A snippet of my ride

Pause!! Something that we often forget in the hustle of the very important life.

Today I decided to pause, to give a break, to know what it is like to have patience and wait!It turned out well as I noticed many things that would normally go unnoticed into the thick fade of the mist.

Traffic blues, a never –ending torment of today’s life, yes the vehicles has made our lives  much better , But on the contrary it has also made our life a bit more hectic and frustrating, so I dcided to deal with this everyday torment with grace.ff

My destination, my friend’s place is about 2 to 3 kms approximateltly , a single never ending smooth road that has numerous road-breaker adn on top of that five signals, today for the first time, I prayed for red signals, so that I can pause, turn off my engine and actually wait for the 120 seconds at each signal.

I strapped my helmet, steadied my bag and I left , normally,like any other day I would prefer teh parallel roads serpentining inside the inner layouts, a few bumpy roads, a few parks and ofcourse NO signals, it always promised me a better reach, conserving time! But who was I kidding, saving a mere 5 minutes wouldn’t help me save nations, but it would definetlyspare me from the hurry honks at every possible moment!

But today I found the beauty , everything was great until my Activa Honda was sandwitched between two yello-green auto-rikshaws doing the bugati styles and racing right out from fast and furious! They ought to know their vehicles, in one was a women with her 2 year old daughter who kept on crying , the other one had the over-loaded passengers butting out from the open doors and windows(both seen to be very similar except for the safety bars!), It’s mid-morning, the sun is almost scorching high, the baby’s cries, teh hurry honks that has already started before the signal count-down from 20! And there I am in middle of these things trying not to make even slight 10 degree tilt, that was having high risks of getting my vehicle scratched!And marks is something my family hates, I don’t mind much! But still I feared my family bullies and hence balanced as if on a rope.

It was just the first signal, four more to go, I geared up, mustered up my patience, calmed my frustration and moved again, this time the giant BMTC bus whose driver hopefully not drunk was doing the drunk driving stunt, almost throwing out the passengers on the footboard, they were all swaying trying to pull the damn bus down!!Oh yes, I shouldn’t comment on that, I was there, doing that for two long years during my pre-university course, it has it;s own adventurous perks though!

So at the second red signal, I had literally parked my vehicle on the huge road-breaker,I was parked on a hump,like I was tall enough to peek intot eh Volvo beide me,people were either asleep or tenoius stare at their cell-phones, boring, other than that, there were a few kids crossing the street, eyes glued on every driver warning them to not start their vehicles until the get over with the road.The count-down seemed less dragging this time, Yes !! I was getting a hold on it!

Green signal !! Yay..start and zoom…But wait what were the careless pedestrians thinking off, to die under my wheels, with their earphones plugged in, gigllingm and least bothered that the green go light was for the vehicles to go not for them to ramp walk!!

I managed on with a slight skill of balance, a bit of swearing vocabulary in my head and again back to the focus on roads, thankfully it was one smoth road unlike many in our ever-under-progress  sign of our nation ,still the breeze was good, the vehicles were safely away from each other, each of the drivers in their own sweet world of stress and stress and some more of it!

Zooom, drrrrrr,dgrrrrr…chill, now that was a reckless  biker with the wits of a two-year old, going anywhere near him would be entitled as accident prone zone, these are the people who cause accidents and even die in one, touch-wood but still that was the way he was driving ..ufff saved myself and then the irony is when I’m fine with waiting today, the remaining signals showed the green signal..go go and goJ

Maybe this is what we fail to see in our life, once we pause and be patient ,we will get through the ordeal , the whole way awaits your positive perspective to make a way, to ride into the skiesJ

8 thoughts on “A snippet of my ride

  1. Parveen Sabharwal says:

    Brunda you have drawn a true picture of what the commuters and the small vehicles are subjected to by the unprofessional behaviour of a few. I saw a pregnant lady standing near a bus stop in sydney . I couldnt believe it?? The driver stopped the bus just near by and dropped down the stairs to facilitate easy and comfortable boarding of bus by the lady. Not even a single horn and the driver moved the bus only after finding that the lady had taken her seat. Back in our country as you explained, in such cases the driver would ensure that with the jerks the pregnant lady gets her delivery in the bus only. Who bothers leave aside the honking of horns


  2. Everyday experience in all big cities. In kolkata we have auto-rickshaw walahs who think there is no other vehicle on the road except his and he rides accordingly. Then we have the “reckless biker with the wits of a two-year old”…so true..but this is what life is , a moving, thriving life… 🙂


  3. Ashish kumar says:

    Liked it the real picture and experience… 🙂

    I have nominated you for One Lovely Blog Awaard… Check here…
    https://ashishvision.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/one-lovely-blog-award/ 🙂


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