The Traveller

I am wading through the swamp waters, uneasy and frightened of drowning. It’s the fall of the midwinter day, I see the saffron of the sun bathing in the river, creating illusions of blurring heaven inside the waters. I wrap my woolen red sweater around me, an attempt to numb the cold away but instead it’s getting heavier with each close step into the deep waters. I shiver of the changing temperatures but the view is beautiful.

It is as if I was being redeemed by a colorful touch of the evening, there is a smile of amusement in my face, I no longer am in a state of fear, it was more likely morphed into gratitude, I came here with different intentions but the colors touched me with beauty. Overwhelmed by the scenic beauty, I stared into the waters. Why was I so curios about this river? It had nothing but beauty.


I am a traveller carrying a heart of curiosity , filled with wanderlust. Today I came to this remote small village by the side of the river, they say that the river goddess was angry and has taken two foreigners as her sacrifice. It was a superstition they firmly believed in. The River Goddess never allowed a foreigner to step into her waters, and the people other than the clan would die in her hands.

My rational side took over as I explained that everything will be fine and that their belief is half-baked, instilling an emotion that is not worthy mentioning but I sensed that they were all red with fury. They held me in their clutches and pulled me to the village head. A man in his early nineties with over grown beard, sunken eyes and an era old looked at me with eyes of scrutiny. I felt a spasm of panic but I still try to reason out with him, which led me to wade here today.

As the members of the clan sit on the banks of the river offering me as the sacrifice to the River Goddess stating that I had offended their culture and the Goddess they worshipped, they blamed me of immature thoughts and pushed me with sharp tools into the waters.

But Halfway through the wading, I am falling in love with the scenic beauty that mother nature is blessing me with. There were fishes passing through my feet and the cold waters are accepting me with love, I smile as the emerald bracelet that clung to my left wrist shine in the sinking hour. Peace fell into my feet as the cold waters pushed me back to the banks, River Goddess or not, I felt a miracle there. Moon, gravity, the tides didn’t make much sense at all as the waters safely landed me to the banks. Astonishment evident in their faces, I was welcomed and honored, fed and given some warm blankets to sleep in.

But my curiosity remains, the river was flooded due to the monsoons, there was every chance that the strong currents could carry me, the river often had whirlpools in them, a deep study suggested that the clan were genetically strong to hold the currents as they were practically raised around the river and the foreigners were incapable of handling themselves with the beer they consumed before entering. It seemed logical for their drowning.

But what I felt today was beyond words, it was like I was in safe hands, a mother who cradled me for some time and lovingly dropped me to my place. I had always phobic of drowning, sinking or anything to do with deep waters. But today the River Goddess healed me of it! I reckon there are many things in the world that are unanswered and sometimes we need to leave it to the nature to show itself, deciphering the laws and forces!

-The Traveller


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  1. Rashminotes says:

    Well written Brunda!

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