The Navigation of My Voice

The nigh sky of the early dawn was comforting,my day hasn’t really begun,with a smidgen of smile that seemed astruse to the winds which started howling around me, flapping the windows and caressing my hairs coaxing me to reveal the secret behind the smile.The navigation needle seemed to comply with my thoughts.I reached to the end of the terrace gently touching the single rose that had bloomed amidst the thorns ,beauty that was ,none to defy it’s warm swivel of velvety turns.

I wish to know the sounds,of the different chirps of the birds, the flow of the water, the cry of a baby, the thud of a coconut, a scream of the helpless, the howling of the wind, the voice of mine!

I never had a voice, I tried to,many a times, there were deep vibrations down my throat but none that I could could hear, none that I could make of, people spoke to me with thier hands,I’m not that dumb enough that you have to go with sign language desperately.It is funny to watch someone new communicating with me, speaking an alien language with hands, pitying my plight with their sober eyes, pretense most of the time but they tried and made fun too.It was all a part of the world I live in,I am deaf and dumb.navigation

Absence of sound played an havoc in my life,vehicles reached me instead of their honks, once when a bike took a detour and hit me hard, I thought I had lost my life, the excruciating pain was immeasurable but that was just the start and I had recovered from tiny scratches and hand-fracture,it was then I had realized that I was being protected even from the tiniest needle.My parents wailed and cursed to god for my loss but loved me more.Back then I couldn’t comprehend the reason, I thought that everybody was born deaf and dumb until I realized it was just me.

I started studying, I started knowing sounds, feeling things, they felt so good and real, wouldn’t it have been better for me to hear them out too.Oh I so wish I could.As days passed by I realized that I was special,not that anybody made me feel special but it was a lame word given to people like me.Handicapped seemed rude to their humanity stricken hearts.Less did they know that we weren’t much different , yes I couldn’t hear but I could make out right from wrong, know the difference between fake and real,I ain’t gullible and I’m trained in martial arts too,I could cook well,those tantalizing taste,I wish I could hear the spices cluttering and listen to the blows of the whistles, it could have given me time to breathe but alas, this journey was exhausting yet beautiful in it’s own way.

I watch movies with subtitles, I communicate based on body language, my family understands me even in my sleep, so not everything is bad, there is a good side to being deaf , I don’t hear people with vicious thoughts, I don’t ever get affected by noise pollution that the everyday newspaper carries, only texting is paramount in using a phone, I get lots of time away from gossips and indulge myself in books.So yes I am special ,I believe that I am not because you define me.

And that’s the secret behind my smile, the winds hush down assertively at my thoughts.I was in no need of navigation on my path of life!


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


4 thoughts on “The Navigation of My Voice

  1. Ada Wiam says:

    S beautiful n pietic. Loved reading it 🙂

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  2. Ada Wiam says:

    Full of hope….

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