The Healer

I never believed in miracles but having been consistently ill for a longer time, thanks to typhoid followed by the damn UTI. I started to believe in the higher power and that someone would be there to heal us back.

Love, in it’s purest form, can only be derived from kids, they say so. I assure you, yes it is. Pranav, more like a son to me is my little healer. Whenever I’m around him. I get a zealous energy to zap back to the world that has so much to offer. During my low times, I wasn’t able to give my best and I’m not perfect either. I don’t intend to! Like everybody else, the imperfect me is in tandem with my existence.

But Pranav doesn’t know that! He loves me. So do I. In the dreaded moments, he has made me smile. In my pain, he made me laugh. In the confused disturbed world, he made me see a clearer version. He has wiped my tears, he has laughed at my singing skills. Never made me complete a bedtime story I intend to narrate to him. He has been an absolute blessing.

I love to stay dedicated to him, though sometimes I am lost in a world that fears me the most. I have come to realize the true treasure in life. It is health. One needs to be healthy to get anything back to sanity. You need to be healthy to keep others in good health. You need to be happy and smiling to create a happy world.

His smile mirrors in mine. His playfulness mirrors the sparkle in my eyes. He has been there for me. He doesn’t know it. He will not know it unless I tell him. But the healing power that he holds has made me grow stronger. nowadays I like his stubbornness.IMG-20161207-WA0023

It fuels my childhood memories when I never used to listen to a word of my mom whenever I was asked to lend a helping hand. I guess after marriages, mothers become a treasure as well.

Had it not been for my little healer, I wouldn’t be here sitting with a smile, and writing again. With all the changes that made a glorious entry into my life. Writing always took a backseat. So a heartfelt thank you to Pranav for being such a wonderful brave kid.

IMG-20170425-WA0005Stay blessed and have that smile adorning your charming face, my dear.

With lots of Love,

Your Athe





8 thoughts on “The Healer

  1. Hope you are better now! Take care.

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  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Good to know you are getting better. Take care, much love to Pranav too 🙂

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  3. Good to see you back Brunda. Happy that you’ve recovered and your little healer helped you on the road to recovery!!

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