Why A Prompt Never Prompted Me to Write!

I probably won’t come across as a girl with a challenging spirit who super-focuses on achieving my goals in a superfast manner. To add to that trait are the writing challenges that my fellow bloggers so presentably offered me that went so awful every single time!I’m truly sorry for that blunder from the bottom of my heart!

Well I started off with the challenges being A-Z challenge a few months ago but alas, “E” was the maximum I could get to and why I go through these is a bitter topic to talk about.

Of Dreams was a post that enjoyed writing in that challenge!

If you have read most of my posts, it is associated to fiction more often and as I would love to put it as a play that manifests into words on  a blank page! There are stories weaving in the top floor, zenith with all the captured moments, some are beautiful, some are ugly and some more are abrupt and abstract but I have come a long way.


I started to blog seriously from the February of 2015, my earlier posts are  amaetuer enough to know that I’m novice at that. I sometimes want to return and erase them all. There are posts even now that go unnoticed to my sceptical scrutiny yet today I will cherish the journey that I have been through till now. They carved me out from a simple dusty stone into something that is more crystal and clearer. I need to improvise, need to achieve more, need to learn and to write better.

I write when I feel to write, when something connects me, I so badly want to write in a streak like 30 days in a row. Oh! forget 3o, I wasn’t able to write for 3 days in a 3 day qoute challenge!

This Three day Challenge

I couldn’t complete that and I have mixed emotions associated with it.

How can I not write when it is a prompt!

A prompt never prompted me to write!

A prompt never took me anywhere, taking the real sense, I can connect to an incident in my college.

It was in a Logic Design lab and we had our externals, Of all the experiments that was good at, my luck and turn of the dice at the wrong moment brought me in face-to-face with the Series shift registers! It was a very easy experiment which I had totally ignored!


So bam, moment of truth, I didn’t know how to carry on! The invigilator was in fumes when he got to know of my ignorance! I was shattered, never once in life was I tormented so badly in front of the whole damn class.

My friends helped me, prompted me, gestured in various ways to get me on track! It was THE EXAM for christs sake. I was broken but I never could assimilate and analyse their alien gesturing. There was only one way left. Learn it then and there!

I went to my Sir who by now was truly pissed off and asked him to explain just the basics and I would perform the experiment. He eyed me for a moment and gave a brief theory of the basic principles involved. I understood in fragments but still went to the table, took all the tangled wires, studied the kit for a moment and started my own experiments.

I hadn’t written any procedure in my blue book, well I didn’t know! I slowly gathered courage and melted my concentration only to that specific theory. I worked through it, the kit was adamant to be any lenient! I had the wrong readings, I didn’t get the output! I tried, my perseverance was laughed at! But then it was my exam, I had to learn and trust me, no expert classes could have me have a better idea of the shift registers and series and parallel inputs and outputs!

By the end of the three hour time slot, I had learnt my way through the vague misty path, stepped on, tripped and gathered strength to walk on! I finally got the right output! It was an easy experiment except that I had not studied for it!

Out of 50, I scored a 36 that day! I have always had a track record of never going below 44 and 36 was a bad mark. But the satisfaction that my soul attained that day after going through that strenuous path, learning on my own, taking up the challenge! It was adventurous!

I felt so happy! I loved my score I have never loved 50 on 50 this much!

See, I am that adamant to go on my own path, carving it out with true heart.

There are number of websites that help you to write, prompt you to write more but I couldn’t take it up. I just can’t, probably I need to discipline myself!

Although I write most of the times, not all the posts make to the blog, I don’t always obsess on PUBLISH!

I just hope that I’m on the right path! Phew finally a post devoid of fiction!
photo credit: Early morning silhouettes at Mankwe Dam via photopin (license)


10 thoughts on “Why A Prompt Never Prompted Me to Write!

  1. I don’t know where to begin Brunda… First of all, kudos to your determination ! Secondly, great piece of writing as always:)
    Thirdly, I relate to this article completely… There have been so many moments of restlessness owing to dissatisfaction with my earliest posts and you know what, 6 months back, I deleted all of them & wrote them again! My husband says, 6 months later, I’ll probably go on another correction spree! What makes me feel so much better is I’m not alone in this journey…every post is as much learning as it is that tiny accomplishment:) Thanks for sharing this experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brunda says:

      Hi Divya, your presence on my blog makes it more special:) I truly love your writing style, your creative skills and those yummy dishes as well!
      Thank you for dropping by and making my day with your generous words. And haha, probably I’ll delete a few as well and it has been a great learning curve! and tiny little accomplishments are always worth savouring.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks for the appreciation Brunda…Glad to be able to connect with you here! Your stories are full of heart and maybe you should start compiling them into a book! 🙂
        Articles aside, this is yet another proof that I did the right thing by embarking on the world of blogging…meeting people like YOU has enriched the journey 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Brunda says:

        Aww thank you so much Divya, authoring a book has always been a dream.
        It is my pleasure to meet and connect with people like you as well Divya..thank you for the positivity you transferred to my soul:)

        Liked by 1 person

      • Sorry not “maybe”! You definitely should compile them into a book 🙂


  2. bloggeray says:

    Same is the case here too There are times when an idea or a couple of lines make so much collective noise in my mind that I have to put them down on this digital paper. And when I’m done with writing that post, the feeling of satisfaction I get is immense.
    About your old posts being poor, I think you must never delete them. I feel my own posts being poor when I sometimes look back on them. But that’s how it is. We evolve and we improve, maturing along as we write. Those old posts are proof of your own evolution and should be celebrated for that, not discarded.
    Perseverance always pays in the end. Great example you put up.
    Loved the post. Have a great day. God bless. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MrsFrantz says:

    Honestly, I did the daily word prompts, and i feel ok with them, but most days i wonder if i can come up with something to write about. Excitement doesn’t come knocking on my door very often…so i try to write three days a week, and i try to be as honest as i can. I totally get when you mentioned how you would love to write in a thirty day span, some days i just don’t have anything to say, and others i feel i don’t have enough time to write. Anyways, great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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