The Fly Called Failure


Every time in life, when I need to accomplish certain thing. It might be work of great importance to me or as simple as passing on a glass of water. The perception remains the same. I need to be there for my people. The world as such is a mirror and the more I smile, the more happiness I tend to share. But very often we are weighed down by the circumstances or twists that destiny has to offer and we meet Failure.

In this journey we will fail and I assure you that you will not be able to escape it. You go down the stairs, take a right turn and there it is. Your failure waiting to lurk in like a phantom and gobble you up. But the most important lesson we ought to learn is that, the specific place where we fall down has something great to offer us. That lesson will take us forward. That knowledge will be the beacon for the rest of the journey. So get up and start again for you can never escape failure or death. The motto here is to keep moving, just keep your head straight and keep delivering what is meant from you.

But what you need to remember is that, not to take your failures personally. Do not ever abuse yourself mentally or physically over what you lost. It was not you. It was just a stupid decision or an unplanned endeavor or even perhaps just not the road for you. But what lays ahead of you is much more important and of great value than compared to a past or the present that you are succumbing into.

It is the respect that you earn for yourself is what is important. You  must be in a position to thank your younger self. Take that you are in your thirties and hitting the gym. The fifty year old will be thankful to you for keeping his heart and liver healthy. The twenty is old will be thankful to the eight year old you to have had the guts to bunk your classes and reach out for that dance classes.

Creativity and talent are boons that needs harnessing and uplifting. If you shove it away, you can kill yourself but not that person inside you who full of energy, full of ideas and an epitome of positivism.

Fail and fail as many times you want but make sure you rise up like a fire. View the failure to be as mere as fly, let it go. Don’t hang on over it.And that, my friends is taking failure the right way. It is called success. It is all about the ability to  think, talk and do things alike. Keep a promise and deliver the promise and that’s it. For there is a saying

If you hang around the barber shop long enough, you will get your turn for that haircut.

So just don’t quit and keep moving.

” So Until Next-time”

photo credit: William M Ferriter Failure is Overrated via photopin (license)


Monday-The Day before Tuesday

The title is bound to bring a smile on your face, well the same smile urged me to write about it. Open your oxford dictionary and look into the meaning of Monday! It is the day before Tuesday and it is so funny as to how the dictionary defines it and how we define Monday to be, it is the cruel day after a relaxing relishing partying Sunday!

As always  I start my evening with an article in a newspaper or a page in a book, relishing each little nuggets of pure literature and some mind-twisting vocabulary, I obsess on them hence I rush to take a pencil to underline the words that went off my radar! My fear of such a little knowledge in something that I like is like a phantom always haunting me.

Monday, time

Enough of the bantering . But some philosophical twist to this day!

So Monday is a recurring phenomenon very much similar to other days and months and weeks. I contemplate on the interesting fact that as time ticks by, tides fall and nothing is actually constant, days pass, weeks pass but the day by which we refer it is constant. Monday can never be a Tuesday( I like this phrase) It’s constant.

Likewise Birth is continuous but birth is a constant, so is death, people die, but it is constant and inevitable. hence we live in a world so interrelated and interconnected, we often fail to recognize the irony’s graceful appearance. Such a placid representation of the mysterious mystic life we live in.

Some might say that it’s just grammar or vocabulary rules, but I think both constant and continuous are conjoined twins known to be on a perpetual journey that often dominated by each other’s presence for their different perspective.

The day  before Tuesday is going to come back as fast as it moves away, the beauty of recurrence is enthralling. I wish I knew them from their birth, their initial time; time zero. When everything started, the days, the weeks, the months, the years, the earth and the Universe.

Anyway, Sunday is about to end and your much dreaded Monday is seeking your presence. Brave up a smile, it’s just another day, show Monday what ignorance is, it’s time that it is shoved away from the exaggerated limelight.

Happy Monday:)

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