‘C’atastrophe…#AtoZ Challenge

A Memory:

Back in eight grade, this particular word “Catastrophe” seemed to be the most dreadfully long word. We had a lesson on Black Friday articulating the day’s event of the twin-building disaster that took place on September 11. It was a story of what a human mind is capable of doing, in the most precarious manners.

We were students horrified with gruesome happenings of the world. Keeping aside all the little discoveries , we were more horrified to hear a surprise test on the glossary of the particular chapter. We scavenged for the books hidden in the warm sockets of our bags, briskly turned over the pages and started to by-heart the meanings.

But then our teacher gave out a twist in the surprise test. She announced that she would give the meaning a word and we had answer the question word . Well it wasn’t logical (at least for us, back then) for we were good with the meanings and the words seemed too long and complex to have a proper pronunciation. 

We were still memorizing the contents, when our teacher with a sleek stick tapped on the desk and called upon my name.

“Yes you, tell me the word for ‘An event causing great and usually sudden damage or suffering’.” and that was indeed a sudden disaster to me. I was to be asked according to my registration number and I ended being called first instead of twelve. Like a lion sure of it’s prey, she rounded me tapping the slender stick on my table making me fear for that beating( The stick was only for keeping the class calm, now I think about it, no , my school actually never beat people)

I took breath and blurted “Catastrophey” ; yes the pronunciation was my fault and what I call as my luck, is the fact that, among-st those fifteen glossary words, I knew only the one I was questioned for. It might be a stroke of luck but it got etched in my brain so effortlessly that it started a new craving for more complex words in me, of-course with almost proper pronunciation, I started learning them, loving English a bit more than ever.

Hence what might pass on as a catastrophe might many a times come handy to reach our new horizons, to face new challenges and to have a broader perspective. Albeit it was just a childhood snippet but it had an immense impact on the way I look to things and the way I embrace them into my lifecatastrophe, #AtoZ Challenge

Now that I think about all those catastrophes around the world, some intended, some others , a work of nature. They all get destroyed at one point of the time phase. But what matters is how high they stood, be it the humans or the non-living structures, in their worth of staying on this earth. If nature works can’t be denied or prevented with the limited knowledge of technology and over-use of the same technology to the destruction, then I might well say , we should be more prepared for the world’s sudden disasters to fall upon us.

I hope we could minimize the damage, be more human and understand the environment we are in to have a better future, a better living and to leave behind a healthy world for the generations to come.

Happy thoughts:)


‘B’ack-up Passion…AtoZ Challenge

I don’t know if such a thing called back-up passion exists but one thing that I’m sure of is that we are all born to be passionate about one thing or the other in life. Something that makes us feel alive. It might start as a mere curiosity or just a connection felt when doing it as a random act.

Coming to it I love to read, I mean a lot. Not the text books per-se but all the stories in the world. It was the tinkle series that got me started or should I mention that it was my mother who brought that Tinkle and ignited the fire of reading in me. Well thanks to both of them then.

I remember as a little kid, while commuting to school in a van that fairly takes over forty minutes and I always felt the time fly and it was then I realized that Time doesn’t travel but our brains make travel. Einstein was a genius for the relativity concept ( A bow). Courtesies to my tinkle and other magazines for connecting to Einsteins relativity theory. 

So that said it all, I realized that reading was my passion. I was wrong. Writing was my passion albeit not as literary concern as possible! Yet I still found time to write horror stories when I was young putting all my flexible muscles in my fingers to scare my brother who was and is the most honest critique of my works. And then we all grew up, started to believe that the real world out there scorns at your hobbies and passion. You had to be an engineer or a doctor to make a mark in life and so I was set for the career choice that I was believed to be the best for me and that was the best decision I ever made .

For it opened the doors to a new world, where learning and knowing the importance of the stage, coming to know of the value of friendships and the value of your passions were decrypted. Until then I had forgotten all about reading and writing until I came across like-minded people , Mangs(Mangala) , one of my closest friends who wears that shy traditional name and it was from her ; I discovered the plethora of books that I could read and tend to get a gist of the genre I like and thus my journey revamped.p

So , passion is fine but how long can one be only passionate about a single thing. The process can propel in the loss of creativity as the mind tends to dry up in the same dampened lane. This is when one needs to have a back-up passion , one that supports you, inspires you, gets you on your strong spirits and re-directs you to the goal.If that is what I have to say , then photography especially when it came to conceptual photography was more inclined towards my choices until the death of my camera. Then I was least interested with the low picture quality that comes from the not so expensive smart-phones. I have always felt that they never made justice to the object.

Then what else, when I had nothing to write about or click about, dilemma imposing it’s ambiguous sword against my neck.  had an option , there is always a choice.Find something that you like and I like singing with my feet and contemperory style has always fascinated me. It’s the most complex yet graceful forms that I have ever come across. The tilts , the jumps , and the way you lift yourself into the air, it feels like flying(not that I’m a dancer, but still…) and maybe that is why I was more attracted towards the form.It inspires me, it makes me wake up with a purpose, re-connecting me to the goals, to the dreams that I have planned for myself.

And that is how you motivate yourself back to your true passions and  back-up passions are a blessing to human kind. Embracing it would lead us to the unknown paths that’s lighted only for us intensifying the passion to learn more in all the ways possible.

I’m grateful for all the good things in my life and many more struggles that only has strengthened me so far.In the process of backing up more skills.

Happy day:)