Freeze the moment!

As I have always been bit by the click bug, I took shots of these, from my favorite place, maybe when I grow old, with grey hairs and wrinkle faced but a warm smile,I would want to live here, a place with mist and trees and anything that has to do with greenery!



When I freezed: Picture 1

There is a slight climb of a little hill after the horanadu temple, a small trek can take you there, over the top,resides a family ,that of the pundit of a small hilltop temple and a few meters away brazing the moist mist and the breezy wind slashing through your eyelashes,the curves on the hill take you to another world, there tucked in the folds of the hill is a small house with a garden in the garden, an elderly couple invites us in urging us to buy the home-made foods and powders, they smell of heaven and earth,there is a back door which is flung open proudly enthralling me into the majestic view of the complete green abyss !One wrong foot, you are bound to fall from heights never to be seen again,such is the beauty of danger there,I feared to inch towards the edge but still did, he stern voice of my uncle zapped me back, I walked out into the hilly tar road and found this plant in sync with my swing of the head to the music in my ears, I took out my scratched camera and clicked my friend..He’s always proud, green and complex.


When I freezed:Picture 2

Oh this one was in Gokarna, housed in a well maintained garden of the smiling stranger with sacred thread strapped around, a pundit again,It had rained a few hours back calming the brutal humidity, no wonder the existence of the beach near-by, the little drop caught my attention in  a pleasing manner.I knelt down from the compound, tripsy on the edgy old steps of the next home,just before the fall I clicked !!and here it is, an amazing picture that brought me as a winner in a photography contest for environmental day in writers ezine!So again thanks to my scratched camera 🙂

Hence I love to freeze the moments and capture it’s beauty and purpose forever:)