Ten Reasons Why Women needs Feminism!

Today was just the perfect monsoon evening, with a drumming shower that lasted for a few minutes and a gentle drizzle enough to make the green more merrier, I saw a couple of teens jumping over a fence of the ground on this rainy evening. The first thought that struck my mind was, Why aren’t we doing such things, I mean I love to jump around, climb trees and walk on the sofas rather than the ground.

1.Oh, right, I forgot, I’m a girl and I need to behave like one! Since when do we have rules suggesting to curb all our likes and behave like we aren’t humans. No, I’m just curious about this. I love to play basketball and so do  many other girls but a sense of possible ways that we will be objectified turns all our desires sour.

2.We love movies and watching it in a theatre is even more fun. But, it’s a vehement but, we are alert, always, in a fear that the back seater might intrude our privacy. In the name of crowd, we are groped and handled but the hands are invisible and just to not create any scene we are advised to silently tolerate it or grounded at home.

3.We love to build a career and we don’t want anything to hinder our performance, but we are harassed in the place of work just because we pinched the man’s ego, we are even payed less.

4.We love to dress up well and later blamed for another rape in the country! Can we suggest you not to own anything because maybe you’ll be robbed, or should we suggest you to die today as it’s going to happen someday, you are alive and that’s a blunder.

5.We are pressured to think like a man when we catch them cheating but then we are shamed with words like slut and bitch and are exiled to the well.

6.We are required to always act like a lady when we love bikes, sports, screaming at the top of our voices, going out. Why? because we might take the attention of the guys. Why don’t you lecture them on how to give the freedom we deserve by not objectifying us or belittling us.

7.Oh, yes, with all of the above, we are always supposed to look young because growing old is just the main reason for a man to cheat, only later to blame it on the woman that they are not interesting enough.

8.On what world has a rule been written that if you like us, we have o fall under your feet and say “I do”. No, that’s not happening until our guts believe in you. Acid attack survivors, we become yet we are victimised and shunned, well we have a burnt skin but a loyal beautiful heart but who cares?feminism, human rights

9.We have to work like horses and not even a morsel of appreciation is handed our way, why? Well because it is our duty and we are no one to complain but men can go all insane and drink to their brim, well they have problems, well guys, we are dealing with it in a more mature way.

10.Marrying us doesn’t turn us into slaves, it turns us into your life-partner, well you don’t understand mature things such as this!And I’m talking about the challenges that all girls will, would have or is facing in different parts of the world.  And no, not all men are the same, we can make out the difference! Sorry, you need to explain to us is we ever misunderstood you, for once bitten by the venomous snake, we take the garden snake in the eyes of scrutiny!

So here’s the thing, stop hitting us, we are not the weaker sex but the other sex  and we need the right to live and enjoy, to dream and succeed, to wish and to decide! We need our space and we need our respect! Just the way you do and we definitely need to stop bastardising the word feminism. We just need Equality and a safer planet!


By the way, I needed lot’s of courage to hit the publish button!


13 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Women needs Feminism!

  1. theonlysup says:

    I don’t think women these days are restricted to play basketball or any other game..
    And women are free to chose their career too. And every company has ombudsmen which prevents harassment irrespective of gender.
    Yeah I know in some rural places there are few orthodox minded people where women are given less opportunities. But then if u look at the bigger picture women are doing great in many aspects.
    Women and men are different in the way they think ,behave ,and communicate and these difference should be respected by both the gender..

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    • Brunda says:

      Yes, I do agree, but all the changes are seen in the creamy layers of the society but the problem still persists, if you have an sensitive eye, you would know. And of-course I respect people irrespective of the gender but there are times that we still face the aforementioned problems, it needs to be uprooted! And I know someday, it will be a there, with the help of guys like you:)

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      • theonlysup says:

        Thanks I always appreciate the right since of feminism . yeah also I’m against inhuman acts( if u know what I mean ) in fact I must appreciate women for all their invaluable efforts they put in the responsibilities they handle. I see the human perspective is changing towards betterment and i hope it will continue

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      • Brunda says:

        Yeah, let’s hope for the best:) Oh yes I know what you mean! The right kind of freedom and the right kind of feminist thoughts are required for today:)

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  2. That is an amazing write, Brunda. And you very truely stated that feminism is not about hating the other sex but the basic notion that even women are people and hence should be teated with equal compassion. By the way, it is indeed a brave post because these days the trend is to deny being a feminist (yet enjoy the perks available now due to sincere efforts of some other feminists.)

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  3. Sims says:

    True and you did the right thing by hitting the Publish button.

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  4. Ankur Mithal says:

    Thought provoking yes. But perhaps a simplified version of a complex issue. A lot of expectation. Of mostly other women I guess. Take point 7 for example. What stops ALL women from not trying to look good. What will men do then??


  5. I am not really sure if this is Feminism or egalitarian ….but I do preach equal status to every living entity.
    I just don’t get how our society terms ‘weaker’ or ‘stronger’ sex on simple attributes of physical prowess….its insane.
    This is a wonderful post…really thought provoking and sharp…..stay happy Brunda 🙂

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  6. Loved your comment “we are not the weaker sex we are the other sex” that’s all it really is – no better or less just …the other one ❤️️👏

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