Ready-Go for Datsun redi-GO

I heard that there is a new car in town, Datsun redi-GO with bold character designs, a bit sporty too, they say. The roads seem to be crowded with cars, of expensive suits and middle class flamboyance, a few more of last generation antiques. What I preferred was a perfect car, for a small family, for the Indian crooked roads, a perfect urban hatchback, a color that could make heads turn and spacious interior to have fun while travelling.

With a family of four and happy about earning every month, I decide to buy a car of the aforementioned features, but then I’m stacked with advises and opinions stamping all over my preferences. From the plethora of options, it was indeed hard to underline my likes and to get them all. Well, I’m a bit sorted enough to know what I really want but I needed some help. I hopped to my brother for his opinion.

“Bro, I have barely started earning and saved enough for a car, which one is the best?” I cross my legs beside him with my phone inserted to the charger.

Datsun redi-GO


“There is a new car by Nissan, Datsun redi-GO, have you heard of it?” He asks me as he scribbles some formula from his notes, exam times, I sigh.

“Yup, it seems good, should I go for a test drive?” I fill my mouth with air, it signifies that I’m thinking over it.

“What do you like about it?” He turns to face me, placing his pen in his pockets.

“Well, the budget buddy, a car within three lakhs is perfect, saved enough for that!” I beamed with zeal.

“Actually there models in Datsun redi-GO car, ranging between 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs” He smiled knowingly, sure that I’ll fall for the information.

“Woah, cool then, it’s inside the budget then, a tick, a huge one, you know” I smile of gratification.

“What do you actually like in a car?” He bemused, well aware of my preferences.

“Well, the color, I need it funky and I just need to fall in love with it, be it silver or fast red. How many colors does Datsun Redi-Go come in?”

Trendy Coloursdownload (1)


“You are in for options then! You have Ruby red, white, grey, silver and lime green” He waited for my smile, he knew my selection.

“Lime green, it is!! Trendy and sexy” I seemed over excited.

“Yeah whatever!” He grimaced at my words

“Oops, sorry but Lime green!!” I exaggerate the ‘I’ in the Lime.

“You know what, get ready, we’ll go and take a look at that redi-GO” He got up to change from his pajamas.

I stared at him till he disappeared into his room; he was willing to take me on a ride, today, now! That was fast, my lazy brother seldom helps me.

A few minutes later, I hopped on the rear seat of his car while bidding a bye to my mother.

“Test drive, it is” I glee as we reached the showroom

There at the far left of the huge showroom was my lime green Datsun waiting for me.

“Madam, this is the new Datsun redi-GO, perfect to your budget preferences and we have variety of colors,” He started mouthing while I opened the car.

Comfy Interiors

It was lovely, with light coloured interiors, comfortable seats, the space was perfect for four of us, I already was imagining my parents beaming with pride on the rear seats, faces to the windows and smiles lighting their faces. I smiled at m fantasy and checked the power windows of the car that had a central locking system. I was pleased with it.

Budget and Mileage

My brother was busy enquiring about the price tag which would be anywhere between 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs, the mileage was good, on highways 25 kpl, on city roads would be 20kpl. It was affordable and good mileage as well.

Finally I sat at the driver’s seat for that test drive; we chose to go through the city to the highway which was nearby.

Perfect partner for city rides

The main feature that I loved was short turning radius, no problem with the U-turns and the parking at the short slots was a not bothersome at all. It could fare well even with the potholes and road redundancies. And with the good driver positioning, my short height never posed a problem, I was comfortable, it was fun to drive with my brother joking around that I was fall in a pit and that this was just a test drive. I was confident with the car that could handle the traffic and bumpers along the way with good ground clearance. Perfect freedom for Indian roads.

Design and color

So by the end of the test-drive, I was satisfied with its logical design which was a perfect blend of longevity and sporty exterior involved with character lines accentuating its look, a crossover and as an urban Hatchback with good boot space, amazing suspension and good ground clearance and a colour of my choice.

Hence I decided to get set Ready Go to Datsun Redi-Go for the

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


5 thoughts on “Ready-Go for Datsun redi-GO

  1. Someone is really gung ho about the redi-GO!

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  2. What! Fiction?! I totally bought into that and was just about to congratulate you on your choice and ask you imbue you’re going on with the potholes!
    Seriously though – that was an amazingly easy to read piece and I ate it up from the first word to the last. Fascinating and informative. You have a beautiful writing style and if you’re not doing this professionally, you should consider changing your career! Thanks for sharing this – kind regards – Robert (York – England).

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