Inspired from the clicks: Story of her smile


An evening with a cup of cappuccino  and some home baked hot biscuits with a garden view studded with beautiful flowers in the balcony is all I ever need for a happy life ,well ofcourse a book with rusted corners and underlined glossary would be heaven but then the evening demanded my presence without a book or a pdf version.

To weave a story out of blue, one needs solitude and solace, nature has kept before me a zillion different things to ponder upon, to concoct of who the protagonist will be, where i’m going to place her or describing in my head the ephemeral feeling she goes through !

And every time I wonder, every time I create, I help not but think of somebody writing me, a character so peculiar like anybody else in the world with a mix of craziness, stupidity and a bit whimsical..whatsoever,I make sure that I never ever become boring coz in a book the boring character gets killed very quickly!

Oh a confession lined up. that huge cup of inscribed cappuccino contains boost in it, I don’t fancy drinking coffee and smelling coffee;)…and yes the biscuits were yummy as usual,the evening breeze held me to my reigns and the cooling boost boosted my brains ,tingling my creativity.

A snippet that came to me with a splash of of the bright red flower, the coffee mug and an evening snack!

“Here it is mom,you favorite cup of cappuccino ,brewed with love and extra sugar” twenty year old Anish with lovely brown eyes and a smile so much like his mother started his day by waking up his mother from bed and pulling out the dramatic version of the best son.

“Mom, wake need to go to work”It was the third time he had switched off the snooze from her cellphone

“Yeah Yeah my little son has grown up to be my mother!Drama King” Mrs.Deepthi Agarwal hugged him a morning wish,she  was indeed late for her work,she was a  nurse in the city hospital, a career that she pursued after a sudden death of her husband without proper aid in a far away remote place where he was assigned as a civil engineer.She grimaced at the site accident that Agarwal had faced,agony scripted in her eyes.

“Mom ,where are you lost?Wake up and join me in preparing the breakfast” Anish folded her blanket and swooped out the tomatoes,onions and the sharp knife from the refridgerator.He was ready to play the role of a chef at home, he was indeed an ideal son every mother prayed for.He seemed to be older than his years,all his mischief’s intact, he had known to be responsible enough to run the home at a very early age.

Deepthi looked at her loving son, he so reminded her of his father, a just and a responsible man,she was from another world altogether who never worried about challenges, discipline and family.He never forced her either, but then the haunted death came as a phantom and took him away.

Those initial years of ordeal were unfathomable, she took up a nursing course supported by her father and went down to serving people as well as looking after her son. Anish had seen the paradigm of the hurdles come their way, he had seen his mother who had never actually seen hardships and never faced one had taken the blow in a positive outlook.

But one day ,when he was 16 he had seen how  broken she was, how badly she needed him, crying like a little kid,her problems had taken the whimsical smile off her, the fees was huge to pay, his studies would go in vain, she was bankrupt amidst the rents and unpaid bills,there was just a few home made biscuits left to last for the next two days.It was then he decided he would work,a part time job, he studied harder to attain scholarships and that was the day he promised his late dad standing before his garlanded picture hung in his small house..

“Dad! Mom is shattered,It would have been great if you were around.Not because things woul be easy but she would have had you!I promise you dad, just the way you never made her cry!I will never too..I will look after her well,I will get back the kid in her,carefree and always dancing then I would treat her as my kid, she is after-all a kid I say!’ He laughed speaking with the photo!

It was then a star sparkled in the night sky.It was then he had replaced the red hibiscus fallen to the ground from his father’s photo.

It was then he decided to be a therapist,a psychiatrist to ease her worries, to make people’s life better ….People like her ,who had forgotten how to stay young…..

At the age of twenty ,he had realized his dream! His mother was becoming more lively,more like a child everyday! The smile,the laziness for which he had toiled for years:)