How To Write Better Blog Posts.

There are posts that I have written brilliantly and there are an equal number of posts that were average and few more a little less than that.

We writers have a list of knock-outs, with writer’s blocks, building cobwebs in our minds, then comes the reading part!

While many of us agree with a no-issue nod that reading ignites our minds to think and the words flow more fluently on to the paper but then some posts that are read and re-read starts to work it’s craft through us, the negative power of limitation.

So how do we exactly limit our writing skills?It’s a long story, let us discuss how not to,.

1.Never draw a line

Albeit there are times when you need a push to write ,you need to analyse what works for you according to your mood.We are all mere humans and research has proved that we keep changing every few seconds, with a thought process of such complexity, we are experts when it comes to drawing a line.

Limitations, my friend, are man’s greatest enemy, as the saying goes

“What you actually think of yourself is just the tip of the iceberg”

We are unaware of our potentials, many a times people around us keep the mediocre work on the first slot and clap around it, we might as well think,

“Is this all it takes?” and then you start to create low-quality works for ,you have witnessed other’s success in it.

You need to hold that thought there, no not everything works for everybody and you are an unique person with a unique skill-set.blo

2.It is all about you

Your whole life, your writing, your writer blocks, your creativity, your ideas, your time and your thoughts. Everything just revolves around you ,YOU are the creator and you have immense power to unleash the hidden ,buried talent within you.blo2

So the next time you meet the people who gives you an instruction list or manual on how to lead your life or how to extract better ideas, politely concentrate on your gut feelings, what do you want to write about?

“What do you feel like writing?”

“Can you feel your pulse racing?”

“Are you getting high with a few shots of your own words?”

And Finally:

“Will you read and re-read and find your work interesting?”

There you are, with a smile and satisfaction, go on…if you are writing on personal musings and random thoughts, feel free to open up.

And the other kind of people who aren’t comfortable laying out your live’s secrets onto the virtual viral plate , hi-five, you and I are on the same boat.It is because of people like you and me that fiction was born.

Ultimately everything around you exists because you do, you need them, YOU can create them,in your stories, in your memories.

“Everything in life exists twice, once in your thoughts and then in reality”

3.The Dictionary friend

Writers soul need vocabulary to sustain and survive, words, synonyms, antonyms,everything that can make your sentence better .

For eg instead of using too sad you could go with the word morose OR to describe your feelings, petrichor is a word for the heavenly aroma emanating from earth when it rains on a sunny day.


Hence a dictionary or a friend who can speak impeccable English, leech them out, no pun intended.

You always look beautiful in right stitched trendy clothes,right?Presenting has it’s own perks,that is what a good post will look like.


4.Focus on The core

It’s always the core of what you write matters irrespective of the presentation with fancy words ,tongue-twisting,eye-squinting scrabbles. Hence write when you are happy and have ideas.


When you are sad or completely under the spell of boredom, try running, or doing anything other than just sitting and wailing that you aren’t able to write anything.

The best remedy is start reading your best works and realize how well you can write,how quick your brain can work and how creativity can actually have a proof.

Ultimately it’s your heart that counts than the fashion statements

5.Are you helping someone?

Yes, when you write and publish, it’s not only for you that you write, come-on writers aren’t that selfish, but we often forget that people are reading out there.

Hence if you could make a connection with them through your words,if they could feel your emotions, your ideas and exclaim!


Bingo, you win…whether it is a journal, a memoir, an useful website on how-to-do’s ;if the readers connect to your words, you are a successful writer.

You may stumble, you may be brilliant, you may doubt, you may hope but keep that brave smile and perky ideas coming, the journey is long, take words on a trip.

Remember-If and only if you can connect with your work, if and only if you are happy with it, the readers are bound to reflect the same.

All the very best:)


14 thoughts on “How To Write Better Blog Posts.

  1. Very pertinent points – what you ( or I) write should be of some value to the reader – ie. of either emotional or functional value.

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  2. Alok Singhal says:

    Very valid points…I am with you on them 😊

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  3. Great post about blogging. I like your list.

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  4. Pratyusha says:

    Hahaha. After I started blogging, time and observation taught me the do’s and don’t. This really helped me to write better and improve. Learnt through experience. When happy or sad, words flow out of your mind based on the mood. But there are days when you are struggling to pen down thoughts. Just a simple stroll in the park, or nature, or an conversation with a counter parts inspires you..For me, would like to come to halt when I don’t want inspiration to write. But flow out of mind and heart all the times of the day. Hopefully would reach that day 🙂

    Once again lovely post to new bloggers out there ! 🙂

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  5. Pratyusha says:

    Reblogged this on naughtyinnocence and commented:
    For all the new bloggers out there 🙂

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