The Music of Death

The cemetery has no visitors today except for her, the day is gloomy, the skies thunders and warns of a heavy downpour, she needed to find herself a shelter but she chooses not to.The Cemetery spoke of the forgotten past and today’s tears.Clad in a black sober gown , with trembling feet and suppressed tears,she stands there with a bouquet of  withering flowers.She is overwhelmed with emotions as she stands in front of the grave that read.

Charles Thomas


“Our son who never left us and his presence felt in all that remains in the universe”

She sobs with fervent fits,a mother, losing a 15 year old was the last thing any mother would have wanted

“Oh Charles, here’s the gift for your 17th birthday” she wipes her eyes and keeps the volleyball near the grave.

The thunder claps resounds of forbidden gifts and closed gates from the other world.

Charles was 10 when he aspired to be doctor, also he aspired to be an astronaut the very next day and as days passed by ,his dreams grew. His heart pounded for achieving great things in life.Making his parents proud, he had won in all tournaments, topped in all the examination but then the cold-hearted time had other plans.If he was to live, he might grow up to find a medicine to cancer, he might find solution to survive natural calamities, he could do many more but death was jealous to have him grow and deprive the death’s part of lives on,death

Hence one night ,fate, destiny and death played a game of possession , Charles was returning home from tuition, the grade card and the trophy from today’s game adorned his hands , pride in his walk and gratitude in his eyes.He would show his mom his trophies, his grades. She would be so proud and probably she’ll buy him the piano he had been asking for, being drawn to music was a bliss in continuing his tedious journey of achievements.

Death played it’s game, the dice rolled to 2 and with his second step, Charles fell into an open ditch, fate played fair and Charles was rescued by a policeman who happened to pass by ,destiny calculated the risks and had him out with not a scratch on his body.

“Thank you Sir,That was close” Charles bore a smile 

“Such an young bright lad ought to be careful ,my son” The policeman patted his back and bid him a farewell.

Death smiled and rolled his dice, that of second warning , an injury.

A pot tripped from the fifth floor of the apartment under which Charles was walking,it was bound to be fatal, one hit on his head and that would be it! But fate sent in a dog to bite Charles who missed the pot but had a bite from the stray.

He winced in pain, 

“There it goes, I need to get vaccinated now, I will invent a medicine ..”Before he could complete, a truck swaggered and ran over him ,over the pavement and hit a telephone pole.

That was destiny’s turn, it wasn’t fair, death had rolled the dice, cunning as it was, hungry for a life, his life.Succeeded it traveled through the crowd to the body.He was taking his last breaths, blood streaming from his head, had he not escaped the pot, he wouldn’t have this gruesome death,Death grimaced.The boy was locked int the grotesque body and he whimpered for air, for water,for life.His dreams were crushed, as the people helped him out the pavement, Charles heard his own skull break, his own blood suffocate his throat and his own heart thumping vigorously for a way out.His vision blurred and he saw Death clad in black and grey.He would see his mother, he wanted to make her happy.His last wish.

 In the meanwhile,the ambulance was rushed,  Rebecca Thomas wailed and cursed the death.He smiled viciously at her, everything was going his way.

Two years later

Death watches over the wailing mother in front of her child’s grave,how could he tell her the soul had departed and keeping memories intact was a gruesome effort, the thunders synced with her sobs, the winds howled at greater speed and for the first time, death felt a stir.

He comes down and moves the volleyball in front of her.Rebecca gasps and staggers, was it the winds or her eyes deceiving her but no air was playing with the ball.She smiled and thanked.

“Charles” she whispers….

Death touched her and she instantly dropped dead.

Albeit death has a heart of his own, stirred by deep emotions and every soul he carries with him leaves behind a scar on his body and the scar that Charles had left behind had Glowed ,Charle’s last wish of making his mother happy was fulfilled but it came with a price,her life, death had no choice!

That is the music of death.


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


4 thoughts on “The Music of Death

  1. Rangelz says:

    Again, you have a way with your story telling abilities.

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