Story 3-My Uniform Grew In Size

Raining Stories

I took out the only blue shorts that I had for school; They seem to have shrunken down over the past two months and faded into the oldness of blue. It has just been a year since dad brought new shorts for me.

I measured them placing around my hip. It was way higher that my knees exposing two inches of my untanned dark skin.

“Mom, I need a new set of uniforms! They are already shrunken down and I’m in seventh grade” I insisted making a sad face.

She looked up from the basket of greeneries that she was washing up for dinner tonight. It was going to be some green soup again! We grow them and I eat the same menu over more than four days a week!

A sweet smile brightened her droopy eyes as she gently took the uniform shorts from my tiny hands and settled near the…

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2 thoughts on “Story 3-My Uniform Grew In Size

  1. Rashminotes says:

    Very endearing Brunda!

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