The ‘J’ack We All Know?

Jack, a proper noun exploited as a common noun synonymous to Mr. X. When the pages of history are flipped, there is not one but many illustrations of this Jack guy. He was first introduced to us in kindergarden by the popular nursery rhyme” Jack and Jill”, the18th century guy who fell down and broke his crown.Poor, poor Jack.

Then a few years into studies, we find Jack as the harbinger of loopholes in a person. The famous saying “Jack of all trades and master of none” was frequented to stereotype the mediocre class in the society. But then, Jack can be emphasized to be an allrounder afterall. The days will be motion only if one is aware of all teh skills, knowledge of how to fix a motor or the skills of preparing a simple breakfast is a necessity of today’s fast paced, expensive lives. There is absolutely no pressure for you to be an electrician or a chef. One has to be the Jack of all trades.That guy needs respect, and a bow.

Jack and Jill, JAck Frost, Jack of all trades

Salman Khan, an Indian based bollywood actor, on one of his appearances, when interviewed about his unflinching success through the decades, he gives in to be the Jack of all trades and swears that is the reason for his promising enaction of the characters he is assigned to. Hence Jack was after all an amazing character capable of honing any skill thrown at him.

With the rhymes and the proverbs left behind, we step into the slang world and jack is exploited time and again in the centuries to follow by.

“Jackass” synonymous to idiot, stupid,moron,jerk and extremities of the same meaning, it’s almost like any other decent work in English, now-a-days Jackasses are viewed to be group of close friends. They call each other names and curse. So this generation is all about Jackasses imposing a new meaning to the jack fellow who is deemed to be friendly, amazing and cool.

Jack sometimes, is invariant and omnipresent carrying various meanings and applications. He is also found in the games as well. The Jack of clubs, you remember, right, while playing cards and you are waiting for him to miraculously stay in your hands. The cards owe jack a lot.

Oh and the creepy side, the Jack-in-the-box was used to scare people on surprise parties and jack remains to be the surprise element in the all the creepy movies that hollywood got inspired from Jack.

Let’s not forget Jack Frost that animations introduced to us, this jack can control ice and guards our dreams. He is handsome, humorous and responsible.

So Jack, nope THE JACK that we get to encounter every single day,The friendly jack, the clumsy one, the scary one, the all-rounder and the Jack who is bound to stay in all the text-books, movies and slangs that will be used a few more centuries.

Cheers to Jack:)

photo credit: 5000th Photo via photopin (license)


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