Humorous Peppy Time

I have this hollowness in between my ribs right now, choking from within, I had lost the days hard work, sitting in for three hours at the office and getting things done, an award comes my way ,of irresponsible tag and the dearth of proper evidence for my case-study.

Lord, take the computer away.No spare it, I have movies in it, take my boss away, oh you hate him too,I can understand, his personality is not of peppy types and friendly nature.Probably his genes might have the traces of Hitler in it. Yeah whatever my job sucks and you know it too well.


I didn’t ask for it! My thoughts travel at the speed of light going back to the time of placements.

Oh god..please get me a job, get me placed and I’ll come to visit you in two different places, clout my chances ,some job, any job”Β 

I grimace at my plight,Oh yes it was me,well no matter what I asked for, you knew what was best for me, you could have sopped, led me to the shimmering path of gold and a red carpet,I’m your child you say, you must love me enough.


Oh just take me out of this forsaken job.

“Mr.Gagan T” a gruff malady voice shook me up.

Oh crap, My boss!

“Yes Boss…I was ..well” I choked my own words in an attempt to create a story.

“You are fired” he declared and left with a simmer of rage.

I looked up at him, god now you are taking my words seriously,yes I wanted an out from this godforsaken place and you let me have it…get me all the good things,you give me a ride rough shod.Always!

It was done and I wouldn’t go behind my boss now, absolutely no pleading.

There was a call from mom

“Yeah mom,tell me,how are you?’ I ask her in an exhausted tone

“You tell me, how are you,what happened?’ her voice was like wrapping a warm blanket on a cold winter night

I narrated her my lucrative job and my conversation with someone called God.

“You asked him to get you a job from all of your heart..”

“Yeah more like pleaded”I interrupted

“Let me finish and you badly wanted an out” She waited for me to respond while I waited for her to finish.

“Answer me” She gave out a thunderbolt

“Well yes, I badly wanted a way out”

“There..everything came to you because you badly wanted it, turn your thoughts, focus them into badly wanting something good in your life” she was my psychiatrist,manipulating me.

“Oh you got me wrong, god is hell bent on making my life worse” I plopped into my chair.

“Listen ,my child, the universe is huge , it gives you what you ask for?What you badly ask for, you need to risk everything in the game and want something badly, dream it, visualize it and live it, your thoughts are a fact, it’s a real thing and the most powerful thing in the world” She sounded so accurate and right.

I gave a smile, it was time for gratitude,thank you for blessing me with this woman in my life.

Just then my colleague sarah passed by

I looked up,

Bless me with that woman too, I badly ask you!

Somewhere up in the skies ,god sighs and glosses over the matter

“Men will be Men”


This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


6 thoughts on “Humorous Peppy Time

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ “Probably his genes might have the traces of Hitler in it” …. an enjoying read it was… πŸ™‚


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