‘E’…#AtoZ Challenge

So the upcoming word in the challenge was ‘E’, I pondered on what topic I would write about.  my thoughts were rummaging through the vocabulary in my mind. As there was a power cut at my place yesterday night, I had quite some time to think over it. My mother kept a close eye on my lost senses.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked me with not much of interference. Probably she would have been fine even if I wouldn’t have answered ,but I don’t like her questions unanswered.

Mom, remember the word building games that I used to play. I always find ‘E’ to be the most complex alphabet to find words. I always used to lose points because of it” I explained, no, I much blabbered.

Well, you have… Engagement.” 

I gave out a sarcastic laugh, obviously with the talks of it very pertinent in my phase of life; it still helped for the word!

Mom, we do have emblem, engross, ephemeral, enigma, enthrall,

She was fast

Entertainment, enter, exit, ego, element,”

Exercise, engulf, exotic, entity,”

Encourage, economics, emphasis, establishment,

And the word game was fascinating after-ll, . It was the semi-darkness that was engulfing us with all it’s might while our enigmatic minds were so engrossed in listing out the words from the alphabet ‘E’. With the light so inclined towards the clock, each moment was enthralling. Later I was left to be alone, lost in my own thoughts

My train of thoughts often mulled over the enabling of symbolization of the four Asiatic lions in our emblem when I declared the word stopping the time. The Indian Emblem was a  symbolization to power, courage, pride and confidence; the four enriched words were the most coveted traits in me. I still long for them. Then the thoughts take a different route. The route to tone, not that I’m racist but I think the enormous sensation of being fair isn’t much needed. I wish if we were to see the beauty of the souls instead of the skin-tones, the whole emphasis of beauty would have been a lot different.

Brown and different shades of it, I assure you, gives the most exotic looks to a person. Hence the entry of a narcissist and hypocrite into their lives would be estimated to be a loss. Each person is beautiful and unique with their enchanting charms neatly wrapped in the societies most eyeing situations. It is at these times the esteemed lions play a role, looking into the exhaustive repetition of the long lost tradition of racism, we could entertain our own thoughts and be as esteemed as ever , for what is a life without a trace of ephemeral feelings that can make us laugh and cry, to stand in pride and to bow down in humbleness, entreating and engrossing, everything around you would make you feel beautiful if you were to feel it’s beauty.

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Well , a simple game of words brought the most deep rooted insights in me and am I still looking for a word that can enlist the “E” in them. Well, I had to rush to relish my dinner. And yes the simple thoughts were an engaging talk with myself. We all should often talk to ourselves, for deep inside us lies the most brilliant person and the silliest of the lot. You’ll get the honor to meet them both:)

Happy talks folks:)