Blessed To Count The Blessings

As the year passes on with a silent limbo, the new year ascertains a new voice, a new dream. Nothing is more exciting than the realizing that time flies, and I’m the pilot. To be determined to hold on to the reigns and pull it into the flow life charges onto is a blessing.

I do not want to swim opposite to the waves rather my plans become stronger if they are channeled in the way my life is moving. Isn’t that logical? No, I don’t want to be different from the rest of the crowd. I don’t want to be one of them either. Wouldn’t it be the best if I create the world that has only me and my progress?30503338082_fe7b8028a3_b

Yes, it would. But before that, I need to be grateful for the things I gained. I stand by the window bringing the warmth of the winter sun to count my blessings!

An amazing life-partner made his appearance the last year and Life is beautiful with him.

A new family that is sensitive enough to make sure I get the love I am destined to.

My family that has always been a support system to grow and live life to the fullest.

A brother who has always been the reason for the smile on sad days.

And one big set of relatives, the well-wisher gangs because of whom life is easy.

And last but the best thing is the badass set of friends who are the sole bearers of the happiness cloud in me.

I still can coin a proper sentence without many giveaways to the verbatims. I can still chase an unattainable kind of attainable dream.

I can still remain the same size without the traditional morning yoga (woohoo), but I need to phase out regarding my myth.

So, this was a silent struggle to make a come back with my blog. The new changes in my life deserved all the time it was worth. But then my writing is too dear to let go.

With all the positive energy geared up, excited for the new venture:)


This Fall!

Time is a funny thing, yes it is. Especially when it comes to our heart and the people we like. I have never been on a road that says so much of changing, albeit we all have been there with a moment of peace, a moment of truth. Time is the only constant and change,  it’s defiant companion. I have never ever been able to move on defying the fact that so strongly proves the point of how vulnerable time can make a strong heart crumple and writh away to oblivion. I have never ever stayed so very close to the phantoms of the realm I have always ignored. Here I staY, rooted to a place that is so very much like a home. A HOME FAR AWAY FROM HOME. this place helps me introduce to a different person that I have never met, or will ever face in a mirror.

The roads have always been strange, a bit peculiar, funny, unique, trustworthy, oblivious to the very nature of the lighted paths. However overwhelming the paths might lead to, there is no turning back right now for the place has made me meet a person so beautiful, so perfect with all the little imperfections that I am made of.30010608171_55ab69cd45_b

He is a person that my soul recognised but my heart took a double take but still, with all those million reasons for this to not work out, destiny sat like grumpy stubborn little kid and made sure we stay together and hence here I am at my rightful place with a beautiful smile in acceptance to the destiny’s plays. But my choice is beautiful and I love that life chose a gem of a person to be with  me.

Yes, I might take a few more years to know the real him, he is an introvert for christ’s sake and I am totally intrigued by the charm of his silence, mostly a bit confused most of the times but there is an urge to know beyond the silence of the stars, to know the reasons for his smile, the reasons for his sad eyes, those hazel rich honey eyes.

I wish that life would throw me an opportunity to meet his hidden sides. to meet my husband with all his secrets that are neatly wrapped and stored away in the darkness of his heart.

Barely a week into marriage is too early to understand my love!

The extrovert in me is finally excited to settled down with an introvert with so much weightage to his thoughts and words that is so much more beautiful compared to my constant rattling and blabbering. This person makes me complete. I think I am slowly falling for the man I love, all over again:)

So Many Of Us, So many of the Stories

Living in a metropolitan city brings forth the beauty of life in a very diverse perception. It was only the other day, I decided to board the metro instead of commuting in my vehicle. Away from the scorching sun and the poisonous smoke that the vehicles puff out, including mine. I needed a day to ditch them all. I needed my time to think through the day.

The place I was traveling was an hour away traveling on my bike, the metro train promised to put me there in about 20 minutes. The 24 km shrunk into 20 mins. I realized I have started to measure the distance by the time taken to commute after the commence of the Metro. What I thought would be my travel was a whole new experience.

I leaned on the black granite pillar on the platform clutching my phone to my heart, pondering if I would be mugged in a place like this. A sophisticated outstretch of the platform convinced me of the lesser odds. A lady, not more than thirty started to wipe the floors clean devoid of the footprints the many commuters bring with them. I noticed her, so impeccably dressed, absolutely no make-up, just a wash, probably a common powder, her hairs oiled, braided into the finest and the mannerism and pride while she swept the floor with the mop.

She took pride in her deeds. The more I observed her, more intrigued I became to know about the family she comes from. What kind of financial background must have forced her into a menial job? Was she more skilled in other arts? Anything that might help her earn more.

Before I could advance to have a small talk with her, the zooming train, without much noise planted itself in front of me. The bustling crowd gathered around me now. All along I was oblivious to their existence. As the metallic door slid away into oblivion, Everybody found their comfortable places in the train. I took a seat that was waiting empty as soon I boarded.

But nobody made a fuss about it, there was no bungee jumping to mark the seat as their territory, no kerchief was thrown nor the bags planted stealthily to steal the seats. Oh, it was such a relief to have a better commutation in Bangalore.

I reckon it is the short span of time the metro promises all of us to reach us safely and quickly. it is like teleporting.

As I sat there, I looked at a young lad no more than fourteen, probably returning from his tuitions hung large headphones that would save him from the chaos of the outer real world and make him the king in his comfort zone. He was completely in another world.

But who would know? Was he really listening to those songs? was it a mask of modernity to hide the real worries, however, insignificant they might seem, he held on to his image.

There was a chatter to my right who instantly took my attention, two girls giggling and totally living the gala times. I reckon they were from college with their hair let down and chaotic giggles gauging them with their backs facing me. Turns out I was wrong, they were in their mid-thirties, working women and so happy living their life to their fullest.

I wish I could speak to all of them to their stories and inculcate them into mine, a bit of their sorrows, a bit of their smiles and bit of their tardiness!

A story that can be heard, a story that can be learned from.

And that is what one of my writer friend did! She got to know the story amidst all the bustling crowd. A story and a lifetime lesson from a person bedecked with wisdom and gratitude for life.

Here’s the link.

Please read her, Bhavana’s story and vote for her:)

How to Use Freecharge App- A new payment method(e-wallet)

Do you all remember the times when you had to walk to the nearest recharge stores and get your phone recharged with the latest plans?I also reckon you wouldn’t stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills and have your gas refilled at home. Oh, right! Most of you still do. But psst, there is a new payment method! A new app is around the corner o make it all easy and quick. Freecharge Application is the new talk of the town!

It’s time to realize that the world is moving on, the technology is growing as such to move all your transaction to online. How would you feel to the only tap and not type to pay all your bills and also recharge?Everything under one roof. And so many things to offer. Freecharge offers it all!

What is Freecharge?

Freecharge is the new e-wallet where you can keep your currencies to make all kinds of pre-paid, post-paid recharges, getting your bills paid, shopping, recharging your data cards, DTH, landline. It can also be used to book shows and eat at your favorite places like Mc D and cafe coffee day.

An e-wallet is nothing but having your money stored in a virtual way that can be spent with only taps and clicks on freecharge.

How do you add money to your Freecharge account?

In the home page (fig:2) There is an option to add money from your bank. When you click on that, you will be directed to a page like this.



There is an option for you to add money from your bank account. The application will ask for the credentials of your debit or credit card and will quickly add the money to your e-wallet. Thereafter it is ready to be spent!

There are options for your to use many cards, withdrawal of money to the bank, request money and send money as in internet banking. This is just the quickest way to do any transaction.

Features Of Freecharge App

  1. Ease of usage and Simple UI design


As soon as the application is installed, you willbe direct4ed to the home page of the application consisting the options

1.Mobile : Recharge your prepaid and postpaid bills through Freecharge App

This feature helps you to recharge in less than 20 seconds max, with additional options for connecting to your latest best plans for your mobile network.

It also reminds you of the expiry date and keeps the tab on your current balance that will be 98% accurate and an easier way to check your balance when compared to the cumbersome process of the “Press 1 to know your balance” category.

Step 1:All you need to do is click on the icon and you will be directed with the phone number option, which you can select from the contacts or give your own number.

Step 2: Select the best plan

Step 3. It verifies and confirms the plan.

You are a click away from the getting your phone recharged. This can be used to recharge any number and so warding off the lazy walk to the recharge shop.

2.Electricity : Pay your bills through Freecharge App

You can pay your bill off’s in one seating from the comfort of your sofa or amidst the busy schedule of your work.

Step 1:Once you select the electricity icon, you will be directed to the provider page, where in you need to select the electricity provider for your locality.

Step 2:Enter the ID and personal credentials and confirm.

There you go. Your bills are paid:)

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment

3. DTH

What better way to have your favorite movies running and the channels you pay for streaming the TV media. Your DTH bill can also be paid through Freecharge instantly.

All you need to do would be select the given operator and your DTH number. The game is all about tap and clicks and lot lesser typing.



Your date card can also be recharged using the same. And as you read this, you suddenly realize that your life has become so much easier and quicker.

Step1: Tap on the data card icon on the home page.

step 2: Enter your data card number or any other number from the contacts. Your family and friends would love you for the little work you will you will be doing.

Step 3: Select the plan and confirm.


Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment


Literally, everything is under one roof. You have Shopping option here and snap deal has striking a deal with freecharge with the upcoming shopping portal.

Tap , click and confirm your goods.

How easy is it to have everything in your pocket’s reach. And many more online shopping sites are joining to make this technology more prevalent in India.


6.Land line

Though we have come far enough to forget landlines, only 2% of the Indian society is penetrated into digital transaction and this is today’s reality but it will considerably increase in the bright future.

And hence we still have internet provider linked with the landline. hence select the landline provider and have your bills paid with three taps and a click!


7.Pay merchant

Most of the merchants tied up with freecharge are mostly online and now there are so many upcoming offline merchants as well. Hence you can easily pay with your freecharge e-wallet.

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment, offline merchants




8. Recharge your metro smart card

In this era of sohisticated technology and equally sweaty, tempermental traffic issue. People have found metro to be the best way to commute.

Freecharge is here with a new way to skip the queues and make your journey tension free and better.

Give the app a few details, click from your wallet and have the things done in a jiffy.


Even your gas can be paid through freecharge and have it delivered to your home in the quickest way possible.

Offer Times All year Long

Have you always wished for a magical wallet that increases your savings every time you spend? Get acknowledged with the future of savings and gain more fun with all the tempting offers that Freecharge has to offer.



Trust me, as a Freecharge customer myself. I have got utmost ease in using this application to pay my bills and even pay the merchant. This is the new e-wallet. The time has come to ditch your old leather wallets and change everything to e-wallet that can be used online and offline. So far so good! freecharge has been reliable and this is my review on it.

Hope this helps you!



Journey Into The Story Of My Soul!

Journey into my soul!

I have so far never wondered with the deepest of my conscious in play that I would ever write a story. It was not a rat race to start with. It was more than that. A story to be imagined,a dream to be desired , a destiny to be fulfilled. Excelling and exploring a status I would find myself fit. A purpose beyond my personal craving for applause. A purpose that steers me into the direction of the whole daunting question of who I am and who I can be. To the world, that is acquainted of luxuries and pleasures.

What surprises me is my inability to profoundly accept my affinity to nature, humility and gratitude. I need to realize my true pleasures lies only in the things my heart believes in. There is, of course, an expiry date for blaming others for my failures and my inability to balance on a string that has so far withheld all my glamorous catwalks and slumpy weights . Amidst all this is my undaunting determination to stand on the wallowing string give this a try!

I owe all my strengths to life, that has thought me to stand in other’s shoes and know their secrets, a ruthless power to manipulate them but the choice to not do so. I inertly believe I can understand them better. A moment of truth that defines them is eloquently hidden in all of them.

I intend to find them, I intend to know them and I desire to find myself through that journey. And maybe that is why I love to travel. On wheels or into books, both of them has the magic to realize the greatest truth of life. That we are in a story, as mere puppets! But as humans, we are provided with free will and how our wills are always steered out of the path, into the world with comfort zones is always an unsettling subject to be spoken of. The free will is misused in the most capricious manners in the world. As I always put that Life is mostly unfair and people incorrigible. I do believe in magic and in the potion of the time’s generous existence. We fade away, we are lost. Never the time, it stays here like an old wise teacher!

I bow to the time and the magic it brings into my life! My Gratitude to everything I have ever owned, ever lost and gained much better!
photo credit: Forbidden tunnel via photopin (license)

See Life In Death’s Eyes

As I stepped into the elevator, nostalgia hit me with a jolt. It was only yesterday, we had laughed here, tickled each other and made nasty jokes. Tears were wiped and happiness had grabbed the air around. This apartment was more like a home to me. The elevator, in its mechanised voice, chimed the second floor and the door split into two and glided away into oblivion.

My legs trembled as I stepped into the granite-floored hallway. It was streaming with people, a few surprised, a few shaken up and a few more dressed as officials from the police department and few people clad in whites. This place looked nothing like the last memory I had of it.

The last night was peaceful as I helped him draw to open the curtains and call his mom. Arnav, Amol and I were close friends from a long long time. Vamshi was the new one to the group.

“Rana, see what has happened to Amol, Yuni jeo naa, Shundar Chhele” Amol’s mother out in pain , it galloped her with all its might.

Amol was basically from Bengal and had settled down in New Delhi. Arnav was the son of the chai chacha down the road and I was the only son of my deceased parents. I now lived with my grandparents but most of my growing years were spent in Amol’s house. Palok aunty was more like a mother to me. As she cried her lungs out, I could no longer contain the devastating emotions erupting inside of me.

Amol had drunk into the void last night as he could no longer find himself a job and was ditched by the girl he dated for four years. He had leaned on me and whispered Marana, death into my ears. As Arnav, Vamshi and I carried him to the small flat, Amol had laughed and sung over his failures, we laughed with him, consoled him and counselled him. It was only a few hours ago. When my friend Amol was healthy and alive.

I dragged my feet, elbowing the curious crowd that had hived in front of the door. I spaced myself between them, crossed the no-entry sign and plunged into his tiny room.

Guards shackled me in their strong arms and held me on the ground as I fought with all my might. With all the struggles I barely took a peek into his room. It was spewed with red blood all throughout the walls. He had slashed his neck, the gloated neck was a grotesque sight. He had a beautiful dimple that was now hovered by flies, his body was mutilating!

I could no longer see his plight. What was life for? To ruin it like this. Amol had no father, his mother loved him more than her life. But what worth has he given her?

” Rana, get up!” Vamshi helped me

“Look at him man, we were here last night, he was singing! He was dancing, I removed his shoes and put him to bed. That bastard left me!” I cried into Vamshi’s arms. Without my knowledge, my legs weakened and I sunk into the ground. He probably cried too but my senses went numb.

I looked at Palok aunty who was now surrounded by their relatives and consoling her, having lost her only son, she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Oh,,,Shit! What have you done Amol” Arnav came running and comforted aunty.

” How can he do this to us? So what, he didn’t have a job. Am I not like a brother to him. Wouldn’t I support him? So what if garga left him, Am I not there to find him a better girl!! ”

I cried and cried some more. he was always there for me when I needed him. The times of the ice-cream truck where we had robbed twelve icecreams and shared it with our community friends.

Had he forgotten the laughs we shared when all four of us had flunked the exams.

Had he forgotten the midnight times when we had long discussions about life?

Had he forgotten how worthy he was to bring the smiles on our faces when we were at our worst?

How did he forget that we shared the same uniforms, how did forget that we bullied the class topper into completing our assignments. How did forget that he is the apple of Ma’s eyes? That bastard left me with nothing but guilt.

The guilt of not staying with him all night.

Everything would have been fine if a call hadn’t come in the middle of the night. A good news of his far cousin delivering the baby had made Palok aunty leave her son to sleep his mornings.

Vamshi and Arnav accompanied her to the next city. I had stayed back to put him to sleep!

I should have stayed back!

Instead, I returned to my place to have a relaxing sleep.

“My fault, It’s all my fault” I screamed my lungs out. I had never ever cried and this bastard had challenged me that he would make me cry!

I didn’t know he was serious about it. I never knew it would turn true so quickly.

After the decease of Amol. Things never turned normal. Palok aunty too passed away after a year unable to accept her son’s death. Arnav is in London. Vamshi is into law and moved to Bangalore. I sit in the same old apartment where his body lay. The ordeal stays back!

I am a freelance counsellor now, counselling young people out of the trauma. They need to live. Live to realize that they matter to so many people around them. Their life is precious.

They need to see life in death’s eye and realize that everything is perishable and let everything go!

photo credit: The lonely man via photopin (license)

Made Of Ashes

Raining Stories

She isn’t human, fleshes and bones never made her. She is a phoenix, burning in the fire and reincarnating yet again with wings of fury. She is the girl you see every day , a bit strong, a bit innocent, her head held high, with a bit of smile adorning her sweet face. Her neatly plaited hair, thick black and neatly covered with a cloth that looks dusty.

Flowers filled with fragrance hide in her tresses inspiring her about the wonderful world she lives in. It’s all in her head, the happiness, the blooming flowers, the euphoria and ephemeral feelings of heaven.

She picks her infant crying over in the old cloth cradle tied to the banyan tree nearby. The city buildings have overgrown the trees. But the motherhood in her finds her child the perfect shade under the only greens. She is a mason and paid only half of her…

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