Finally ‘H’ome

I live in a secluded place that is all for myself away from the nasty kids that ruin my peace. I’m turning seventy this Winter. Having a dear dog of some woofy breed that takes good care of me, you see, I’m blind and hence the dog, but I hate them too. The place I live is across a busy road yet in a secluded place, I barely hear, you know and people at the church exclaim when I tell life as the only hell on earth. Home is where I would find peace and I was barely at peace.

“Oh Granma Peas, you need to be grateful for you have a life and the sun is shining his warm rays on you. The sun wakes up for you. Pray and he will be there, the Lord”

Well, I barely heard her after that, I meddled with my hearing aid, that sister in the church is way too chirpy. She believes in nonsense. The sun rises for the earth rotates not for me. I’m no love of the fine hues! I love a pastry or two though. And I live alone in my house, not home, with no one to bake around albeit the lady two-blocks away always comes home with some holy water and some poorly baked pie.

finally Home, AtoZ Challenge

The pie tastes like rotten cake or perhaps my taste buds are dying, either way, I would still like a cup of hot coffee and some nice baked pastry with fresh cream. Oh, my younger days were full of them.

“Granma peas, can we borrow your fake teeth, we are playing you today” The little kid  screamed outside of her tiny accommodation, merely the house that people live in.

“Ward off, you little mice, stay away from my place and my teeth, they are real”

They wouldn’t listen, they pester me everyday, on my way to the church and back from it, on my way to my deep slumber and the unwanted screams from the little boys. Everything was bad, way far bad than I had imagined. I like my dog though, he stinks but I still like him. I don’t feel lonely. It would have been better if my dog could speak instead of bark or rather if I could understand his barks.

This night, I take off my hearing aid, and stagger my way to my bed, for eternity, make me sleep is what I ask of the Lord above. I had to get home, away from all the uncertainties here. I wonder if he would hear me. I slept with a heart to let go of this crumpled body and slowly I drifted to sleep.

It was morning again and I was still alive, the lord doesn’t want me home. I put on my hearing aid and instantly hear the doorbell. I find my dog whose name is dog to help me to the door.

“hello Grandma, I found this place to be only accommodated by you, I go to the college 5 miles from here and so I wanted a place to stay. I can pay rent, just a few dollars if you could negotiate” the young girl was a pleasant surprise, she was full of energy and common sense, so like me.

“Can you bake pastries?” I ask her with a smile.

“Well, I can buy you one and I’ll learn if you could teach me that” She giggles and opened a packet that was stuffed with pastries. She loved them.

“Yes, you can stay, few dollars you say, how much ever you can save from your pocket money girl!” I tried to reach her and feel her face.

I could feel her smile and she held me in a bear hug.

I was finally home. 

Home was the place where I was loved and where I belonged.I am finally home.


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