The Little Guy From Your Heart

Moments there are ,weaving your story

A way of telling you ,

“This is how it will be, a life of struggle

This is all it was and will be, you are no exception”

But then there is a meek little guy

Voicing from inside your heart

Telling you to sail your own ship;hw

Never to bow your head to the unknown future.

To Create it on your way,

From the stones pelted,

From the dripping little dew drops,

 Don’t leave behind the dusty roads either,

For You will build your mansion with those,In there

Dream of your life, the laughs ,the peace

You will create them,Yes you Would IF

If you are brave enough to listen,

Listen to that little guy in your heart

He is true, residing so deep !

Reach out to him and he’ll hold you

With a promise to never let go….

                                     to never squash your dreams….

                                                to never let you lose yourself…..

In the life of doubt and fear

Go on, hear him once!

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5 thoughts on “The Little Guy From Your Heart

  1. enigma says:

    Nicely penned. 🙂
    I think we do listen to him sometimes, rare may be. But sometimes, they overpower the logical thinking, sometimes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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