Story 2- We are all Just Potatoes

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Raining Stories

“You are porcelain white and the most beautiful girl in the whole Universe, dear!” My mother impersonated a movie star mother while she lovingly pinched my cheeks, dressed me in the most expensive flowing dress and flaunted me to her whole friend clan. They were all bewitched by my beauty, I could sense!

Yes! It was then, at that tender age of eight, I realized my beauty was my prized possession and as years passed by I dwelled on narcissism. A verbatim of my mother’s praises echoed in my ears every night, I tiltered as I could sense the absolute truth in it! Beauty was all that I had. It could get me whatever I wanted.

A sweet smile bought me two ice-creams instead of one.

I was never punished for my untimely acts.

I was never denied of anything I asked for.

And Everybody wanted me in their groups!They were friends of…

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