Have I lived this life already?

What must come will come and what must happen tends to happen irrespective of what one thinks, in this perpetual road, the journey never seems to end, the hurdles never seem to cease, what is on the other end of this journey, is there a garden of roses where my smile engraves on the stone of immortals, is there a way out from here to the endless voids that we face on these roads, meeting passengers, some warm as the morning sun , a few more ,with an ardent smile sweeping us off our foot, yet some join us with a broken promise of staying, then some storms brew as they come, like an uninvited guest choking our breath.


Still I like to take this path for I am drunk with curiosity of what lies beyond , curiosity is dangerous ;they say, yet i would love to have it, for if not for that dose of dangerous liquid, I would have died long back, yet with a strident steps, facing the storms, being touched by heavenly lilies, the splash of tender fresh rain drops I still travel this road of uncertainty with a certainty to meet you!

My creator an when I reach my destination, I would meet you and ask you just one thing..

“Why did you make me walk this path?”

I would strike at your silent smile that says a million different things, yet I would always an answer, that puzzle that ate me alive all through the journey needed a solution my lord.

I smile and resume my destiny for I took a break, I spoke to him and I never going an answer except for that smile that I couldn’t decipher and to comprehend that would take me few more lives yet I’ll take this journey as my path that my soul has chosen and I pray for it to happen , with a few selfish dreams an d a few selfless acts, purify my life with your presence my lord, I promise you that i you that I won’t question you the next time rather I’ll scavenge for the truth, your smile in my fate works like a miracle and then one fine day, you’ll smile like you are happy and proud of me, your confused little child on her journey home.

But lord, is there even a home that this path would lead and is this a life that I’m repeating over 100 times , doing the same things, smiling at the same things, thinking and questioning the same thing..Have I already lived this life?

Dear Lord, I ask you again, Have I lived this life already?

I hear the breeze, I hear the chirps, signs maybe, answers maybe, but alas I can’t comprehend it!

Like in every other life I have lived!