUR creation.


Look at nature, you find the most disproportionate animals and the perfect designs as well. GOD was freaking experimenting all along.

If he went through that excruciating pain of creating things, experimenting on them, having them instill their species on earth, look at the hippopotamus and the peacock. He loves them all. Love all your creations, it’s a learning curve to produce beautiful things.If you really hate one of your creations, it would be hard but you need to eliminate it if it is absolute nonsense. Remember dinosaurs!


Never write something just for the sake of it, it would be a catastrophe. Sit down, take your time, plan, replan, write, rewrite but stay connected to your little world that you are creating. You are awesome and hence fill life to each one of them.

If you are writing about a protagonist, never stop at . “Charles was a man in a black shirt” and leave it hanging there! No, not all readers love to have an image of a man with an unknown age, unknown taste, and strange smile walking around until the half of your story!


“Charles, clad in his favorite black shirt that read “ I hate People”, stood in the middle of the busy street, occasional rubbing away the dust from his spectacles that hid the fine wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. Being in the late thirties was not his favorite”

You get the idea, right, improvise the lines. Mine was the first draft, they will not be pretty, it’s the rule.

Drafts are never pretty, ACCEPT THE *@*%$*** REALITY!


The sooner you realize this point, the better you will rub your knees and stand up after a fall. Never submit anything before you check. There needs to be a check on every damn item on this list

  • Vanish all the red lines, error-free…do that and tick!
  • Read once aloud to make sense of your punctuations.
  • Read again for the improvisations in vocabulary.
  • The third time will be a fast read with a satisfied smile.


Never stop for more improvisations after the third fast read, you are never going to publish a single thing with that pace. Do it and hit the publish button and work on the next project.

Never brood over the success or the failure of a specific post.

Remember, you need to love your works, they are the kids born with your brain as their womb!


That’s pretty much you really need to do! Read anything, read everything but never force or wait for the feeling. It’s more like disciplining yourself. You need to write like you need to BRUSH!…You need to write and you need to read!


I needed to tell you this to get me on track!

How To Write Better Blog Posts.

There are posts that I have written brilliantly and there are an equal number of posts that were average and few more a little less than that.

We writers have a list of knock-outs, with writer’s blocks, building cobwebs in our minds, then comes the reading part!

While many of us agree with a no-issue nod that reading ignites our minds to think and the words flow more fluently on to the paper but then some posts that are read and re-read starts to work it’s craft through us, the negative power of limitation.

So how do we exactly limit our writing skills?It’s a long story, let us discuss how not to,.

1.Never draw a line

Albeit there are times when you need a push to write ,you need to analyse what works for you according to your mood.We are all mere humans and research has proved that we keep changing every few seconds, with a thought process of such complexity, we are experts when it comes to drawing a line.

Limitations, my friend, are man’s greatest enemy, as the saying goes

“What you actually think of yourself is just the tip of the iceberg”

We are unaware of our potentials, many a times people around us keep the mediocre work on the first slot and clap around it, we might as well think,

“Is this all it takes?” and then you start to create low-quality works for ,you have witnessed other’s success in it.

You need to hold that thought there, no not everything works for everybody and you are an unique person with a unique skill-set.blo

2.It is all about you

Your whole life, your writing, your writer blocks, your creativity, your ideas, your time and your thoughts. Everything just revolves around you ,YOU are the creator and you have immense power to unleash the hidden ,buried talent within you.blo2

So the next time you meet the people who gives you an instruction list or manual on how to lead your life or how to extract better ideas, politely concentrate on your gut feelings, what do you want to write about?

“What do you feel like writing?”

“Can you feel your pulse racing?”

“Are you getting high with a few shots of your own words?”

And Finally:

“Will you read and re-read and find your work interesting?”

There you are, with a smile and satisfaction, go on…if you are writing on personal musings and random thoughts, feel free to open up.

And the other kind of people who aren’t comfortable laying out your live’s secrets onto the virtual viral plate , hi-five, you and I are on the same boat.It is because of people like you and me that fiction was born.

Ultimately everything around you exists because you do, you need them, YOU can create them,in your stories, in your memories.

“Everything in life exists twice, once in your thoughts and then in reality”

3.The Dictionary friend

Writers soul need vocabulary to sustain and survive, words, synonyms, antonyms,everything that can make your sentence better .

For eg instead of using too sad you could go with the word morose OR to describe your feelings, petrichor is a word for the heavenly aroma emanating from earth when it rains on a sunny day.


Hence a dictionary or a friend who can speak impeccable English, leech them out, no pun intended.

You always look beautiful in right stitched trendy clothes,right?Presenting has it’s own perks,that is what a good post will look like.


4.Focus on The core

It’s always the core of what you write matters irrespective of the presentation with fancy words ,tongue-twisting,eye-squinting scrabbles. Hence write when you are happy and have ideas.


When you are sad or completely under the spell of boredom, try running, or doing anything other than just sitting and wailing that you aren’t able to write anything.

The best remedy is start reading your best works and realize how well you can write,how quick your brain can work and how creativity can actually have a proof.

Ultimately it’s your heart that counts than the fashion statements

5.Are you helping someone?

Yes, when you write and publish, it’s not only for you that you write, come-on writers aren’t that selfish, but we often forget that people are reading out there.

Hence if you could make a connection with them through your words,if they could feel your emotions, your ideas and exclaim!


Bingo, you win…whether it is a journal, a memoir, an useful website on how-to-do’s ;if the readers connect to your words, you are a successful writer.

You may stumble, you may be brilliant, you may doubt, you may hope but keep that brave smile and perky ideas coming, the journey is long, take words on a trip.

Remember-If and only if you can connect with your work, if and only if you are happy with it, the readers are bound to reflect the same.

All the very best:)

Lost In Thoughts

I was better when I knew what and how exactly I would end a story, it’s been a few months into writing my first full-fledged novel and right now I’m hysterical.Right that moment when you know you have worked your asses off over a dream and you are almost there and you can’t go further, even if you make an attempt to reiterate the process of trying, it’s always the wrong steps that you take.Now that my story is unfolding in different dimensions and it needs lots of courage to put my thoughts into words, I shiver to go down that lane!Am I sounding hysterical,I might be,I grimace at my writing!

So about a month ago,I called up my friend saying that I have gone crazy over the characters that I have created and that the blogging and also content writing had worn me out.No new ideas not the sleepless nights filled with dreams with ideas attached ever came,I was disturbed with my work.

She in her calm yet authoritative tone calmed me but my fears couldn’t be satiated with just the calming words and hence she retaliated with this!

“Bru! YOU need a god-damn break,shut it out”

I smiled at her words, Yes I was screwed up and definitely needed a long break,so all this while I created a word tree, formulated a glossary diary and welcomed a few ideas in and of-course spent a huge chunk of time in watching sitcoms.That’s something that I ave always done when I’m tensed, exam fears were escaped through the virtual idiot box and I did run away from my problems again, didn’t face them either, tch tch what a cover!Now I’m all better but still my book has frozen at the 3/4th of the story and doesn’t budge to move forward.Perseverance might be a bad thing to practice while writing, rewriting, scratching and then rewriting.You go mad, trust me and none of all the scratching work out and doesn’t come out the way you want it, that is the time when one feels to quit!!

Lethargic that I may have been, the story never came back to me,I’m still fighting, still dreaming, still typing, still evaporating the ink from my pens when I forget to close in the middle of my ongoing thoughts.If you have ever tried to write a book and if you have gone through the exact moments that I have gone through , hi-five me coz it’s no easy thing.And my friends to whom I have been sending my drafts for a feedback have been constantly encouraging me and my work and that they would love to read how the story unfurls into an end and hope I do justice to my story-line.bThe draft isn’t yet ready, my manuscript still needs polishing,then  the worthlessness resurfaces when nothing goes right.It is then when I’m helped out through proverbs,tucking me in it’s warmest sequence of words that I regain my peace. Divine interventions is what I would love to quote it as,because right one’s pop up at the right time on my goes something like this

“Work is not to make money,work is to justify life”

A sparkle and smile make their way into my existence, I have not actually sat down to write, sometimes, pen and paper works wonders but then many more times, it is the keyboard that holds me up, supports me in all my stupid en devours,and I’m glad despite my fall-backs, despite my taunting fear of failure, I still wade through this phase,a heartfelt thanks to my dearest friends, Aish, KAMB,Ash, DJ and of-course brij, that’s my brother who never reads my works but is the one who whips me back to work, there is actual drive apart from your own passion to make you write.

Motivation and inspiration wears off and then I’ll be all alone without thoughts, that’s not a good phase and hence I inhale a puff of air, they say doing meditation before going to sleep rejuvenates your nervous system and my brain cells right now needs a push, push to fly:)

Hope I can succeed kyonki darr ke age jeet hai!!

I love those words, forget the dumb visual of the ad!!

Until next post:)