The Haunted Elevator

It was a nice evening, office seemed to be a better place with the team lead absent at the floor, I could reflect my smile on the shiny floor that was maintained and swept by the maintenance department. It gave the much needed sophistication.

I could go home early, plan an outing or even prepare a delicious meal for my two kids,I was already in my happy world, baking a pastry, topping it with the strawberry and pouring down the liquid hot chocolate over it while my kids would poke a finger into the just baked dessert and I would enjoy the moment sitting at the edge of the dining table. The clock showed half past five, a few more minutes and I’ll race through the door, into my shuttle and to my heaven.

“Trin Trin” the office phone jolted me out of the very sweet dream,I composed myself and recieved it.

“Madam, the server has crashed down and we need to retrieve al the files tonight and there are multiple issues to be solved, the team lead is not present hence..” Sharath, my collegue who was a bowing acquaintance shoved me the information up my face.

Sharath called from the second floor where all the issues happen and get solved, for the first time in my life,  I missed my team lead. This wasn’t going anywhere, no let off , no home, no kids, and absolutely no damn taking a  breath of freedom.I stomped my foot and hurried out.


She yawned like she was devoid of sleep for two nights in a row, the server had drained her off any evidence of energy.She was a personification of slogging in every form.Her body felt sick and sore, her eyes drooped into the most exhaustive pair of lences.

She felt a chill of air whooshing through her, the second floor was deserted without another human in sight. With just a small light of the cubicle that she worked in, everything was dark, dull and ghostly!

“Sharath??Sharathh, is that you? Anjali whispered with a confused smile, she glanced at her watch.It ticked of 11:48.It was late but she had to stay back , a responsibility shoved to her with the absence of the team lead and the project depended on her reliable hands now.

She turned around to find a slight opening through the old stuck window, she took a long stare at it, this was the jammed window which was or never could be opened by any strong men in her office but still ,now it was open and was scratching in a low grumble. She pondered on who might have opened it!


She smiled at her worries and coward nature ,advancing towards the window,she looked for the existence of her colleges in the floor and one by one the lights flickered, from the right edge to the west end.She followed every light, slightly shivering! She wasn’t the person who could be bullied or pranked by darkness!

“Sharath! Let’s not play this game now! Come and help me out with the issues!” She called out while her voice echoed in the empty floor, the lights were off again.

She thought of it as an electrical glitch! Her mind racing to the issues at hand, while she was returning to her cubicle, she heard a small cry, erupting from the open window! She blinked and advanced towards it, now and then checking out her surroundings.

“Anybody there? Hello!” Her voice had a tremble.

There was a loud shatter at the end of the hall, and her phone fell from her desk, two opposite directions and the sounds echoed the hall, the second floor gave her a chill. She raced out to the elevator! Daring not to retrieve her phone, the second floor no longer seemed safe.

“Security, Hello! Sharath!” She screamed as fear took over her.

The elevator invited her in, it was the safest place and she had to reach the ground floor at any cost! With her phone broken and eerie soft sounds that made her legs weak, she just wanted to get out of the place. She never had stayed up this late in office and the first time seemed to be the last as well.

As the elevator closed, she let out a sigh, staring at the digital red arrow mark that signified that she was moving down, a few seconds later there was a jolt! The elevator seemed to be stuck, her breathing stopped as she gawked the sign that diligently changed to UP arrow!

“No, No! It’s down, not the terrace” She screamed as the elevator took her to the last floor. She selected the south east corner to safe herself from the unknown thing that had just brought her up. But the doors did not open. Tears at her brim and shiver down her spine, she jabbed at the open sign, staying inside was suffocating.

“Anybody there” She screamed and a cold hand reached her right shoulder, she didn’t move, unflinching, eyes wide open, she tried to turn in the closed elevator.There was no chance that anybody other than her to be there, in that closed elevator.

She turned but found no one, except her reflection at the mirror sides! She gulped down her saliva, the winter night was anxious, she was sweating with fear, her adrenaline spiked up to anything that might happen!

Then she heard the screech that the always jammed window of second floor made, the lights inside started to flicker, something, wet and soft lay at her feet, she dared not open her eyes as it held her hands and pulled her to the doors!

It was still closed, but a trickle of blood started to run down her face, she looked at it, horrified, she was hurt. All the bottled up feelings now blew the whistle, she started to hyperventilate and tap all the doors and walls of the elevator. She felt something lick her blood from her face, her heart weakened. What was supposed to be a perfect evening turned out into the most scariest in her life.

There was a loud scream and wailing cry that echoed through the building that night, the clock striked 12.

The newspapers of the next day carried the news of a missing techie, Mrs. Anjali Agarwal, mother of two and wife of a businessman Sumit Agarwal with a photo that had her smile from her heart!

If found, please inform to number 9866657***.



6 thoughts on “The Haunted Elevator

  1. Akshitha says:

    Gripping tale..full of suspense and thrill.Great work Brunda ! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. prashantt says:

    This is constructed beautifully & suspense till end.I thought of a real incidence when I initiate reading as its easy to articulate personal experiences rather than imaginary writing.I always appreciate writers who step down to this difficult genre of writing & you’ve certainly penned one of the best.👍👌👏keep writing 🙂 P.S. Thanks so much for stopping my page that gives me an opportunity to visit your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Brunda says:

      Oh..Thanks a lot Prashant, I’m humbled:) On the contrary, peening down the real things needs courage which I many a times lack hence fiction is the genre that connects me to the readers…glad you liked it and it was good visiting your page:) Keep blogging:)

      Liked by 1 person

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