Are you ready to face the Basement Impact

There was a small hole in the window, an impact due to the scrapping by a rodents, I reckon. The door to the basement was jammed as I checked the scrapped wood on the floor of the new house that my family and I had just moved in. It’s half past twelve at night, I had come to the kitchen to suffice my parched throat, navigating through the slimy stairs and sleepy eyes until I heard the gnawing of the door.Back in my room shared by my younger sister,lay a frame of my family that I had last looked into without much knowledge of the impending danger, the countryside had shade of spookiness  and  ofcourseI don’t much agree with the pollution free air here, it was definitely polluted with an air of phantoms.

“Stay away from the basement” The village help Ramaiyya had warned us the very first day we had moved in. School was a week away to begin and I still had an unsettling feeling about this place.


There was a sudden scream from the basement, I jumped away from the door, it was odd. Was anybody stranded down there?My logic questioned. “Or was it even human that screamed from under there “ was my instinct. I gulped down my saliva and reached for the lights. gingerly stepping towards the stairs that had the control of the kitchen light, I bumped into a person.

“Mom, dad!” I whispered, the darkness caved in and the person moved, right here, once there, next to the tv and next to the oven, the person was everywhere. I was hallucinating, I tried to scream, but choked down my own voice .Was it my fear being manipulated or was it for real,I still scramble up my parts.

Then I heard music, a forlorn being played from the stereo, in a warm cold rhythms that laced of anguish and sounded of morose!

The basement door started shaking,first with a slow strangling creek and then to a bang,as if someone banged it from the other end, the door was locked from the outside, somebody screamed from inside, I staggered and fell in the hallway.

Something moved under my feet! I sensed somebody watching over me, the light from the porch lighted a small part of the living area that caste a shadow on the dining floor. Sweat beads promptly formed over my forehead as I wiped it out, I screamed for help, only that my lips moved but the sound never came, the basement door shuddered and the bang on the door increased with every tick of the second hand on the old antique clock.

I again felt something move under my feet , I tried getting up and running but was tied by an unknown force, unknown strong evil force. And everything went out control, the door creaked with the loudest breathing in the room and it wasn’t my breath, I knew I wasn’t alone, next moment something pulled me, I screamed but no help came, the windows tapped, the winds howled and the darkness blinded me only I knew I was being stridently pulled into the wrath of death. Then everything went blank, the basement door closed, forever…until, you come by!

Will you face the impact?


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


3 thoughts on “Are you ready to face the Basement Impact

  1. Rangelz says:

    Woah! Definitely not 😮
    Beautifully written 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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