Sparkle- A Shade Of Narcissism


I named my new dog Sparkle. When my brother grimaced at my choice of the name for a ferocious looking german shepherd. There was a grin on my small face!

After all I had a reason to name him that. As I stood in front of the long mirror examining the woman I have grown into. Well defining features, authenticity in my being, the absence of the usual dove-like feminine features. A smile that could conquer a crowd. A perfect height and a dusky beautiful Indian skin-tone.fiction,one shots, motivational post, inspiring post, narcissm,

I might sound a bit narcissistic but hell with the society norms and the ideal pages from history. It is time to rewrite how we look at ourselves. Yes, we need to appreciate the beauty and we are skipping all the skinny, fair standards the magazines and the glamor world defines. I want everybody to look upto themselves for the beauty is authentic, it is formed and defined by the fights you fought, the tears your pillows embraced, the punches your punching bag silently took, the bruises that faded without notice, the smiles that enriched your life, the falls that taught you to pick yourself up.

Yes Everybody should have a shade of narcissism in them when it comes to how you look to the world. Create the world you want with whatever you have, however you are. Because you are not mere bones and muscles and skin tones, you are made of experiences and survival stories.

My survival through my ordeal had come by as a present in the beautiful package, yet there was something missing in the perfect reflection.


The sparkle.

The bright sparkle in my eyes was lost surviving the ordeal. Hence I named my dog sparkle to remind me to embrace and regain the lost sparkle in my eyes and to light the world around me.

I was sure of the birth of the sparkle in my eyes as sparkle came running towards me and licked my legs!


You Only Live Once….Believe not!

This caption immediately caught my eyes from the burdened tiresome day,it took me back to the those moments when your friends,especially the gregarious ones,even if they are still in the line of bowing acquaintance,they often tell you to have funn in life,the exact words would be


“You live only need to enjoy the short life, lets got to movies ,party along ” and give a grin and laugh out loud when I am totally not into for it!

That is the perfect time to use the above proverb…we live everyday,yes and die once!

In that blurb of a moment, everything goes puff..into thin air as there is no room for what might happen tomorrow constructively,I think humans,all of us are made to think about a future that has not yet arrived and live in the present either in fear,agony of something that may or may not happen and the useless day-dreaming of I would be a star where people bow down and kiss my feet while all that you do is  playing a greater part in being  a couch potato!

Now that I would love to live in the present but that’s something really one hectic task,you have to time travel back from your worries, from your future plans, the past wounds and then come to the present.Lets just say that you are travelling in a bus sitting by the side of an half opened window, the wind is slashing you yet you are not there, somewhere where the world is either ideally beautiful without the uproar of the dusty roads or you are imagining that you are dead and scrutinizing the behavior of all the people you know.

Yes,this is true unless you are stranded with a gaming device that can take you to another alienating green sluggish world of running, crushing and shooting..You are that engrossed in the virtual present that an almost near death experience is left inexperienced or let us take it slow, your wallet is slowly being pick-pocketed and you are totally unaware that you even wearing a pant.

So how to live in the present?

A question almost every other philosopher with brown thorny beads and a saffron robe preaches but so does a therapist in the clinic!But HOW?None can explain, not even in this post coz let me tell you none can! unless you are a super human who can control your timings,it is the most difficult task that one can pursue.But when the more successful one’s in the society claim of living the present,it is the love towards the work they do which can be driven by various factors like dreadful challenges, strong determination and simple passion.

So when you find yourself stranded like a sandwich between why nothing’s good is happening and thriving that might go well someday, nothing’s going to change,the time and tide will, but your attitude never!So lets try to promise that we can love what we do and do what we love.

Let’s make that one day,everyday worth living, we never know whether we will be awake tomorrow morning, whether we will listen the voices of our loved ones, whether we can lick the ice-cream off our wrist one last time!

Wait not,it is after-all your life, smile so that there is sparkle in your eyes,confident in your walk and warmth in your words.

We are living buddies, then we really are:)