Blessed To Count The Blessings

As the year passes on with a silent limbo, the new year ascertains a new voice, a new dream. Nothing is more exciting than the realizing that time flies, and I’m the pilot. To be determined to hold on to the reigns and pull it into the flow life charges onto is a blessing.

I do not want to swim opposite to the waves rather my plans become stronger if they are channeled in the way my life is moving. Isn’t that logical? No, I don’t want to be different from the rest of the crowd. I don’t want to be one of them either. Wouldn’t it be the best if I create the world that has only me and my progress?30503338082_fe7b8028a3_b

Yes, it would. But before that, I need to be grateful for the things I gained. I stand by the window bringing the warmth of the winter sun to count my blessings!

An amazing life-partner made his appearance the last year and Life is beautiful with him.

A new family that is sensitive enough to make sure I get the love I am destined to.

My family that has always been a support system to grow and live life to the fullest.

A brother who has always been the reason for the smile on sad days.

And one big set of relatives, the well-wisher gangs because of whom life is easy.

And last but the best thing is the badass set of friends who are the sole bearers of the happiness cloud in me.

I still can coin a proper sentence without many giveaways to the verbatims. I can still chase an unattainable kind of attainable dream.

I can still remain the same size without the traditional morning yoga (woohoo), but I need to phase out regarding my myth.

So, this was a silent struggle to make a come back with my blog. The new changes in my life deserved all the time it was worth. But then my writing is too dear to let go.

With all the positive energy geared up, excited for the new venture:)



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