When Miss Muffet turns into Cinderella

After a decade after the spider fell on her lap, Miss Muffet grew up to be the most talked about and a graceful face that the men kept talking about. The horse carts often stopped by her home to take a glimpse of the beauty that everyone spoke of, dressed in a blush red ball gown, gloves pulled up to her sleeves and a hat that would keep her shoulders dry if it happened to rain in the mid summer evening. The small town of Erol had lot’s going on this weekend. The prince himself had sent an invitation over to Muffet’s for their gracious presence in the ball dance down that week.

Miss Muffet had a blush stolen from the roses, a smile that the crescent moon often hid in shame to confront her, her lashes were the fans that appreciated her glances. Every person in the small town of Erol loved Miss Muffet. As she swiftly walked towards the carriage that would take her to the palace, she reminded herself of the cinderella story, I’m no cinderella, I wouldn’t change into a slave nor would I have to lose my shoes. And maybe I would get a glimpse of the smiling prince today!

She giggled as she glanced over her perfectly tailored shoes, headstrong with all the attention that she evoked wherever she went, she often would act in an immature way which was soon forgotten by the folks as her sweet smile would rupture their nerves  and instead focus on how beautiful she was.

Cinderella and Miss Muffet

She admired her beauty in the mirror that her purse had elegantly hidden, Miss Muffet’s nanny was a strict one to have a girl so young running about with men’s attention. Nanny Brown was always on her toe to teach Miss Muffet the manners a lady ought to own.

“Oh, Nanny, you are old and alone; hence you nag with everything I do!” Miss Muffet would often cry.

“Dear Child, when the moon’s up and birds hushes into their nest, a lady would serve dinner and puts the babies to sleep.” Nanny Brown would begin her wisdom.

“No, A lady dresses up to bed to meet amazing people in her dreams!” Muffet would always make sure she had a curt reply.

“Look what have the creativity done to kids, mannerless as you are!” And the rest of the day would turn into that of Nanny Brown’s sour mood. Muffet never wanted to leave her bedroom on such days.

“If only father could make it back here by winter fall, I will have Nanny Brown to take up another job that has nothing to do with me” She often grumbled to sleep.

But today was different, Nanny brown had dressed her up, creased her flits and even turned her around to see if the dress umbrellaed up! Only after hours of detailed attention to the motherless child did she retire for the day.

“Dear Child, have a wonderful evening and take your time to return home” Nanny Brown bear hugged the young lady!

“Oh, thank you Nanny Brown! You left me to fly” bewildered with the sudden turn of emotions, Muffet left with a tinge of suspicion towards her Nanny!

“With freedom comes a responsibility for the greater good. If only the child would get to feel it at such a young age!” She smiled and hurried Miss Muffet off the doors.

On the pleasant journey to the ball, Miss Muffet eyed the tree tops where the birds opened their wings into flight! It was a dream for her to fly and today was the day. Her nanny had left her run wild in the forest, none of the abstination anymore but she was unaware of what the blue skies would cost her.

She reached the palace along with guests who had traveled from the north, the royal family had her welcomed with smiling faces and burning hearts. A woman whose charms was spoken of more in the north by the men who visited the small town of Erol. They were bursting with enthusiasm to find faults with her. She was at fault the way she got down from her carriage and the way she held her eyes affixed to the steps, so very slowly walking the stairs, conscious of the scrutinizing eyes!

A few women took the opportunity to showcase their pearls and expensive silks as they strode by her giving vicious stares. It was there she met a girl from the royal family, Melinda Beauro who happened to treat her warmly.

“Your beauty has been spoken of over the seas Miss Muffet and the rumors are distinctively true here” She raised her glass of drink and linked her arms with her.

“No, nothing can compare to your royal authenticity of beauty run over through generations!” Muffet dimpled her chin with her genuine smile

“I thought you had forgotten that! The prince knows that as well and you don’t stand a chance against us pretty lady” Melinda laced her sentences with pure vice while she displayed a warm smile and friendly acquaintance with Miss Muffet.

For the first time in her flight, Muffet thought that this wasn’t the skies she dreamt of.While she mulled over the drastic turn of the events, intimidated by the expensive guests, she sure didn’t stand a chance. Even if the Prince would ask her for a dance, she would politely deny, to live amongst the affluent people surrendering to their taunts wasn’t Muffet at all.

She stayed back to get a glimpse of the prince. She had never seen a Prince or a King all her life. She might turn this to a fable one day, after she turns eighty or so!

There was an announcement of the arrival of the Prince. Miss Muffet looked at him with eyes of wonderment but the next moment, she brushed past the guests and hurried out of the palace. She knew him or did she. He looked so familiar that she felt nostalgic! He resembled a boy that she had met years ago but had a vivid memory of him because he was a friendly stranger whom she had met only once.

He had brushed off the spiders from her sleeves in her aunt’s garden. He had sung about the spidey webs and the dew drops on them. Both had dug a hole in the ground to build  a house for the groating frogs! The prince brought with him the lost memories, a childhooacquaintancece whose words had made her laugh and a painful goodbye with only his name known.

The Prince got down the stairs and singing  the spidey webs song, emotions hit her shuffling her stance and shaking her very ground! The guests were bewildered yet any words spoken by the Prince were much respected.

“Peter!’ She gasped as she hurried towards her carriage, her proposal to the prince was a good one but with a lost friend! Never!

She wanted Peter stay as her imaginary friend that she often spoke to! But the truth hit her hard! He was the Prince.

“Miss Muffet! What an odd name” He had proclaimed loud when they had first met!

“Not Peter!” She huffed as she ordered to the carriage to move.

“My lady! The party has just begun” Peter came with a smile.

“ANd you are a Prince” She rolled her eyes!

“And you are my Cinderella” He smiled as he brought her a new pair of shoes and presented them to her with a spidey song again. It seemed like a mockery to her

“I will accept it as a parting gift!” She proclaimed, snatched gift and strode into the path of her home.

She waited to tell Nanny Brown about the things, she had to tell her that it was Peter! As soon as she reached her little house, she jumped and sped to her Nanny.

“Nanny Brown, In the palace, the prince, frogs, spiders, Peter” She babbled on until Brown enveloped her in a bear hug.

“Peter stopped by today morning while you were away to chat with your friends. I failed to recognize him. He came in for a proposal! I denied it. You get a dozen every month. Then he spilled the beans of being a Prince but you little lady would spoil the palace and people won’t accept you dear! Hence I denied him again with an excuse of your father’s absence.”

“He came by home, I was in shock at the palace, it was so humiliating that I left! And you are right, I make the palace look clumsy” She squealed with disappointment evident in her crystal eyes!

“No dear child, you are a precious pearl and had not he introduced with another try that he was your friend Peter from the spiders and the lawn, I would have shoved him away! He has been in the town for over a while now and he promised to return after your father returns”

“Am I the Cinderella then?” She blushed through her porcelain skin

“Very much dear! The Clumsy Cinderella!You are going to be his Queen!” Nanny Brown bear hugged her again.

The spidey webs on your sleeve

On this Christmas eve

With a yarn of wool and a scary look

Makes you throw away the book.

 I shoved them away little girl, for you

And that is how we became friends, as the skies turned blue

Our lady Miss Muffet sung the forgotten song and fell into a sleep with beautiful dreams!

Note:That was hard, romantic fiction never comes naturally to me! The story might be half-baked but worth a try! PSt: I loved that primary poem.

photo credit: Nouveau Cinderella via photopin (license)


2 thoughts on “When Miss Muffet turns into Cinderella

  1. Ada Wiam says:

    Very beautiful. Just love it, and Miss Muffet… Turned out to be beautiful from the cute, freckle faced, chubby lil girl…

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