‘F’ried Summer in Bengaluru

What’s summer like in Bengaluru?

It’s waking up with the golden hues filtering from the designed screens that waves to the mild breeze of the early morning. You smile as the warmth of the sun that touches you and everything else with the kiss of life. It’s summer again.


You would love to take a morning walk or the brisk jog to burn the extra calories or the serene asanas in the presence of the first rays, for your body needs to synthesize the vitamin D in the body. The flowers are bright and so is everything around you, shimmered with the wand of gold, the nature seems to be rich, once in a while the sun peeking through the canopies.


That followed by the hustled start of the day, the paper-boys racing through the roads as on a mission to get the world to you, the milkman ready on his clock for your coffee, the flower vendors happy with the abundance and freshness of the flowers. Then it’s finally you, dressed in the most comfortable summer dress, sprayed some summery perfume along with a bit of sunscreen, you know the afternoon sun. You are on your positive, bright side and you seem to love summer for the all the fruits it has to offer and all the water games that you are all set to play and for all those ice-creams stalls that you are going to flock at!

That said it all. Summer was defined that way! Before, long ago, a decade ago in Bengaluru.

What’s summer now?

Oh believe me, the sun is not bad, it is cruel! I have never offended him anyway possible for him to torture me, he is coming back at me and look at what my city has to pay for. My fault, I shouldn’t have called you cruel. You are the hottest thing ever and you are showing it off, way too much.

intolerable sun, summer, fried summer, Bengaluru

What is wrong with Bengaluru, people loved this city for it’s balance across the varied seasons. Summers are not too hot, winters are never freezing cold, spring is gay and happy , autumn is just wild and free. But the reputation is going to drains with the abrupt change of mind of my city. The schedule of the seasons are messed up, the degree of their presence is wildly out-of-control and what is it like today.

Burning under the 40 and 43 degrees of heat boiling our blood, dehydrating the fluids and tanning us, killing us!

We wake up frustrated because the previous night, the breeze was scare, we didn’t have a proper oxygen supply as the fans rotated in attempt to sing a lullaby and ended up feeding us our own breath, kinda gross but Bengaluru never wanted AC’s until the software giants made it mandatory even in winter. Were was I? Well, yeah ,it was about the way you start your day!

You start it with the sense of burning and sweating and sticking all over. The feel of exhaustion and lethargy is not the way we ought to wake up. It is then followed by the rush to work and sweat up there, burning your skin, you would just want a flood of ice-cold water in the city. The birds that were happily chirping seem to have vanished, more like dead. The nature is burning up with golden flames, scarcity of water leading to more deaths, oh a few more deaths sue to sun strokes, well, in came summer and along with it came the shadow of death along with load shedding and burnt brains.

bengaluru and summer, heated season

This ain’t summer! This is some cruel season. And we all know that it is because of us we are facing it today, global warming, green house affect and everything that you hear in debates are serious issues and are for real. Let’s take small steps and keep some water outside for the animals and birds, let’s plant a sapling and manage our wastes better. You don’t need to be god to solve these, be the person you are and not the person that the society makes you.

what can you do this summer to the nature,

It’s a long way to go in this venture, so far I have only kept water for the birds and did the division of waste but I think it’s time for the saplings as well. Let’s get our garden city back on wheels so that the generations to come by would exclaim with glee that “It’s Summer Again”

Happy Summer, Don’t get fried!