Let the Hidden Empires Rise

Far unknown with a charm of beauty

The mighty empires lay hidden,

Unknown of their potentials,

The emperors succumb to the normal flow;

The brilliant blues of the oceans separating nations;

A streak of thought separates oneself,

Not the thought of any mere kind

But the heartless, meaningless ripple of negativity.

We are all the emperors!

With mighty empires submerged in the chaos oceans

Of the mindless game of survival.

Time to break the mundane routine

Priceless is your sword

Your confidence, dealing with the enemies

Will you not use your strength?

Adorning the crown,

Ruling your empire with power.

Let the hidden Empire Rise.

From the shackles of your limits,

Change the rules, write some more,something new,po

Be the emperor that you always dreamt.

Not in your dreams you must rule

But with the triumph of victory.

Written in the pages of history

Let the hidden empire rise,

Then one day, enchanted by the praise you’ll hear

“Lo and Behold the emperor to the powerful reign”

And it’ll be YOU!!