Atta Writer: Here are your Vows

Have I been touched by a hairy hand that denies my right to think? I sit here wallowing at my aims and my fingers hover over the keys on my keyboard, unlike every day a fortnight before. I have been on constant leave, for such an excruciatingly long time that I have no other option but to simply write, whatever I can, whatever allows me to get into the dark spooky tunnel and light the candle of creativity.

Atta writer, I am sure that every writer would have gone through the mean phase of loss of creativity and ideas. So here are a few pledges that every writer ought to take!


Of Course, you need to be authoritative of the designation that you allow yourself to be crowned with. Take the possessions, scorn a little bit, be a bit strange. Who am I kidding, writers are strange? But most of all, you are a writer and you gotta believe in that funny thing.


Stop comparing yourself to your rival writer, dead or alive who are helped by the night fairies to weave a better prose or poetry than you.

Because, well, rival writers are just a myth, brilliant works are a work of absolute immortality. Yours, could be, will be one of those, bloom on your own. Love your works, for all of them are a thing of beauty, a creation, YOUR creation.


Look at nature, you find the most disproportionate animals and the perfect designs as well. GOD was freaking experimenting all along.

If he went through that excruciating pain of creating things, experimenting on them, having them instill their species on earth, look at the hippopotamus and the peacock. He loves them all. Love all your creations, it’s a learning curve to produce beautiful things.If you really hate one of your creations, it would be hard but you need to eliminate it if it is absolute nonsense. Remember dinosaurs!


Never write something just for the sake of it, it would be a catastrophe. Sit down, take your time, plan, replan, write, rewrite but stay connected to your little world that you are creating. You are awesome and hence fill life to each one of them.

If you are writing about a protagonist, never stop at . “Charles was a man in a black shirt” and leave it hanging there! No, not all readers love to have an image of a man with an unknown age, unknown taste, and strange smile walking around until the half of your story!


“Charles, clad in his favorite black shirt that read “ I hate People”, stood in the middle of the busy street, occasional rubbing away the dust from his spectacles that hid the fine wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. Being in the late thirties was not his favorite”

You get the idea, right, improvise the lines. Mine was the first draft, they will not be pretty, it’s the rule.

Drafts are never pretty, ACCEPT THE *@*%$*** REALITY!


The sooner you realize this point, the better you will rub your knees and stand up after a fall. Never submit anything before you check. There needs to be a check on every damn item on this list

  • Vanish all the red lines, error-free…do that and tick!
  • Read once aloud to make sense of your punctuations.
  • Read again for the improvisations in vocabulary.
  • The third time will be a fast read with a satisfied smile.


Never stop for more improvisations after the third fast read, you are never going to publish a single thing with that pace. Do it and hit the publish button and work on the next project.

Never brood over the success or the failure of a specific post.

Remember, you need to love your works, they are the kids born with your brain as their womb!


That’s pretty much you really need to do! Read anything, read everything but never force or wait for the feeling. It’s more like disciplining yourself. You need to write like you need to BRUSH!…You need to write and you need to read!


I needed to tell you this to get me on track!


8 thoughts on “Atta Writer: Here are your Vows

  1. Beautiful post, well written !

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  2. bloggeray says:

    I think this is a post that should be featured in the Discover section of WP, like most of your posts.
    You’ve elaborated on and discussed some very fine points that no doubt help whenever one has doubts about one’s own writing.
    Great post. God bless. 🙂

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  3. TalkaholicMe says:

    Nice post.. really helpful

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