160 Drafts

There was a flip of the pages in the calendar. The month of June showed a colorful paper aircraft  flown over the garden, a message of creativity and nature go hand in hand. How fast the time flew, I reckon it to be a  magician, capable of healing, hurting, reminding, forgetting, creating, destroying absolutely anything, anything in this universe. AND probably the person who can control time is whom I call GOD.

Have we met him then, the controller of time. Even the myths and the holy books says that even god abides by the Horrendous time. Having heard of time machines and time travelling. If that were to be true. I bow to the creator. But why is it most of the times, that we age on earth and time acts differently in other parts of the universe. It sure is a uncertain entity to be defined.

I would go mad in just attempting to solve this entity.

So I would rather not and be awed by the mysteries the nature has to offer. It is almost end of June. And I’m still uncertain of what tomorrow has to offer and what today was all about. In this infinite circle, I slowly pack my bags, unpack it, flip it over and again get ready for the journey. This is going to be a lame post, a small voice squeaks at the back of my mind. But it matters little to me now. With 160 drafts staying unedited and unattended to, leaves a scar on my dreams!

So, as long as I try, as long as I fail. I am on the right track. But being on the right track and sitting like a log will have any train run over me!

So this is an effort to keep going! Thanks to my friends and family for sucking up all my moodswings and still say that I can do it!

Somebody once told me that if you encourage a person with his positive sides and so subtly inform him about the drawbacks. He will rise like a strong tide.

And so this week is all about getting back, writing anything and everything  and having the nuts to publish the same.


Back from a writers block!

It’s been 10 days!!yes 10 long days since I sat at a place and wrote !!There were sentences cozily weaving up in my brain every night just before I dozed off to sleep and then the next morning I would wake up with a rather blank drooling face, lost between the reality and dreams…Yes that was me for past 10 days.

The reason? I can shoot a many but my main enemy and rather only enemy is my laziness, gosh..to sit at a place and do nothing except drag the day! Phew definitely not me, people used to call me hyperactive and to become someone that I am not is not good for my health.
Hence I threw all my lazy unyielding behavior off the window, trust me it is just hanging out and would leech to me very soon enough but still I have thrown it for now, sat down, inhaled a deep round of chicken aroma, it’s Sunday and what is a Sunday without chicken! I smiled at the thought of devouring that in a few hours and started off, today I’m going to write, no thoughts of whether it would come out well, would it be presentable, readable, what would my talented fellow bloggers think of my work, the thought that tormented me the most was “Have I lost my talent of writing, can I even make a good sentence”..I know, I know it’s just my writer’s block phase that is exaggerated here.
But this is exactly what I faced all the 10 super sit like a log lazy days, on top of that the constant nagging of my mind over not spending time with my fingers, the not-so supportive brain that tormented me over my impulsive reactions that led me to sit at a place and not write, Like wow, I’m capable of being absolutely useless for days!!Huh..I really wished that this would be over, Oh I even thought of blogging with just few photographs so that the frequency graph would step up or else at least be constant but then what is my blog without my words, I could not post a picture and say that I clicked it!!No way, that’s definitely not “brewing words”.
Ow don’t make a face, I have dragged the post, but it is such a relief to let my fingers play on the keyboard and the words just tumbling its way from the dimmest chambers of my conscious, yes there is pop of lot’s of ordinary words, not a standard post with posh vocabulary presenting at its best, it’s just my mind on the page ..the days of letting away my words, hiding them with fear, skipping, procrastinating, it was tiring, totally exhausting is to do nothing and for the record, I have been busy all day with a click of unexpected riding, a long soulful walk ,under the shady trees, breezy morning, a walk to the library, with the person whom I wanted to spend time with, well well he is my neighbor, Bhatt uncle, he is 72 or 73 years old, he reminds me of my grandpa a lot and more than anything we converse in English almost every time we meet with a wisps of wisdom, a pat of appreciation and blessings too, I speak to him as a friend and we meet every day!!when I have to dispose off the wastes and the BBMP vehicle blows off the bugle , all the people from my lane comes out with their night dresses and a dustbin….yeah not the time to socialize but it’s great to run down two floors of stairs, bump into the gate and run for the Olympic and then few minutes of talk with Bhatt uncle is a great start for me.
And today we walked to the library; I met my childhood friend (I’ll save this for another post!)…loads of work and cooking and now typing!!Phew, long day and of course I bugged you too…Tolerate me as always
Until next post