We have all been advised, guarded and guided by many in our lives and I feel so grateful enough to feel so lucky that we have the basic necessities in an arms reach and many a times I feel that I don’t thank enough.

Yes, I had my rebellious phase and the transition of getting more matured was quite a challenge but then, people close to me say that I’m way far better than them , all I could ponder upon was ,”Wasn’t I really clever in getting my things done and dreaming of what I really could do !”

“Didn’t I know before hand, what would work and I was less risk bearing!” Wasn’t it the secret ..

I believed in things we could do, things we are capable of doing..they were all my choice UNTIL I met the BOYS.

This is a little kid selling the roasted groundnuts off the streets inside lal-bagh, his eyes sparkled and spoke volumes of the genuine love for studying, they might have taken life as it comes but wont they see other fortunate people buying expensive stuff from the opposite stores while we are all hell-bent on bargaining for the ground-nuts.They would feel suppressed and oppressed! ST834508

“What have they done to live on the roads and what have I done to sleep on the soft bed in my own personal room?”

The difference wasn’t much, luck and fate rolls the dice!And the secret of “why” still remains hidden the darkest pages of the creation book!

I saw quite a couple of people bargaining over the few packets, my father was no exception until I stopped him and sat with them for a little chat, people passing by were all dressed in a modern way, now whatever modern is, it’s definitely not discriminating and dominating the poor ones, no I wouldn’t call them poor, they are the brave ones.

We all have our ego’s and self-respects but the thin line differentiating them quite fades away into uncertainty under dire circumstances, but the boys were brave enough to make a living through the selling and protect their self-respect with the studying, they ,according to me have seen real life in a close-up view, with all it’s ugliness, with all it’s beauty.ST834505

I spoke to them for a while about the studies and they both go to a near-by government school, both bright, the older one is a bit more shy ,solving the puzzles in the magic-pot book, while the younger one is all talk with a knowledge of convincing the customer that he owns the best groundnuts in all of lal-bagh.It was so far the best way to know life .These boys are wiser and braver than me,forget the generation gap!

We are all protected, like in a cocoon, like a frog in the well, we know not how the ocean is supposed be ,then one fine day when we are allowed to stand against the howling winds , the turbulent tides,it’s not us who faces it and triumphs over it.

I surmise that It is the braver ones, and the best part is that, they do it with a smile.

Then a few more days later ,I was suffering from boredom, sitting in my car, under the non-summer hot sun stuck in a traffic, there appeared two visions that zapped me to be grateful that I have time to look around.

One was of the little girls sitting on road-side, again studying, under the very same sun as I was, a few yards away from them ,I see men tearing apart the coconut’s brown harder shell before the arrival of the dried coconut that we but for cooking.

Whatever happened to wages according to the work done, peeling a few coconut shells with fibers cost only few paisas..earning a meager amount of rs 20…I felt a jolt in my soul,how can this be gods will?

Occupation can be of different kinds, different pays and different physical loads,they do not have the luxury to look around,to know who is watching over them, who would be judging, who would be interested and intrigued by them and who would be inspired…

I was!! I was inspired to be thankful. Changing their lives wasn’t in my hands and not yet in my hands!!

I realized what I had been forgetting, it was on how we should bargain, a few more meager currency on the brave ones wouldn’t make me any poorer.I remember ,in my college years I would bargain on two rupees from the tender coconut vendor and I would be willing to pay seamlessly on Mc Donalds!

So now that I realize, I push you not to be too restricted on spending an extra share, that might be just a few coins for you but a meal for the other,lets not be biased, it is after all the era of realization and setting things right:)