C for Camera-Always

A moment frozen, a smile curved forever, the playful poses, a memory well treasured,where will find them, in your memory..if so for how long.Not a reliable space if it isn’t a photographic memory!..Wait for a moment, did we catch something here? Oh yes ..photograph..pictures…memories treasured forever.

A few days ago I stumbled on a photograph that had my great-grandmother holding my grandfather, he might have been an year old! It’s amazing to see what pictures can do, grandpa was unaware of it’s existence but my mother had picked it up from authentic,traditional sources..that must have been my grandfather’s mother’s brother’s grandson’s daughter-in-law’s brother!!

Phew now that kind of puzzles messes up our brains!

We presented it with a new attire, frame I mean and plan to gift grandpa, oh it’s going o be amazing  to see his excitement:) A photograph,so old…1946 approximately was the time when this was taken in an age old studio.I’m super happy with this.

See what photographs can do, it can make you immortal, frozen in time:)

The customary black and white photographs…ahh bliss!

So the next generation was of my parents, the photos wasn’t sparse as 1946 but if by chance , a wealthy relative or friend would own a camera,Oh bow before them and get yourself a few pics clicked.

One of the pictures has my dad when he was 10 year old and was studying 1st grade, oh education in villages are way too different.In this he poses beside an ox with his cousins…I have laughed my lungs out, he resembled a dirty ,naughty boy!

Oh yes, I said my parents right? 

My mother sitting with my uncle in a park, her passport size required for educational purposes…she looks natural.

But unfortunately I don’t resemble her at all!!

The colorful era of absolutely no editing!

Next it was my generation, my parents owned a camera and there are quite a number of impressive pictures that adorn the albums…I’m immortal in too many of them.

They are all nostalgic!

A colorful era with better resolutions and saving technologies

Racing to the present day!!Photographs are loosing their very essence,thanks to selfies and smart phones with front camera..Oh my god, entering showroom,click..

eating pizza-click

a little thorn pierced in the foot-click..who cares to take the them out

Feeling sick-click

Feeling nauseating and about faint-click

Click and click and click and click

Era of too much of editing 

But ..now that is a vehement BUT….with camera’s reaching out to us, one can take photography as a career, visit new places and click and earn, isn’t that cool!I personally follow a few people..photographers and memories are being saved in an elegant manner:)

 too many clicks of the same objects(includes you-selfie) blows away the ardent emotions of appreciating them…

The one which can immortalize everything around it, is itself immortal and powerful- The Camera