3 day quote challenge- Life Goals

Thank you Kumar Harsh  for giving me this challenge that made me go over the quotes that had an immense impact in my life. He has a nice blog portraying different facets of life, sometimes as a poet and sometimes as a storyteller.

So for the first day, I would love to quote something that we all face a dilemma with and sometimes fall prey to uncontrollable circumstances, this particular quote has held me up and comforted me and given hope!

“At any point of your life, Face past without any regrets; Handle the present with ample confidence, Prepare for the future without any fear”

I try my best not to regret anything, but as of today, there are of course a few complains. It’s all about how I never invested time effectively. But it’s never too late, is it? As I write about it, I hear a tilter in my head. That’s my conscience teasing me through the complex layers of the brain tissues! But let the bygones to bygone:) It’s never too late.

Not to sound rhetoric but we all know of the solution to many of the conundrums that we face, we just never work for it. To subdue the humour that’s playing a verbatim from an old play. I realize I need to buckle up and finish the damn thing that I have started.

So I decided to do just three things per day from my perpetual to-do list!

Taking one thing at a time!

And with that sprinkle a bit of ethos of our lands, thank for everything in your life, being grateful is a brave thing to do!

So let’s all take a moment for all the good things that has so far made its presence evident with little laughter, tasty dishes, roof over the head, a warm blanket for the freezing night, hot cup of coffee for a new talk and that little mind that knows how to cheer up every time we fall!

We all fail many times to gather the courage to change the situations that we are stuck in. Most of the ways just need that insane three second courage for you to speak up or stand up for yourself and also to remain silent. We all have a choice that go beyond our capabilities. And we need courage to enjoy the moment. It has been the so far, the toughest job on earth for me.

Future always weakens our knees at times, be it your future plans and just the uncertain sprawl of time or the realization that not much of it is left behind! The trait of being obscure is the only strength of your future! So people out there sparing a moment to read this. You have a beautiful future ahead of you, fear not, fret not. Everything will fall into the right places at the right time.

So now for the nominations, I would like go with a few new blogger friends that added some more shine in encouraging me to write more.

Divya -She has got a blog that makes you smile, makes you feel and experience the different places she has visited! Her artistic ways of turning the most mundane objects to creative masterpieces leaves you awed! So check her blogspace:)

Sonu Somraj– He has got this sophisticated blog that bewitches you with the charms of elegant poetries and quotes! His few posts render a knowledge so deep that seems beyond his age! Check out for those.

Shreyan – This guy has a way with the words! Do check out his blog that is a beautiful journey to read on it’s own.

Rules for the nominees

-Take up any three consecutive days and write!

-Each quote for each day, describe what connects with you to the lines

-Each day add three other bloggers to the list of nominations

-Pass the good word






2 thoughts on “3 day quote challenge- Life Goals

  1. shreyans says:

    Very nice explanation to a very important quote..inspiring…thank you for nominating me..i am really excited about it..


  2. Kumar Harsh says:

    Excellently written Brunda. Thank you for this warm gesture. I am honored. ☺️


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