Book Review-Hope We Never Meet Again-Srinath T K

I normally don’t do reviews and this might be the first one so far, Srinath is a good friend and an amazing author who by the whims of his writings has amazed me with his debut book” Hope We Never Meet Again”.

The story is weaved in two cities Bangalore and Palakad,a small village in Kerela.

So ,let me speak to you about it, like literally or figuratively;)sn2

You: So is this like a romantic campus love story that you find in every other book round the corner?

Me: NAhhh, it’s not a complete dip in heart ,romantic love story but a fast paced, clear thriller story that weaves around Varun Diwakar who meets with an accident unable to bear the news of his friend’s suicide.His subconscious
mind then reveals the spiritual power to understand the situations around him on a different plane albeit love is the prominent part of all the stories in it.


You:All the stories? How many books has he written?

ME:Dude, there are number of stories weaved beautifully in a colloquial English and you find the story going normally until you raise your eyebrows for the intricate thoughts , the fine talent of weaving multiple stories with multiple protagonists, each doing their justice with utmost honesty,rawness and authentic flavor of the countryside of kerela.


You: OH,quite a read then,has it got a message or something?

Me:Definitely, it shows you a subconscious level where we all ignore about why we cross paths with other people in our journey.It strongly adheres to the fact that yes, we don’t meet somebody by accident, they are here for a reason and in every way possible all their stories are connected to us.



You: So what are the traits that make the protagonist?

Me: You’ll be amazed at what a human mind is capable of, reaching the audience with a notion of the minds potential to plan, think and subconsciously travel when we meet up with an accident is explored here.Also the raw emotions of  love,lust,jealousy,temperamental, a more gray shades of the human mind,oh well lets call it the dangerous human mind is capable of!


You:What is one specific quality that stays in our mind after reading the story?

Me:Ohh, it has the potential to leave behind a mark, I would place it in the adult fiction category, there is an attempt to create an awareness of the many messed up social facts that we all know of yet find it safer to ignore it while the author has braved up,with all the risks intact has decided to show us the other shade of the society and it norms!And he has definitely done justice to that.


You:Hmmm quite different and new, a story of the negative shade of the mind with an amazing write up ,Where will I find it?

Me: You are a click away,my friend!

Hope We Never Meet Again

Oh and ping him on facebook page,really likely to get back to you and have a nice chat with the author,I thank him for sending me over a copy of his book:)

facebook page

And have a good read:)




20 thoughts on “Book Review-Hope We Never Meet Again-Srinath T K

  1. Thanks so much for following I really do appreciate it – Fonz

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  2. Srinath TK says:

    Great Review Brunda. Awesome blog. It is a really unique way you have put in the review dear 🙂 Excited… you have put in everything so really well. Big Hugggggssss and thanks dear 🙂

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  3. Srinath TK says:

    Reblogged this on SRINATH KRISHNAMOORTHY and commented:
    This is one of the most unique review of #HopeWeNeverMeetAgain so far!!! The reviewer has given a psychological touch to a psychoanalytic thriller. Thank you #Brunda_Bru from Bangalore for this one in a million review.

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  4. Alok Singhal says:

    Very nice review. Srinath is connected to me via Insta, if i am not wrong (well, i am just following my wife there and have more than 900 followers) 🙂


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