How to Use Freecharge App- A new payment method(e-wallet)

Do you all remember the times when you had to walk to the nearest recharge stores and get your phone recharged with the latest plans?I also reckon you wouldn’t stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills and have your gas refilled at home. Oh, right! Most of you still do. But psst, there is a new payment method! A new app is around the corner o make it all easy and quick. Freecharge Application is the new talk of the town!

It’s time to realize that the world is moving on, the technology is growing as such to move all your transaction to online. How would you feel to the only tap and not type to pay all your bills and also recharge?Everything under one roof. And so many things to offer. Freecharge offers it all!

What is Freecharge?

Freecharge is the new e-wallet where you can keep your currencies to make all kinds of pre-paid, post-paid recharges, getting your bills paid, shopping, recharging your data cards, DTH, landline. It can also be used to book shows and eat at your favorite places like Mc D and cafe coffee day.

An e-wallet is nothing but having your money stored in a virtual way that can be spent with only taps and clicks on freecharge.

How do you add money to your Freecharge account?

In the home page (fig:2) There is an option to add money from your bank. When you click on that, you will be directed to a page like this.



There is an option for you to add money from your bank account. The application will ask for the credentials of your debit or credit card and will quickly add the money to your e-wallet. Thereafter it is ready to be spent!

There are options for your to use many cards, withdrawal of money to the bank, request money and send money as in internet banking. This is just the quickest way to do any transaction.

Features Of Freecharge App

  1. Ease of usage and Simple UI design


As soon as the application is installed, you willbe direct4ed to the home page of the application consisting the options

1.Mobile : Recharge your prepaid and postpaid bills through Freecharge App

This feature helps you to recharge in less than 20 seconds max, with additional options for connecting to your latest best plans for your mobile network.

It also reminds you of the expiry date and keeps the tab on your current balance that will be 98% accurate and an easier way to check your balance when compared to the cumbersome process of the “Press 1 to know your balance” category.

Step 1:All you need to do is click on the icon and you will be directed with the phone number option, which you can select from the contacts or give your own number.

Step 2: Select the best plan

Step 3. It verifies and confirms the plan.

You are a click away from the getting your phone recharged. This can be used to recharge any number and so warding off the lazy walk to the recharge shop.

2.Electricity : Pay your bills through Freecharge App

You can pay your bill off’s in one seating from the comfort of your sofa or amidst the busy schedule of your work.

Step 1:Once you select the electricity icon, you will be directed to the provider page, where in you need to select the electricity provider for your locality.

Step 2:Enter the ID and personal credentials and confirm.

There you go. Your bills are paid:)

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment

3. DTH

What better way to have your favorite movies running and the channels you pay for streaming the TV media. Your DTH bill can also be paid through Freecharge instantly.

All you need to do would be select the given operator and your DTH number. The game is all about tap and clicks and lot lesser typing.



Your date card can also be recharged using the same. And as you read this, you suddenly realize that your life has become so much easier and quicker.

Step1: Tap on the data card icon on the home page.

step 2: Enter your data card number or any other number from the contacts. Your family and friends would love you for the little work you will you will be doing.

Step 3: Select the plan and confirm.


Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment


Literally, everything is under one roof. You have Shopping option here and snap deal has striking a deal with freecharge with the upcoming shopping portal.

Tap , click and confirm your goods.

How easy is it to have everything in your pocket’s reach. And many more online shopping sites are joining to make this technology more prevalent in India.


6.Land line

Though we have come far enough to forget landlines, only 2% of the Indian society is penetrated into digital transaction and this is today’s reality but it will considerably increase in the bright future.

And hence we still have internet provider linked with the landline. hence select the landline provider and have your bills paid with three taps and a click!


7.Pay merchant

Most of the merchants tied up with freecharge are mostly online and now there are so many upcoming offline merchants as well. Hence you can easily pay with your freecharge e-wallet.

Freecharge application,how to use the application, DTH recharge, e-wallet, electricity bills, payment, offline merchants




8. Recharge your metro smart card

In this era of sohisticated technology and equally sweaty, tempermental traffic issue. People have found metro to be the best way to commute.

Freecharge is here with a new way to skip the queues and make your journey tension free and better.

Give the app a few details, click from your wallet and have the things done in a jiffy.


Even your gas can be paid through freecharge and have it delivered to your home in the quickest way possible.

Offer Times All year Long

Have you always wished for a magical wallet that increases your savings every time you spend? Get acknowledged with the future of savings and gain more fun with all the tempting offers that Freecharge has to offer.



Trust me, as a Freecharge customer myself. I have got utmost ease in using this application to pay my bills and even pay the merchant. This is the new e-wallet. The time has come to ditch your old leather wallets and change everything to e-wallet that can be used online and offline. So far so good! freecharge has been reliable and this is my review on it.

Hope this helps you!




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