‘A’nger…#AtoZ Challenge

Rather not a positive take on the Challenge, I wish I could go for the traditional A for apple and written about Steve jobs or rather the  inflation of the apple prices! But then a more prominent “A” word shone today for I had been angry and frustrated for a while and thanks to that, it led me to write a post on how grateful I am for the emotion . It recited the importance of peace and calmness in my life.So ,here is what I think about this!

Anger is known to be damaging but from what I know, it helps as well. I wasn’t a temperamental as it would have come across, a soft heart is what people used to tell but then anger and being impulsive came in as I grew up. I reckon, we all , at one time or the other would have bowed down in front of Anger and let it in our life.

Yet , with all the satisfaction it gives my ego, I still was dumbfound to find me disturbed. If anger could find me a way to be gloomy and frustrated all day then what might a grace of smile would bring. Hence started my journey to mitigate the temperamental attitude, slowly, removing them brick by brick for I knew an empire wouldn’t be built with flawed bricks. And relationships can never be cured with anger alone and that is how I always meant to see the way to repair them. Albeit sometimes, everything goes wrong and we are left with ” I just shouldn’t have done that” feeling that secures a place of guilt in the warm heart weighing it more than a ton.

Yet I have come to understand that anger is contagious, I start it and like a forest fire it spreads and so is the calmness. I have come to understand that more the calmness , lesser the brain-aches. For that moment we may have the loathing feel where life seems to be unfair and people incorrigible but still life can be more beautiful with the fragrance of the smile.

For that smile can set many things straight if and only if they come from the heart, that is what the famous poets have always told about. A perfect smile is the one that starts from the heart and ends as a sparkle in the eyes.

So yes, I have learnt as I grow, I have known about happiness and contentment, peace and satisfaction, sleep and meditation. And I have come to know of all these from that impulsive moment of anger. And life might be just an algorithm of highs and lows. But I am too young to define life in all it’s glory, while some say that death is a mystery , I find life itself to be a huge mystery.

Hence amidst the chaos , uncertainties and vastness of life. I thank the emotions that brew inside us. Some of them teach us, yet some of them gives us our serenity . There are no negative emotions as such, just premonitions of what might happen. With it , we all need to deal with the variations.And like every one of you, I have embraced my emotion and morphed it into a smile.

With today being a new year for us, I would love to say bevu bella thindu olle maathadone.* let us share the sweetness and sourness of life in equal quantities and let’s talk good*u

So Happy ugadi, Let’s forget the anger strikes and go in for a new life in a full fledged flow.