Guardians of Your Health

Living an healthy lifestyle is the most cliched topic for all families over the years. If coconut oil to your hair or a ragi ball to your stomach is meant to keep you healthy, it is the wisdom from our grandmothers. If a peg can keep you warm and healthy during the cold winters, the grandpas up for the wisdom mike.

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Health and being healthy has been on a constant roll for over the years, through the generations where our parents thought exercise will reach the necessary health criteria. The definition chameleoned when our seniors hit the gyms or the posh lady next door chose water aerobics in the pool.

But have you known a secret, of the  people who cook in the house have a power to save you. They are the guardians of your health. If they mess up on one single thing. From the vegetables that is to be washed  to the oil used that controls the cholesterol in your body. The family suffers. The ladies in the house hold up that responsibility in most Indian families.

And we all stand as an yield of the years experiment on us. The food we eat to the computer games that we choose to live in. Everything has overcome a massive change over the years.

Today, the world hasn’t remained the same and so has the beliefs or the practices carried like a mane has been so.

The dominos and burritos took over the ragiballs. The yearlong parties took over the winter pegs. The automatic vibrating machines took over the exercises. Oh right, the facebook scrolling became the new thumb trend for exercise. Phew, but we are still sane to get back to reality.

It’s all about balance.

I have a regime of my own. In a busy schedule that my day is packed with. I still find time. Defining an healthy lifestyle cannot be generalized and for me, staying fit and healthy is about balance.

A good night’s sleep and a morning walk, sometimes replaced with yogasanas for the flexibility starts my day. It is then progressed with a glass of warm milk, stealing the wits of my grandma, using a pinch of turmeric and a bit of crushed peppers during winter.

A daily routine that doesn’t glue me to the incessant calls or the frantic deadlines is something I dream of for my family memebers. To have something that can make you work without being worked up, a job that you like. Or you tend to like the job you already have, period.

You need a healthy heart and a fit body. Walk around often when you have to sit for longer times. Include raw vegetables to a quarter of the breakfast. It has been a blessing to the family. Yes, I will opt for junk foods, once in a fortnight maybe. But the veggies and greens with broccoli and eggs will be a part of the healthy diet. Not every day will be only noodles and omelets. But of the rich culture my ancestors have passed on. With a snack every day, sometimes with green tea or few more times with French fries and deep fried treat to our palates. With the right cooking oil and perfect tissue base, we eat to our heart’s content.

Then the day vapourises with laughter and merry with family and friends. A day with learning one new thing at a time. A day with some time for yourself. Maybe I will sing with my coarse voice or read a book in the shower. Or follow my passion with a bit of writing compensating with a bit of gardening.

That, my friend is a day well spent. That is a day well maintained and being mentally and physically healthy. It is all about balance. You are going to change tracks, we are all going to mess it up but we will find our balance, through and through. Balance has it all.

And finally meet one person after retiring for the day who can take all my craziest ideas and laugh at my serious decisions and put me to a sound sleep as I listen to his healthy heartbeat.

I have a last thought before falling to a deep sleep. It is about the guardians of your health. When Good brands promise you of health, accept it, trust it and use it. Because they hold the same responsibility as the person who cooks the daily food with it.

After-all, if you are healthy, so will your family be. If you are happy, so will your family be. So don’t forget to take care of yourself.

I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy  initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.


Just a thought!!

It was the chills of the winter mornings that reached me in advance to the dim warm sunlight,as i snuggled up under my cozy blanket assuring myself of some more sleep to my adamant eyes.But then a specific background noise never let me succeed in my quest of taming my sleep,i groaned and cribbed,this wasn’t the first time that I was awaken by a sharp hitting sound,it was still 6:30 in the morning and the lady two blocks from mine was taking the crap out of the clothes, they were a marwadi joint family and as I had observed that the lady of the house works,works and works and then smile and serve the others and continue the damn cycle.As I still complained about my disturbed sleep and wandered in to my green misty garden,the laundry lady smiled at me like always and no more than that,only then I realized that i could have been like her,pushed into dire circumstances and end up cleaning,cooking and doing laundry but fate had saved me but should we leave everything for fate,why don’t we use our share of utilizing our opportunities.

My feet cracked with cold outside,I still stared at infinity to find an answer,should she just give up all the work and throw away things and just do what her heart says?i answered my own question ,what if her heart finds happiness in serving her family?or maybe she would appreciate a small favour from them as she couldn’t just take decision because she was branded as the inferior homo-sapien,the women,they are supposed to spend living their life subjugating themselves to the work that they consider low…BUT when given more thoughts into this delicate matter,a truth that has to be understood resurfaces,that of the matriarchal society where the women where the head and their decisions were considered final but then it was destructed and soon ended up in the corner of the history books.But we live in an era were people are educated and are capable of making the right decisions with their broad perspective,hence here the superiority fades and equality persists and both  Adam and Eve has to share the responsibilities,the happiness and their worries together.It was an age-old tradition that got adulterated during the ages.If women can work in all sectors and men can be the best chefs in the world,I don’t see any dominance!!just ,a healthy society,a better nation and a better world is all we ask for,isn’t it?Then the truth to be embraced is that of balance is beautiful,and it makes or life much more beautiful.Bowing to all the women who stood up for themselves and all the men who supported in the quest.