The Fly Called Failure


Every time in life, when I need to accomplish certain thing. It might be work of great importance to me or as simple as passing on a glass of water. The perception remains the same. I need to be there for my people. The world as such is a mirror and the more I smile, the more happiness I tend to share. But very often we are weighed down by the circumstances or twists that destiny has to offer and we meet Failure.

In this journey we will fail and I assure you that you will not be able to escape it. You go down the stairs, take a right turn and there it is. Your failure waiting to lurk in like a phantom and gobble you up. But the most important lesson we ought to learn is that, the specific place where we fall down has something great to offer us. That lesson will take us forward. That knowledge will be the beacon for the rest of the journey. So get up and start again for you can never escape failure or death. The motto here is to keep moving, just keep your head straight and keep delivering what is meant from you.

But what you need to remember is that, not to take your failures personally. Do not ever abuse yourself mentally or physically over what you lost. It was not you. It was just a stupid decision or an unplanned endeavor or even perhaps just not the road for you. But what lays ahead of you is much more important and of great value than compared to a past or the present that you are succumbing into.

It is the respect that you earn for yourself is what is important. You  must be in a position to thank your younger self. Take that you are in your thirties and hitting the gym. The fifty year old will be thankful to you for keeping his heart and liver healthy. The twenty is old will be thankful to the eight year old you to have had the guts to bunk your classes and reach out for that dance classes.

Creativity and talent are boons that needs harnessing and uplifting. If you shove it away, you can kill yourself but not that person inside you who full of energy, full of ideas and an epitome of positivism.

Fail and fail as many times you want but make sure you rise up like a fire. View the failure to be as mere as fly, let it go. Don’t hang on over it.And that, my friends is taking failure the right way. It is called success. It is all about the ability to  think, talk and do things alike. Keep a promise and deliver the promise and that’s it. For there is a saying

If you hang around the barber shop long enough, you will get your turn for that haircut.

So just don’t quit and keep moving.

” So Until Next-time”

photo credit: William M Ferriter Failure is Overrated via photopin (license)


For those Who Feel You Should Be Doing Something Else!

I dread of one thing in life- the lack of creativity. If the significance of it’s existence is crucial, the parallel truth of the reality, the commitments, the 9-5 jobs, kids, marriage, college, assignments and many will chain you down to the ground. It will seem like forever to reach the goals you dream of.

But then, what comes for free and flows as effortlessly as a brimmed gloated river? Absolutely Nothing!

It Demands.

Yes, your passion, your dreams( whatever it might be or however insignificant you feel it to be) demands your time, your dedication, the urge for success like a thirsty man on a summer afternoon. Briskly and consistently looking out for a drop of life.

As much as the anxiety is promised, so is the necessity for the calmness to prevail.

It is nothing less than a meditation done over ages.

The sounds(rather the noises) around you are to be muted. The rummaging brain needs a beam. A single ray of light that can take you, enlighten you and carry you through the stifling journey.

I will warn you. It is not going to be easy.following dreams, passion, inspiration, motivation, follow your heart, author

Pursuing your dreams would account for a stigma in the well-settled society. It starts as a low whisper, a collective grumble and spread into a noisy shout from the cheap loudspeaker they use in political speeches.

“There will be no security”

“It is not worth risking your perfect life”

“Think about a stable future”

The grunt never diminishes unless you bow down and have your neck to their voices.

Yes, money is a funny thing. It is extremely significant at the same time insignificant! It will be like walking on a thin rope on a high building! But can you pursue your dreams while doing what you are doing!

Then yes, none can stop you from doing that unless it is you who is creating a barrier for yourself!

There are only a few mortals who listened to every heartbeat, there was just no choice. The dreams haunted them, never letting them to sigh and that is why my friends, many people despite the two-day jobs or the part-time work, they still made time for themselves! And a herd was born.

They have all writhed with time, fallen, quit at times, cursed, cried, screamed and at the last. Picked themselves up, squared their shoulders and got back into the game.

And that’s how games were created, that’s how rules were made. They sweated blood and tamed the lazy body to see a dream fulfill that only they could visualize. And after years and years of practice, commitment and sacrifices, they rose!

Now they here the applaud, revenge taken.

It was not easy! But it is never impossible.

Prove the time that you are not easy, you are not fragile. And see till the end of the journey!

And keep doing what you have to do until you can do what you want to do!


Journey Into The Story Of My Soul!

Journey into my soul!

I have so far never wondered with the deepest of my conscious in play that I would ever write a story. It was not a rat race to start with. It was more than that. A story to be imagined,a dream to be desired , a destiny to be fulfilled. Excelling and exploring a status I would find myself fit. A purpose beyond my personal craving for applause. A purpose that steers me into the direction of the whole daunting question of who I am and who I can be. To the world, that is acquainted of luxuries and pleasures.

What surprises me is my inability to profoundly accept my affinity to nature, humility and gratitude. I need to realize my true pleasures lies only in the things my heart believes in. There is, of course, an expiry date for blaming others for my failures and my inability to balance on a string that has so far withheld all my glamorous catwalks and slumpy weights . Amidst all this is my undaunting determination to stand on the wallowing string give this a try!

I owe all my strengths to life, that has thought me to stand in other’s shoes and know their secrets, a ruthless power to manipulate them but the choice to not do so. I inertly believe I can understand them better. A moment of truth that defines them is eloquently hidden in all of them.

I intend to find them, I intend to know them and I desire to find myself through that journey. And maybe that is why I love to travel. On wheels or into books, both of them has the magic to realize the greatest truth of life. That we are in a story, as mere puppets! But as humans, we are provided with free will and how our wills are always steered out of the path, into the world with comfort zones is always an unsettling subject to be spoken of. The free will is misused in the most capricious manners in the world. As I always put that Life is mostly unfair and people incorrigible. I do believe in magic and in the potion of the time’s generous existence. We fade away, we are lost. Never the time, it stays here like an old wise teacher!

I bow to the time and the magic it brings into my life! My Gratitude to everything I have ever owned, ever lost and gained much better!
photo credit: Forbidden tunnel via photopin (license)

‘B’ack-up Passion…AtoZ Challenge

I don’t know if such a thing called back-up passion exists but one thing that I’m sure of is that we are all born to be passionate about one thing or the other in life. Something that makes us feel alive. It might start as a mere curiosity or just a connection felt when doing it as a random act.

Coming to it I love to read, I mean a lot. Not the text books per-se but all the stories in the world. It was the tinkle series that got me started or should I mention that it was my mother who brought that Tinkle and ignited the fire of reading in me. Well thanks to both of them then.

I remember as a little kid, while commuting to school in a van that fairly takes over forty minutes and I always felt the time fly and it was then I realized that Time doesn’t travel but our brains make travel. Einstein was a genius for the relativity concept ( A bow). Courtesies to my tinkle and other magazines for connecting to Einsteins relativity theory. 

So that said it all, I realized that reading was my passion. I was wrong. Writing was my passion albeit not as literary concern as possible! Yet I still found time to write horror stories when I was young putting all my flexible muscles in my fingers to scare my brother who was and is the most honest critique of my works. And then we all grew up, started to believe that the real world out there scorns at your hobbies and passion. You had to be an engineer or a doctor to make a mark in life and so I was set for the career choice that I was believed to be the best for me and that was the best decision I ever made .

For it opened the doors to a new world, where learning and knowing the importance of the stage, coming to know of the value of friendships and the value of your passions were decrypted. Until then I had forgotten all about reading and writing until I came across like-minded people , Mangs(Mangala) , one of my closest friends who wears that shy traditional name and it was from her ; I discovered the plethora of books that I could read and tend to get a gist of the genre I like and thus my journey revamped.p

So , passion is fine but how long can one be only passionate about a single thing. The process can propel in the loss of creativity as the mind tends to dry up in the same dampened lane. This is when one needs to have a back-up passion , one that supports you, inspires you, gets you on your strong spirits and re-directs you to the goal.If that is what I have to say , then photography especially when it came to conceptual photography was more inclined towards my choices until the death of my camera. Then I was least interested with the low picture quality that comes from the not so expensive smart-phones. I have always felt that they never made justice to the object.

Then what else, when I had nothing to write about or click about, dilemma imposing it’s ambiguous sword against my neck.  had an option , there is always a choice.Find something that you like and I like singing with my feet and contemperory style has always fascinated me. It’s the most complex yet graceful forms that I have ever come across. The tilts , the jumps , and the way you lift yourself into the air, it feels like flying(not that I’m a dancer, but still…) and maybe that is why I was more attracted towards the form.It inspires me, it makes me wake up with a purpose, re-connecting me to the goals, to the dreams that I have planned for myself.

And that is how you motivate yourself back to your true passions and  back-up passions are a blessing to human kind. Embracing it would lead us to the unknown paths that’s lighted only for us intensifying the passion to learn more in all the ways possible.

I’m grateful for all the good things in my life and many more struggles that only has strengthened me so far.In the process of backing up more skills.

Happy day:) 

The Wanderer’s Navigation

A wanderer from the medieval age goes about singing hymns of the philosophical roads.Navigation to the wandering souls,his only goal. Roads that are betrayed of real destinations and often meandering us to the paths that aren’t for us, that isn’t worth it, yet we cross our paths, confused, messed up with our own assumptions and judgement about everything under the sun.

Clad in a black robe and messy undone hair entwined into a series of ropes, his words laced with wisdom attained, devoid of proper education but only the wisdom that he has lived with, woken up with, enlightened with, departed with  from luxuries and attaining the blessing of the goddess of knowledge, he goes by with a stick, old with wrinkles asserting their rightful freckles all over his calloused body.

Yet there seems to be a charm with which he taps the earth, with which he gulps gallons of water from the pure waters that flows and you can see him blessing the new born with his slender stick and sing from his throat.navigation

The Navigation Song

Sober are the roads, plethora imbibed

Walls built are grotesque, navigation explored!

Strings the heart with a thread to the brain or is it otherwise.

Inside us remain our souls, struggling!

Cooped up in our own Prison.

Only seen is the status of the dreams

Where did the actual dreaming go?

All of us drying up in the heat of our own suns

A sun that captures our soul,

Cooped and fried in our own illusions.

Rise before it’s too late

From across the skies, the hefty assignor

Decides your fate and destiny will Play

Regardless of your consent

Perish is what will happen with your dark thoughts

Meandering the ways, before it’s too dark

Let your destined path be brightened

With the wisdom of the old and new

With the fresh and dry

And there you will find a way from all these miseries

Know not how to tell you that people have lived

Turned into dust with passing time

So will you, the only difference

Is about what you tether in your hearts

Let it shine with love and prosperity

Towards the human kind.

You are not the only one here; there is greater power, greater destiny and the greater hand called TIME.

And so the wanderer goes lost in his own thoughts playing the wand of navigation to the civilizations!

His words are a constant sting into the king’s ears, for he lived in utopia, a world that was real only to him, built from the tears, from the sweat of his people.Those people who respected him, people who pledged to serve him, people who bowed in his presence, people who he could whip and yet be blessed. The wanderer was a threat; the wanderer was to be hanged, for his words, for his songs that were enshrining the formative thoughts of the era, those that never held importance in his rule!

Complied to his orders, the true life was strangled and  suffocated ,cooped up in the powerful hands and what nobody could know was of the birth of new life in the palace while the wanderer breathed his last entombing the free ideas! Before his soul could fly, he smiled knowing his destiny, the king would be perished and the kingdom would be saved, he was the heir now! With power, he would change the boards of life of the dark shadows.


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Let the Hidden Empires Rise

Far unknown with a charm of beauty

The mighty empires lay hidden,

Unknown of their potentials,

The emperors succumb to the normal flow;

The brilliant blues of the oceans separating nations;

A streak of thought separates oneself,

Not the thought of any mere kind

But the heartless, meaningless ripple of negativity.

We are all the emperors!

With mighty empires submerged in the chaos oceans

Of the mindless game of survival.

Time to break the mundane routine

Priceless is your sword

Your confidence, dealing with the enemies

Will you not use your strength?

Adorning the crown,

Ruling your empire with power.

Let the hidden Empire Rise.

From the shackles of your limits,

Change the rules, write some more,something new,po

Be the emperor that you always dreamt.

Not in your dreams you must rule

But with the triumph of victory.

Written in the pages of history

Let the hidden empire rise,

Then one day, enchanted by the praise you’ll hear

“Lo and Behold the emperor to the powerful reign”

And it’ll be YOU!!