Points On How to deal with your Nightmares!

Nightmares are seldom present with our invocation but they still visit our peaceful dreams every once in a while.

It is not just as easy to ignore the fact that when we are jerked up with a nightmare, we always tend to be fragile and weak, for some, it might be casual in a general manner, for some more, they will be haunting in series every other night!

SO here are some tips that might help you to overcome the shivering fear:

Let’s take you through what you go through.

Imagine yourself deep asleep in your cozy bed with soft cushions and there is a calm peaceful countenance that fixes on your pretty face.

You are slowly getting into a deep slumber after a hard, busy day or even after a lazy one too. But somewhere along the mid-night, when every other creature on the world fades away into the silent envelope of the dark, you are running, afraid, falling, a dream that stresses you out.

You jerk up, you are sweating profusely, unable to breathe , unable to connect to your surroundings.

Trust me, even a brave heart suffers under these attacks.Dreams basically occur during your rapid eye motion that helps your brains to run a movie in your head! Some are pretty, heart-warming and few more hell!

nightmare and to-do

Things You Must Do:

1.Switch ON the light

Yes that is what you must do, switch that light on, connect to your surroundings, calm yourself convincing of it being just a dream.

The light speaks the truth, shows you the deepest corners and assures you of your safety, your brain needs to feel secure around this time

2.Go for the water

Always make sure that you keep a glass of water by your bed-side before going to bed, it helps you to quench the sudden thirst and your parched throat gets a treatment of cool water that calms your mind.

The other amazing thing that water does is to improvise your blood circulation to your brain cells, the nervous system gets activated and differentiates well between the dream and the reality and assures of the safe place

3.Switch on the FAN

Remember, you’ll still be sweating, hence give the fan some work , if it is switched on then increase the speed of the motor!

With this, the breeze from the fan enters the spaces amidst your sweaty head and soothes the temperature rise that you experienced.

4.Divert your attention to belief and trust

At times like these Belief and trust works wonders, if you believe in god ,then it’s time to put your entire trust in him and chant a few mantras or recite a few slokas too. I do it at times!

For other people, to divert from the nightmare, take out a good book from the shelf, something that you have always wanted to read, also make sure that the book should not put you under stress, so no assignments and exam preparation! Just a few proverbs or motivating books would do.

Then for music lovers

Not the usual music that tears your eardrum but a music that is melodious and has a lullaby effect would help you out.

Survive on positive thoughts

Though you are forced awake from sleep due to a bad dream, you should always concentrate on positive thoughts; remember your thoughts are powerful enough to become real.

“Everything exists twice, once in your thoughts and once in reality”

Your thoughts and feelings are a force that exists in nature, make sure that you use them to create a beautiful future, now make the flow of your thoughts into a beautiful dream; you are almost about to dozz off now.

Go to sleep!

For Recurring nightmares

These are the people with amazing creative power, yes it is not a wretched dream but hides in itself your potential that is buried because of your untimely unnecessary stress.

So figure out: If your dreams are recurring in a cycle, then remember the details and try to connect it with your reality, are you worried about certain event, by certain person? Then unless you figure it out and solve, you tend to suffer.

If this is not working and nightmares are more common that you never get to dozz of into a peaceful sleep, then it’s time for the psychiatrist to intervene.

And it’s not a bad thing to visit a psychiatrist, we all have issues and the sooner it gets treated, the sooner we can live a better life, so ignore not the point in any time of your life!

It’s no big deal

Having nightmares is no big deal, everybody gets it and you get it too, so chill and follow the steps above, if you want add in a stroll and a shower ,you are more than welcome…Nobody will be able to stop you from getting back to that deep slumber that very same night.

Good night sweet Dreams and don’t let the bed-bugs bite:)

photo credit: 春眠女児 via photopin (license)


11 thoughts on “Points On How to deal with your Nightmares!

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    In general, do what to love. I like to go out on trips, with nature 🙂


  2. adsunsri says:

    There is always this deep canyon where in I fall only to be rescued by a knight in shining armour just in time…:)
    Loved the tips to trick nightmares Brunda..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for this post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. bloggeray says:

    Nice post. Nightmares used to be a big problem once for me but have subsided now, thank God. I always get up and take a leak, have a glass or two of water from the kitchen and try looking at myself in the mirror, even if for a couple of seconds. Might sound forbidding or scary, but actually it helps (after you’ve shed your fear of getting up from the bed). 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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